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In winter, when the sun hides behind the clouds, everyone feels a bit low. You may be tired and find you want to sleep all the time. What you may not know is: you are suffering from(患有) SAD(季节性抑郁症).

But don’t worry—it’s normal. Colder temperatures and fewer hours of daylight can steal your energy and put you in a bad mood.

Read on to find out what SAD is and what you can do to help yourself or those around you. These days, Linda, a US teenager spends most of her holidays sleeping instead of doing sports outside. She has also had trouble concentrating(集中精力)on her homework. When her mother asks her what’s wrong, Linda doesn’t know what to tell her. Linda may not realize it yet, but she’s suffering from SAD. It causes people to sleep, eat sweet food and get sad or angry for no reason.

About 15 percent of American people now suffer from SAD in winter according to the US Department of Health. The US government has taken measures to help people beat it. Local communities encourage people to take part in activities such as exercise, dance or art. And they advise people not to eat too much sweet food.

Like in the US, cold northern European countries such as Finland, Iceland and Russia see a large number of people suffer from SAD every year. So, the sunlamp is widely used in these countries. It’s an electric lamp which is just like a “little sun” that gives off light to make people think the sun is shining and feel better.


1. Colder_____________ and less ____________ are the main causes of SAD.

2. Linda is feeling _____________ and doesn’t ____________doing sports because she’s suffering from SAD.

3. Suffering from SAD is _____________ in northern European countries in _____________.

4. In some northern European countries, the ____________ is widely used to make people feel ________________.

5. Taking an active part in ____________ and eating ____________ sweet food can help people beat SAD.


Eager to open up a space tourism market, a Russian company presented a “space place” model. It would give tourists the chance to spend an hour in space.

Anybody who can pay about $100,000 would be able to experience zero gravity. About 100 people have already booked seats to fly on the C-21 plane. The US company helped the first space tourist, Dennis Tito, to secure his flight to the International Space Station. Tito is said to have paid $20 million for the eight-day trip. C-21 would offer tourists a small glimpse of space. The aircraft, carrying a pilot and two passengers, will be positioned on top of a carrier airplane until it is 17,100 meters in the air. Once released from the carrier, the ship’s own rocket will send it to a height of over 96 kilometers for three minutes of weightlessness. Then


C-21 will slide back into the atmosphere and land like an ordinary plane. The entire flight will only take about an hour.


6. A ________ company would give tourists the ________ to spend an hour in space.

7. About 100 people are ________ to spend $100,000 for ________ on the C-21 plane.

8. Dennis Tito is the first ________ ________. He has paid $20 million for the eight-day trip in space.

9. A ________ and two ________ will be positioned on top of a carrier airplane.

10. C-21 will ________ back into the atmosphere and ________ like an ordinary plane.


Recently, a United Nations’ report says the world’s population 1.___________ reaches more than 9 billion in 2050. So far, there 2.___________ about 6.7 billion people in the world now. It is likely to increase greatly 3.___________ 2.5 billion over the next 40 years.

It also says most of the population growth will take place in 4.____________ countries. The population of these countries will rise 5.____________ 7.9 billion in 2050. The population in a couple of poor countries in Africa and 6.____________ will even be 300 percent of that in the 1950s.

The population of the developed countries may 7.____________ unchanged at about 1.2 billion. The number will be even 8.____________ than it is now.

The large population will 9.____________ more and more problems 10.___________ the developing countries continue to take some policies and measures to control it.


A. 众所周知,健康对于我们来说非常重要。请你根据提示给李华写一封信,对如何保持健康给出一些建议。要求字数不少于80个单词。开头部分已经给出,不计入其中。

1. 健康饮食;2. 多运动;3. 睡眠充足;4. 快乐的心情。

Dear Li Hua,

In your last letter, you asked me for some advice about how to keep healthy. Here I would like to tell you something about it.







As we know, health is very important for us. So first, we should have healthy eating habits. We’d better eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and less meat. Keep away from unhealthy food like potato chips, hamburgers, coca cola, etc. Second, do more sports to build ourselves up. As a student, we can exercise in many different ways, such as playing basketball, running, swimming and so on. Third, it’s necessary for us to get enough sleep. If we sleep well, we’ll be more active. Finally, happiness is also important. Be happy to be healthy.

I hope my advice will be helpful for you.


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