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一、名词部分 (28题)

1.These natural disasters have warned us that everyone should start to protect the _____ immediately.

A. amusement B. development C. environment D. government

2. For my homework I have to write a(n)______ about the wonders of the world.

A. music. B. picture. C. composition. D. exam

3. Read the ______ carefully. They will help you know how to use the popper.

A. instructions B. decisions C. results

4. Mandeep can go to school now ----UNICEF has paid for her _______.

A. education B. vacation C. competion D. invention

5. Cici enjoys dancing. It's one of her .

A. prize B. prizes C. hobby D. hobbies

6. 1 have some problems with my English writing. Can you give me some____?

A. advice B. decisions C. information D. messages

7. - I'm going to the supermarket. Let me get you some fruit.

- OK. Thanks for your _____.

A. offer B. information C. message D. order

8. _______ about the sports meeting make us excited.

A. News B. Information C. Messages D. Advice

9. -Where's Jack?

-He's left a ________ saying that he will be back in a minute.

A. message B. news C. information

10.I don't know how to deal with my family problem. Can you give me some___________?

A. advice B. messages C. information D. instructions

11. -Dad, I've got an "A" in the math exam.

-Great. And I'm sure you will do better, because this is a good ______.

A. report B. result C. start D. skill

12. -How many teachers are there in your school?

them over two hundred.

A. woman; The number of; is B. women; The number of; is

C. woman; A number of; is D. women; A number of; are

13. Stop making so much _____. The children are sleeping.

A. voice B. noise C. sound

14. - Did you hear any strange _____when the quake happened?

- No, I was in my garden with my flowers and was enjoying the beautiful _____of my birds at that time.

A. voice; noise B. noise; sound C. whisper; sound D. sound; voice

15. He has poor _______, so he can't see the words on the blackboard clearly.

A. smell B. taste C. hearing D. eyesight

16.As young adults, it is our_____ to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teacher.

A. work B. job C. duty D. task

17. Work hard, and you'll get good ________.

A. lessons B. notes C. grades D. answers

18. The singer felt very sorry and decided he would never drive again after

drinking. The traffic accident was really a _________ to him.

A.game B. pleasure C. skill D. lesson

19.-Mrs Black, could you give me some advice on how to write an application


-With pleasure. Remember that the letter should be written in the formal


A. value B. style C. effect D. mood

20.Today, we have many other _______ to pay besides coins or paper money.

A. excuses B. ways C. chances D. plans

21.-I'm sorry I went out for a smoke. I was very tired.

-There's no ______ for this while you are at work.

A. cause B. excuse C. matter D. choice

22.-Mrs. Wang was sent to teach English in a poor mountain village last year.

-She said she would never forget some pleasant ______while working there.

A. experiments B. expressions C. experiences D. emotions

23.- Excuse me. may 1 know your_______?

- Sure. It's No. 3. Bridge Street.

A. house B. address C. way D. place

24. My classmate lent me a(an)so that I wouldn't get wet in the rain.

A. candle B. umbrella C. scarf D. Wallet

25. The two cities have reached anto develop science and technology.

A. education B. excitement C. agreement D. invention

26.-Jack, will your family move to Shanghai?

-Yes. That's a very big my parents made.

A. decide B. decision C. education

27. ---- I hear you are not allowed to eat in class.

----Right. It's one of the in our school.

A. plans B. orders C. rules D. suggestions

28.In order to stay fit, people pay more attention to their ___________.

A. diet B. experience C. thoughts D. awards


29. —Have you ever seen the movie called Los Angles 2011?

—Yes, but I think it’s ______. I fell asleep when I saw it.

A. exciting B. boring C. bored

D. excited

30. We felt ________ when Liu Xiang won the first prize again in the race.

A. brave B. proud C. successful D. worried

31. Why are you staying up so late playing computer games again?

Stop being so ______!

A. funny B. silly C. serious

32. The bag that my grandpa made for me ____ gets out of style, but it is still the


hing in my mind.

A. usually B. normally C. gradually

33. In America, when you’re give a present, you can open it ______. You don’t have

to wait.

A. immediately B. properly C. carefully D. quietly

34. —Boys and girls, we will have a three-day holiday next week.

—Great! What ________ news!

A. exciting B. bad C. dissaponted

35. ________ the movie star goes, there are lots of fans waiting to see her.

A. Whatever B. However C. Wherever D. Whoever

36. If everyone pours less polluted water into Dianchi Lake, it will be _______.

A. deeper and deeper B. cleaner and cleaner

C. dirtier and dirtier D. wider and wider

37. —Look , how beautiful the car is!

—Yes, but it’s too _________ for me.

A. expensive B. high C. cheap D. low

38. His grandparents live ____ in a small house, but they don’t feel _______.

A. lonely; alone B. alone; lonely C. lonely; lonely D. alone; alone

39.—Who is suitable for the new chairperson of the Students’ Union?

—David is. He is ______ enough to come up with new ideas.

A. imaginative B. humorous C. modest D. outgoing

40.Sally used to be__, but now she enjoys meeting and talking to new friends.

A. active B. shy C. honest D.


41. -It’s going to rain. Let me fetch an umbrella for you.

-Thank you!You are so .

A. lucky B. kind C. relaxed D. interesting

42. After a three hours' long walk, the boys look rather______.

A. excited B. bored C. tired D. stressed

43. Some students are so ______ that they often make mistakes in their homework.

A. carful B. serious C. careless

D. successful

44. He said he would come to see us the next afternoon.

A. sometime B. some time C. sometimes D. some times

45.In China it is a custom to give kids lucky money_____ during the Spring Festival.

A. finally B. luckily C. simply D. especially

46.Everybody should remember it is not ______ to swim in the river alone.

A.healthy B. safe C.possible D.comfortable

47. Stay away from junk food, please. It’s bad for us,_________ for children!

A. recently B. especially C. probably D. nearly

48. ---I’m really _________ before the exam.

---Take it easy. You’re the best.

A. surprised B. nervous C. comfortable D. confident

49. –Mr Smith, I don’t think we can get there on time by bike.

–You mean it’s ______ for us to take a taxi?

A. necessary B. important C. possible D. difficult

50.—What do you think of Liu Huan?

—Oh, he is my favourite singer. I think no one can sing________.

A. good B. well C. better D. best

51.Elephants eat_______, but they can move _______when necessary.

A. noisy; silent B. noisily; silently C. noisily; silence D. noisy; silence

52. The Internet is really __ to us. We can easily find the information we need.

A. safe B. hard C. boring D. useful

53. He was late this morning, because the bus was too ____ for him to get on.

A. quiet B. tidy C. crowded D. noisy

54. I ________ go to the theatre, because I don’t like operas at all.

A. always B. often C. sometimes D.


55. I don’t have any close friends here. I feel ______ from time to time.

A. alone B. happy C. lonely D. proud

56. My cousin wants to keep slim. She does exercise every morning and ______ eats


A. seldom B. always C. usually

D. often

57. Mr. Zheng is such a __________ person that he has donated much money to the

chools in his hometown.

A. selfish B. patient C. humorous D. generous

58. He was late this morning, because the bus was too ____ for him to get on.

A. quiet B. tidy C. crowded

D. noisy

59. —So where do you want to go, Tina?

—Let' s go to the Blue Lagoon. The soft music makes me relaxed.

A. exhausted and sleepy B. calm and comfortable

C. active and energetic D. tense and disgusted

60.We can do a lot to stay healthy. ___,we should eat a balanced(平衡的) diet.

A. At a time B. In fact C. First of all D. All


61. ---Terra, you shouldn’t be so ____. You always leave your things here and there.

---Sorry, mom. I’ll put them away soon.

A. terrified B. cheerful C. careless D. frightened

62. — How do you like the game show?

—_______ I can't stand it.

A. Funny B. Important C. Perfect D. Awful

63. - I wore sports shoes to the ball yesterday evening by mistake!

- Oh, dear, you must be very _____ at the ball!

A. embarrassed B. satisfied C. tired D. surprised

64. —Wuhu is a beautiful city.

— Yes, and I feel ______ to live there.

A. comfortable B. worried C. afraid D. tired

65.—I think winter is a beautiful season,_______ when it snows.

—Me, too.

A. specially B. especially C. probably D. properly


66. --- Shall we go the museum?

--- All right! I hear there are many first-class photographs ______.

A. on show B. on board C. on sale

67. She had to sell the house even though it was ______ her own wishes.

A. above B. on C. against D. for

68. We can get fresh water from rain, from rivers, or from ______ the ground.

A. across B. under C. over D. off

69. Cheng Long and Li Lianjie have much _______. And they often play similar roles in the


A. in general B. in style C. in common D. in shape

70.—Is the film interesting?

—I thought it would be. But ______, it’s very boring.

A. in all B. in fact C. in addition D. in future

71. I live ___the market. So I have to drive to buy vegetable and fruits.

A. far away B. near to C. far from

72.----Is Jack good at basketball?

- ---Yes. _____basketball he is also good at table tennis.

A. Except B. Besides C. But D. Beside

73.The moonlight goes _____ the window and makes the room bright.

A. across B. through C. over D. in

74.--Can a plane fly _______ the Atlantic Ocean?

--Yes, but it needs to go_________ the clouds for hours.

A. across, through B. through, across C. across, across D. through, through


75. — Will you please give the dictionary to Jane?

—Sure, I’ll give it to her ____ she arrives here.

A. before B. until C. because D. as soon as

76. Hurry up , ____ finish your soup!

A. or B. but C. and D. while

77. You'd better take the map with you you won't get lost,

A. as long as B. as soon as C. now that D. so that

78. You won't feel happy at school ______ you get on well with your classmates.

A. though B. when C. unless D. because

79. _____ Tom _____ Peter are fond of watching TV.

A. Not only… but also B. Both…and C. either…or D. neither…nor

80. —___ Rose ____Jack watched Prince William's wedding on TV yesterday.

— What a pity! They misses the exciting moment.

A. Both, and B. Not only; but also C, Either; or D. Neither, nor

81. The girl is ____ a nice girl ____ we all want to help her.

A. such; that B. too; to C. so; that D. very; that

82.My father spends much money on books,________ he’s not rich.

A.but B.because C.even though

83. I won’t pass the exam ______I work hard.

A. whenever B. because C. if D. unless

84. It’s too late to invite any more people. __, you know how Tim hates parties.

A. Besides B. However C. Still

D. Instead

85. The magazine was started by Becky, ______ I know.

A. as far as B. as well as C. as soon as D. as much as

86. He had to retire(退休) early ______ poor health.

A. as a result B. because C. so D. because of

87. ______ you don’t give up , your dreams will come true.

A. As long as B. As soon as C. As well as

88. _______Lisa _______Lucy may go with you because one of them must stay at

home to take

care of the dog.

A. Not only ---but also B. Neither---nor C. Both---and D. Either----or


89.If plastic and rubber are burnt, they'll poisonous gases

A give up B give in C give off D give out

90. the bus after it came to a stop.

A Get into B Get out C Get away D Get off E Get on F Get out of

91. When does her new book ?

A come in B come out C come on D come up

92.If you insist on leaving now, please .

A go on B go off C go back D go ahead

93.We can't a bicycle, let alone a car

A offer B offen C afford D effort E affect

94.The nurse is always full of for her patients.

A taught B laugh C thought D though

95.The passage is too narrow for cars to

A through B although C though D thought

96.I have got a letter notifying me to before the committee.

A allow B appear C applause D approve

97.He behind when we were climbing the mountain.

A fall B fail C feel D felt E failed F fell

97.John through a difficult period shortly after his marriage broke down.

A pass B passed C past D pasted

98.I have never met a foreigner who speaks such Chinese

A respect B repair C expect D required E perfect

99. You'll get nowhere if you follow his .

A instruction B introduce C influence D introducing E instructing 100. Don't rush into marriage; you might it later.

A return B repair C refuse D regret

101. TV viewers have been writing to of the false advertisement.

A complain B compare C compete D complaining

102. The snow will soon when the warm weather comes.

A disagree B disappointed C disappear D disable

103. The matter was so that she dismissed it from her mind.

A unnecessary B unbelieveable C unimportant D understandable

104. He's too to think of lending me his car.

A endless B breathless C helpless D selfish

105. Yes, I did know about your new car—and , it’s not news now.

A in this way B by this way C on the way D by the way

106.The cat is creeping towards the bird.

A surprisingly B suddenly C silently D softly

107. He's the best teacher even though he has the least .

A experienced B experiment C experience D experiential

108. Marx wrote back to say that Engels' had greatly encouraged him.

A pride B praise C proud D polite

109. Hopefully the tree will some blossom next year

A products B phrases C production D produce

110. Report has it that the ballet will visit England

A long before B soon after C before long D after that


111. Joseph sat on a hill in the middle of nowhere, writing his name into the dirt with a stick.

“Joseph!” his mother called. Joseph looked at the farmhouse that was now supposed to be his home. As he finished the last 35 , he noticed something metal shining in the rosy late-afternoon sunlight.

A. name B. number C. letter D. picture

112. Joseph stuffed his hand into his pockets and shrugged(耸肩). He 42 the old key.

A. felt B. found C. took D. carried

113. Later, he went down the stairs to look for something to read. In the deep silence, his mother sat alone on the living-room sofa. On her lap lay a photograph album. Looking up, she smiled 41 and said, “See what I found? Here’s your great-grandfather. He’s about your age in this picture. Do you think you look like him?”

A. surprisingly B. seriously C. hopefully D. thoughtfully

114. As he moved closer to look at the photograph, something else 43 his

eye. “What’s that?” he asked, pointing to a painted wooden box on the coffee table.

A. hurt B. caught C. moved D. had

115. It was a very cold night, Sunday, February 6. Patrick heard his dog barking (狗叫

声) in the garage (车库). He went there with some food to 35 it down.

A. turn B. put C. quiet

D. slow

116. Suddenly, the truck began to slide (滑动). It rolled (转动) two or three times

before 39 to a stop, tilted into a snow bank on its passenger side.

A. coming B. going C. running

D. returning

117.Finally, she 40 to push the heavy driver’s door open enough so that the

lights turned on.

A. managed B. tried C. started D.


118. Averie wriggled (蠕动) 42 the broken passenger’s window.

A. around B. through C. from

D. across

119. This happened to me at the age of twelve. It seems like a long time to

remember the name of the old lady. Yet it keeps in my 35 that she taught me a

lesson in tolerance(宽容) which I shall never forget.

A. diary B. memory C. notebook D.


120. I was too scared(胆怯) about getting caught by the old lady that first night.

However, a few days later, when I was sure that I hadn’t been 39 , I started to

feel guilty(有罪的) for what I had done.

A. discovered B. controlled C. invited

D. forgotten

121. Reaching for the cookies, I 46 an envelope and pulled it out of the bag.

When I opened the envelope, I was surprised to see the seven dollars and a short

note that said, “I’m proud of you!”

A. bought B. filled C. felt

D. sent

1-5CCADD 6-10AAAAA 11-15CBBBD 16-20CCDBB 21-25BCBBC 26-30BCABB

31-35BCAAC 36-40BABAB 41-45BCCAD 46-50BBBAC 51-55BDCDC 56-60ADCBB

61-65CDAAB 66-70ACBCB 71-75CBBAD 76-80CDCBD 81-85ACDAA 86-90DADCE

91-95BDCCA 96-100BFBEAD 101-105ABCDB 106-110CCBDC 111-115CACBC

116-120AABBA 121C

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