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改版后七年级下英语unit1 Self check

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Unit 1
Can you play the guitar ?
Self check

Enjoy the music. What can they do? They can….

Key words check. dance swim sing play chess paint club

speak show join

music art




guitar piano

Read the conversation
A: Hi, can I help you? B: Yes, please. I want to join the art club. A: Good. May I know your name? B: Jones. A: What’s your first name? B: Cindy. A: How old are you? B: Twelve.

A: Can you draw? B: Yes, a little. I want to learn about art. A: Do you have an e-mail address? B: Yes, it’s cindyj@pep.com.cn. A: Great. Thanks a lot. B: Thank you.

Fill in the card
Name:___________ Cindy Jones Age: ___________ twelve

cindyj@pep.com.cn E-mail address:____________________
What can you do?
______________________________ I can draw little. Why do you want to join the club?

I want to learn about art. ______________________________

Add more words and phrases in each box

Music and arts Play the violin

Languages Speak English

Sports swim

Other abilities tell stories

Add as many words as you can to make phrases

1.play the drums. 2.speak English. 3.help with math. 4.be good at telling stories.

5.be good with old people.

Just for Fun!

1. Gina wants to j____ oin the music club. 2. Can you s_____ peak English? 3. I can play the guitar but can’t play the p_____. iano 4. My e-mail a_______ ddress is cindyyjones @ 163. com. 5. Can you h____ elp kids with swimming?

1. Tom wants ________ C to you. Are you free? A. to tell B. tells C. to talk D. talks A 2. Can you help me ________ my English? A. with B. of C. learning D. about D 3. Here ________. A. is some informations B. are some in formations C. are some information D. is some information

4. Bob can play _____ tennis but
can’t play _____ D violin.

A. the, the
C. the, × A. Yes, a little

B.×, ×
D. × , the B. Yes, little

5. Can you paint? ________. A C. No, a little A. in B. at D. No, little C. about D. with

6. Please call me _______ 8989766. B

7. ____ B like to go swimming _____summer. A. Children, on B. Children, in C. A child, on D. A child, in C 8. Miss Read is good ______ music. She can be good ____ children in the music club. A. at, at B. with, with C. at, with D. with, at A plays the ____ very well. 9. The young _____ A. pianist, piano B. piano, pianist C. pianist, pianist D. piano, piano

10. --What can you do, Lin Tao? D -- ________. A. I like sports B. I am well C. I want to join the music club D. I can do Chinese Kung Fu A 11. Hi, can I help you? ________. A.Yes, please B. No, I can’t C. Yes, I can D.You are welcome B 12. ______ you can _____ our school concert. A. Maybe, in B. Maybe, be in C. May be, in D. May be, be in


I want to be an artist.

I want to join the art club.


Linda can sing well. /Linda is good at singing. Please ask

Mr Zhang for more information.


Chain work A: Can you ……? B: Yes, I can. / No, I can’t. Can you …. C: Yes , I can. / No, I can’t. Can you …


speak English


play soccer


play chess


play the guitar

你对你的家人了解吗? 他们能做什么?


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