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2014春 unit1 what's the matter 导学案

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Unit1 What’s the matter?



● What’s the matter? I have a headache.

●You should drink some tea. The sounds like a good idea.

二 预学


1.噪子痛 3.躺下休息 5.大量饮水

7.牙痛 9.肚子疼 11照X光片 12 量体温

13 割伤自己 14 在上面敷些药


1. 根据首字母或汉语提示完成句子

1In fact, we should also care not to _______ (咳嗽)or sneeze loudly in public.

2. He has a f________ and a temperature of 38.5 degrees centigrade.

3. Do you have a _________ ( 头痛)、

4. She wears a gold chain around her n_______ .

5. There’s something wrong with my __________ (胃)

6 Tell me about your _______ ( 烦恼)。

7Myfeet are __________ (疼痛的) after the walk .

2. 用所给词的适当形式填空

8. A man has two _______ (foot ); a dog has four _______ (foot).

9. He had to lie down for a while ________ (rest) his legs.

10. This bus can carry 40 ________ ( passenger).

11. I have a ___________ ( tooth ) because there is a cavity ((洞) in one of my ______ (tooth). 12 Mary hurt _________ ( her ) when she fell over .

Period 1 SectionA


● 掌握身体各部位名称的英文表达方式

● 能表述身体的种种不适以及对他人身体的种种不适给予适当的建议



1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.

7. 8.



Period 2


1. 翻译下列句子:(重难点句子)

1. 。

2. 1. 2. 3. 三.研究与探究


1.—My mother is ill. —.

A.I think so. B. That’s OK. C. Really? Thank you D.I am sorry to hear that.

2.You shouldn’t eatA. some B. any C. something D. anything

3.If you have a toothache, you should see a A. policeman B. teacher C. nurse D. dentist

4.I’m very tired .I should A. work B. rest C. have lunch D .see a film

5.Nancy is not feeling now.

A. badly B. well C. nice D .right

6.Don’t keep your mother _______ long .

A wait B waiting C wait for D waiting for

7.Mrs. Jenny gave us _______ on how to learn English well.

A some advices B many advices C. some advice D an advice

8.Don’t worry . She can look after your pet ________.

A careful enough B. enough careful c. carefully enough D enough carefully

9- What’s the matter _______ you ? – I have pains in the eyes.

A for Bwith C on D to



Jim: Good morning, doctor.

Doctor: Good morning. What’s the____ with you?

Jim: I don’t ________well, I’m feeling cold.

Doctor: Open your mouth and _______ “Ah.”

Jim: Ah..

Doctor: And I’m going to________ your temperature.

Jim: Am I really ill?

Doctor: Yes. You have a bad_ ______and a high______.

Jim: Must I stay at home?

Doctor: Yes, you must. And you _____take the medicine three_ ___a day.

Jim :OK, I know. Thank you.

Doctor: I ______you feel_ ____ soon.


Period3 Section B


? 学会谈论遇到的问题并给出合理的建议。

? 学会使用should , shouldn’t .



1.Little Kids may h _____ themselves when they are alone at home.

2. The ________ (情况) is becoming very serious.

3. When turning the corner, we found a large r____ in our way.

4 Where is my _________ ( 刀)?

5. What do you m ______ by acting like this?

6 Fortunately, Yang Lei’s mother agreed with her daughter’s d_____

7 The traffic lights are ________ ( 控制) by a central computer.


用所给词 的适当形式填空

8 The doctors and _______ (nurse ) looked after her very well.

9 What does he mean ______ ( do )

10. She weighs 20 _________ (kilo).

11. The boys are ________ ( hit ) the dog.

12. We would like to see it for __________ ( our)

13 He was ready for any __________ (risk ).

14 He feels sad every time he thinks of his cat’s ________ (dead )

15 He _______ (die ) last year . He _______ (die ) for one year.

16 Anyone who knows the ________ ( important) of the exam will study hard.

17 This driver got _______ ( hurt ) in the accident.


贴创可贴 ____________ run it under water___________

Put your head back ______________ 摔倒 ___________

呼吸有问题 ___________ get hit by a ball_______



1 Aron Ralston is an American man who is interested in mountain climbing

2.On April 26,2003, he found himself in a very dangerous situation when climbing in Utah. 3 He was not ready to die that day. 4.Then, with his left arm, he bandaged himself so that he would not lose too much blood. 5.His love for mountain climbing is so great that he kept on climbing mountains even after this experience.

6 After losing his arm, he wrote a book called Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Period 4



2.复习should , shouldn’t的用法



1.—She’s tired.

—She____________ go to the party.

2.—I’m hungry.

—You ____________eat some bread.

3.—Sally is stressed out.

—He____________ study.

4.—I have a sore throat.

—You___________ drink some hot tea with honey.

5.—They’re thirsty.

—They___________ eat more pizza.

6.—Alice has a headache.

—She_________ go to bed.



( )1.My son has friends in shanghai, so he doesn’t feel lonely at all.

A. few B. little C. a few D. a little

( )2.Mary a very bad cold, so she had to see a doctor.

A. made B. took C. had D. did

( )3.You should eat more fruit and vegetables healthy.

A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stays

( )4.Eating healthy food is for all of us.

A. boring B. hardly C. important D weak

( )5.You look tired. I think you go to work today.

A. aren’t B. may C. shouldn’t D. should

( )6.We should not eat junk food.

A. too many B. too much C. much too D. many too

( )7.—When did your stomachache start? — .

A. About two days. B. Two days later

C. About two days ago D. For two days

( )8.The boy needs more English conversations.

A. practice B. practices C. to practice D. practicing

( )9. I am sorry ________ that you’re not feeling well.

A. and hear B. to hear C. heard

( )10. _______ a good idea.

A. That sounds like B. That’s sounds like C. That’s like




1. It’s important for us _________ (study) hard .

2. We should exercise __________-(stay) healthy.

3. It’s easy ________ (understand) the question ,.

4. I’m very thirsty, I need __________ (drink) some water .

5. He is ill .He should _________-(go) to bed early .

6. We need time ______________ (improve) our English .

7. ----- What’s the matter ? ------He is not __________(feel) well.

8. I want him __________(come) here early


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