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改版后七年级下英语unit1 Section A

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Unit 1
Can you play the guitar?
Section A

We can speak English.

She can sing.

She can paint.

They can play chess.

He can swim.

She can dance.

I can play the guitar.

Can you sing?

Yes, I can./No, I can’t.
Can she paint?
Yes, she can./No, she can’t.

Can you match the words?
speak English

play the guitar

play chess


can play the guitar 会弹吉他). 1. I __________________( can swim 会游泳). 2.You__________(

3.She________( can sing 会唱歌).
4.He_________( can paint 会画画). 5. They _________( can dance 会跳舞). 6. We________________ can play chess (会下象棋). 7.He_______ can be (会成为) a player.

can + 动词原形
Can 无人称 数量变化
Can+主语+动原…? Yes,…can.


情态动词can的用法:情态动词是辅助动词 帮助说明能力、意愿等的词,它没有人称 和数的变化, 后边直接加动词原形。 肯定句:主语+can + 动词原形 否定句:直接在can后加“not”. He can’t (cannot) swim. 一般疑问句直接把can提前 Can you dance ? 特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词+ 一般疑问句? What can you do ?

-- What clubs can you find in this picture?
art club ,English club, chess club, swimming club, music club

--What club do you want to join?

--I want to join …club.

Look and say
A: I want to join the______ music club. B: Can you_____ sing or play _________? the guitar I can A: Yes, _______.

A: I_______ _________club. want to ____the join swimming B: ____ Can you_____? swim I can’t A: No, _______.

want to join the chess club A: I _______________________. B: _________________? Can you play chess A: Yes, I can.

to join the English club A: I want __________________________.
B: _____________________? Can you speak English A: Yes, I can.

want to join the art club A: We ______________________.
Can you paint B: ______________?

we can A: Yes, ________.


Match the words with the people.

1. sing __ e

g 2. swim ___
3. dance ___ d

4. draw __ b
5. play chess __ c

6. speak English __ a
7. play the guitar __ f

1b Listen and number the conversations 2 3
A: Can you swim? B: No, I can’t. A: I want to join the art club. B: Can you draw? A: Yes, I can.


A: I want to join the music club. B: Oh, Can you sing? A: Yes, I can.


Pair work

Practice the conversations above. Then make your own conversations.
A: Can you swim?

B: No, I can’t.

A: I want to join the art club. B: Can you draw? A: Yes, I can.

A: I want to join the music club. B: Oh, Can you sing? A: Yes, I can.

2a Listen to these two conversations

and circle the clubs you hear.

a. English club

b. art club
c. music club

d. chess club
e. swimming club

2b Listen again. Complete the sentences.
1. Lisa wants to join the chess ____ club, but she can’t play_______. chess 2. Bob wants to join the ________club. He likes English to speak__________. English 3. Mary likes music. She can____ sing and _______. dance B

ob likes music, too. They wants to join the _______club. music


Group work

Look at 2b and talk about what the people can do and the clubs they want to join.

A: What club dose Lisa want to join? B: She want to join the…

2d Role-play the conversation.
Jane: Hi, Bob. What club do you want to join? Bob: I want to join a sports club. Jane: Great! What sports can you play?

Bob: Soccer. Jane: So you can join the soccer club. Bob: What about you? You are very good at
telling stories. You can join the story telling club. Jane: Sounds good. But I like to draw, too. Bob: Then join two clubs, the story telling club and the art club! Jane: OK! Let’s join now!

Language Points
1. Can you play the guitar?

冠词(a, an, the)。但它和乐器类搭配时,

play football play chess

play the guitar play the piano

2.What club do you want to join? 你想参加什么俱乐部呢? 1)what在此处用于修饰club。 2)want后接动词不定式做宾语,意为 “想做某事”。 3)join意为“参加; 加入”。join后面常接 表示团体的名词, 表示加入某团体或成为 某团体的一员; 也常接人称代词的宾格 形式,表示和某人一起进行某活动。

如: Tom plays soccer well. He wants to join the soccer club. 汤姆足球踢得好, 他想加入足球俱乐部。 We want to go to a movie. Do you want to join us? 我们想去看电影, 你和我们一起去吗?

join the swimming club the dancing club the singing club the music club the art club the English club the chess club the sports club the basketball/tennis/golf club

3. Are you good with kids?

be good with sb. 意为“善于和某人

相处; 和某人相处得好”。如:
Miss Wang is good with us.


4. Can you help kids with swimming?
你能帮助孩子们学游泳吗? help sb. with sth.意为“在某方面帮助 某人”, with后接名词(短语)、代词 或v-ing形式。如: She often helps me with math. 她经常帮我学数学。

Grammar Focus
Can you swim?
Can he play chess? Can you speak English? Can Jane and Jill swim?


Yes, I can./No ,I can’t.
Yes, he can./ No ,he can’t. Yes, we can./ No ,we can’t. Yes, they can ./No ,they can’t.

What can you do ?
What club do you want to join?

I can dance./I can’t sing.
We want to join the chess club.

3a Write question and answers with the words and phrases.
1.Wu Jun /speak English /speak Chinese ______________________________________ 2.Mike /play basketball/ play tennis _______________________________________ 3.Jane and Jill/dance/sing _______________________________________ 4.Grace/paly soccer/play volleyball _______________________________________ 5.Bill/write stories/tell stories _______________________________________

Complete the following poster 3b with the words in the box.
play sing t

ell dance
Students Wanted for School Show
We want students for the school show. Can You _____ sing or ______?Can you _____the dance play

guitar? Can you ______ tell stories? Please talk
to Mr.Zhang after school.

3c What can your group do in the school show? Make a list.


What can you do?

一、连词成句。 1. play, brother, the, your, guitar, can? Can your brother play the guitar? 2. play, you, the, can, guitar? Can you play the guitar? 3. guitar, sing, the, I, play, can, and. I can sing and play the guitar. 4. to, club, music, join, want, do, you, our? Do you want to join our music club?

二、补全句子和对话。 Can you dance? B: Yes, I can. 1. A: ____ 2. What club does she_____ want to join ? join the guitar club. 3. We want to _____ 4. A: What club ___ do you want ___join? to want to join the chess_____. club B: We_____ A: Can you_____ play chess ? B: No , I ______. can’t 5. She can speak English but she can’t ______ speak it very well.

三. Can you say these in English?

1.下象棋 play chess
2. 弹吉他 play the guitar 3. 英语俱乐部 English club 4. 艺术俱乐部 Art club 5. 加入音乐俱乐部 join the music club

6. 我想加入音乐俱乐部
I want to join the music club.

四. Can you fill in the blanks?

1. ____ Can you swim? Yes, I can.
2. --Can your father play the guitar? --No, he ______. can’t 3. What club ____ do you want to join? 4. --Can Lucy and Alice dance? --Yes, _____ they can. 5. We want ___ to join the English club.

五. 单项选择
( C )1.Can you play
A. a B. an

C. the D. /



( B )2. Can she A. plays C. playing

basketball? B. play D. play the

解析: can在使用时无人称变化, 所以应 该用play的原形, 又因为basketball属于 体育项目, 所以前面不用定冠词the。 答案为B。

( D )3. _____club do you want to join?

A. How B. When C. Where D. What
( )4. My mother can play _____ piano.


A. a to join?

B. an

C. the

D. /

( D)5._____club does your brother want A. How B. When C. Where D. What

( B)6. I can’t sing, _____I can play the guitar.

A. and

B. but C. or

D. so

( )7.Tom can play the guitar but he _____


play it very well.
A. can B. can’t C. not D. don’t

( C )8. ___do you want to join our club? I want to learn swimming. A. How B. what C. Why D. How much

Introduce yourself to the class.
Model: My name is …. I can sing and dance. I can play the guitar and violin. I want to join the music club.

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