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Unit1 Can you play the guitar?
(SectionA 2a-1d)

She can sing and dance. But she can’t draw or swim.

Zheng Shuang can play chess and speak Chinese. But she can’t speak English or draw.

He can play volleyball and basketball. But he can't play tennis or soccer.

Zhou Xingchi can tell stories and play the drums. But he can't speak English or play the violin.

They can play the guitar and the piano. But they can't play the drums or the violin.

can I Lisa Peter Jenny and Tony


I Lisa Peter

can 画,写 讲故事,说英语 下象棋,说中文

can’t 唱歌,跳舞 篮球,足球 打鼓,钢琴 吉他,足球

Jenny and Tony 打鼓,小提琴

Give a report: We can do lots of things. I can...and... But I can’t …or…Lisa/Peter can … and ….But she/he can’t …or…Jenny and Tony can….and…But they can’t

What club do you know in your school?

the music club the art club the dancing club

the chess club

the swimming club

the sports club

the English club the story telling club

What club do you want to join? Why? What club don’t you want to join? Why?
the music club
the sports club the chess club

the art club the English club

the story telling club

the swimming club

I want to join the …,because I can… I don’t want to join the … because I can’t

Make a survey:
want I Lisa Jill Peter and Bill why not why want

1.情态动词can没有人称和数的变化,其后接 动词原形。其否定形式为can not=can't. 例:他会游泳。He can swim. She can play basketball. 我会打篮球。 他们会拉小提琴。They can play the violin. I can do kung fu.(变成否定句和一般疑问句) I can't do kung fu. can you do kung fu?


Students Wanted for School Show We need students for the school show. What can you do?Can you write or tell stories?Can you play the violin or the piano?Can you do kung fu?Please talk to Mr.Li after school.

Students Wanted for the music club We need.....

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