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1.play sports 2.play chess 3.play ball games 4.play the guitar 5.play the piano 6.play the violin7.play the drums 9.do kung fu 10.tell/write stories 12.speak English/Chinese/French 13.can draw and swim well 15.can play volleyball and chess well 16.can’t play the violin or basketball well 17.join two clubs 19.the swimming club 20.the story telling club 21.English-speaking students 22.want to join the sports club

23.want to join the soccer club 24. English teacher wanted 25.Musicians wanted 26.am/is/are good at writing stories 27.am/is/are good with old people 28.talk to/ with sb. 29.like to play games with kids 30.like playing tennis 31.can also play the piano 32.be in the school music festival 33.make friends with sb. 34.help (sb.) with sth. 35.teach sb. to do sth. 36.have time 37.the old people’s home 38.Students’ Sports Center

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