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snowy snow rain rainy

shower showery cloud cloudy




storm stormy sun sunny

cloud shower

阵雨 摄氏温度 度数


temperature 温度 snowy 下雪的


可能 多风的 可能,或许 阳光充足的 凉爽的






阵雨 摄氏温度 度数





temperature 温度
freezing snowy

冰冻的,严寒的 freezing









sunny cool dry cloudy





Activity 1

Can you say?











Can you read? -7℃ ~ 1℃ between minus seven and plus one degrees 5℃ ~ 8℃

between five and eight degrees

How’s the weather in…? What’s the temperature?

5~8o C

-1~14o C

-7~1o C

A:How's the weather?
B:It's cloudy.

Say what the weather might or might not be like. It will be …/It will probably be … tomorrow next week next month

Say what the weather might or might not be like. It will be …/It will probably be … tomorrow next week next month

Say what the weather might or might not be like. It will be …/It will probably be … tomorrow next week next month

Say what the weather might or might not be like. It will be …/It will probably be … tomorrow next week next month

Say what the weather might or might not be like. It will be …/It will probably be … tomorrow next week next month

Give the correct weather forecast for China.

-1~ 4 ℃

Language points (一):
1 You must be joking ! 2 It may not even be cold . 3 It might be windy . 情态动词: must may might
1 must (一定): 表示具有很大的可能性. 2 may (可能): 暗含不确定的意思. 3 might :表可能,但它的含义比may 更不确定.

Language points :(二)
4 天气将会怎么样: 5 出发: be off
eg: We are off to Beijing . What will the weather be like ?

------ It will be ……

6 干某事的最好时候: the best time to do sth .
eg: Spring is the best time to plant trees .

7 既不……也不 : not … or
eg: I haven’t been to Shanghai or Beijing .


What will the weather be like? It might be quite windy. It may be quite cool. It will probably be hot and sunny. 肯定程度:

might + May ++ probably +++

Unit 2 When ’s the best time to visit your town or country ?

Unit 2

Drilling: Activity 1&2 (Acting out can be done.) Key points: get cooler, start to do, change color, take photos of, all year, in the northwest, remember to do sth, from time to time, compared to Difficult sentences: 1. It’s a good idea to bring your camera because you may want to take photos of the autumn leaves. 2. Bring your swim suit because you might want to swim in the sea. 3. It’s usually very hot

and sunny compared to many other places.

City Today’s Today’ Tomorrow’s Temperatur s weather e weather --What may/might the weather be like? 13 ℃~15 ℃
-- It may/might be…

London Moscow Athens

-5 ℃~-2 ℃ 16 ℃~19 ℃


11 ℃~15 ℃

camera swimsuit northwest umbrella pleasant southeast from time to time fall compared to

照相机 游泳衣 西北 雨伞 令人愉快的 东南 有时 秋天(美) 和…相比较

照相机 游泳衣 西北 雨伞 令人愉快的 东南 有时 秋天(美) 和。。。相比较

camera swimsuit northwest umbrella pleasant southeast from time to time fall compared to



Los Angeles Fall in New England


New York or Washington D.C. in winter

Activity2 Complete the The good places to visit in May or sentences.

October are New York and Washington D.C.
the best time to to New 1.September is _________________ England. go a __________________ good idea to 2.It is your camera. bring 3.A good reason to visit California in that it’s nice tothe December is __________________ Sun. see to 4.Alaska is pleasant _______________ in July and August. visit a s good idea to wear 5.In the evening, it ’ _________________ some warm clothes. best time to 6.The __________________ the USA is any visit time you like.

Read Paragraph 1&2 and complete the table
Paragraph 1

Thing Bring a good map
Paragraph 2


Because you may want to travel around
Best time to visit May or Reason

Place New York,

Washington D.C. October

It’s not too h ot.

Read Paragraph 3 and answer the questions. 1. When is the best time to visit New England? September. 2. What’s the weather like in September? It starts to get cooler. 3. Why do you need to bring your camera? Because I may want to take photos of the autumn leaves.

Read Paragraph 4&5 and answer the questions. 1.What’s the weather like in Los Angeles, California? It is fine all year. 2.Why do you need to bring your swimsuit? Because I might swim in the sea.

3.When is it pleasant to visit Alaska?
In July and August.

Read Paragraph 6&7 and answer the questions.

1.What’s the weather like in the southeast of the USA in summer and fall? There are storms from time to time. 2.When do you think is the best time to visit the USA? Why? Any time I like. Because … …

Example: Bring an umbrella. Because it might rain 1. Wear warm clothes.Because it might be cool . 2. Buy a good map. Because you may want to travel around.

3. Bring a swimsuit.Because you might want to swim.
4. Bring your camera.Because you may want to take photos
(of the autumn leaves).

e.g.: Why

do you bring an umbrella?

Because it might rain.

Language Points
1. get cooler 2. start to do sth 3. It’s a good idea to do sth. 4. take photos of 5. all year=all the year round 6. in the northwest 7. remember to do sth. 8. all day 9. from time to time 10. compared to

11. many other 12. in the countryside 13. 不定式 (1)The USA is a very big country to visit.作定语

(2)The best plan is to arrive in New England in September.作表语 (3) It’s pleasant to visit Alaska in July and August.作主语 14. may & might (might比may的可能性小)


Activity 4 Match the two parts of the sentences 1.You can come any a… the best time to (a)

time you like… 2.It’s very (e) beautiful then (b) because… 3.It often rains in (d) spring so… 4.Bring a coat (c) because (g) 5.It can be warm in the morning, but… (h)6.Our plan is to walk in the countryside, (f) so... 7.London is a big city, but… 8.Let’s stay for a long time

visit England is in spring. b… it’s a good idea to take an umbrella. c… soon it will become cool. d… the weather changes very quickly. e… there are lots of flowers. f… there are lots of things to see g… wear comfortable shoes. h… we will find our way

I am from Beijing. It’s pleasant to visit Beijing in …… Because…, but …, so …

My hometown

I am from Liaoning Province. It’s in t he northeast of China. It’s pleasant to visit my hometown in July and August because it’s not too hot in summer. But it might be cool in the evening. So it’s a good idea to carry some warm clothe s. Welcome to my hometown.

Complete the sentences.
1. 记住穿上一些暖和的衣服。 Remember to ___________ ______ wear some warm clothes. 2. 与许多其他地方相比,北京天气冷。 Compared to many other places, it’s cold ________ ____ _____ _____ in Beijing. 3. 在海里游泳真有意思。 to swim It’interesting s ___________ ______ ______ in the sea. 4. 有时我们去看电影。 time ____ to _____. time We go to the cinema from _____ _____

1.目标M11 U2

2. Finish your composition

Unit 3 Language in use

Revision 1.The car don’t move at all. There ____ be something wrong with it. A. maybe B. possible C. may

2. -_____________? - It’s sunny and hot. A. What is the weather like? B. How is the weather like? C. What is the weather? 3. It’s interesting ______ games with the children. A. play B. to playing C. to play

1. A. Sydney in Dec. B. Sydney in July 2. A. New York in Dec.

B. New York in July 3. A. Sydney in Feb.
B. Sydney in June

Activity 2 Listen and check the true sentences.

1.In December the weather is usually the same in Sydney and New York.
2.In June it never rains in Sydney.

( √)

3.It’s often very sunny in New York in December. 4.It often snows in December in New York.
5.It usually snows in Australia in December.

Activity 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. bring go see swim visit

wear 1.It ’s a good idea to _________ an umbrella. to bring 2.The best time visit _________ New York is in October. to wear 3.It’s very important _______ warm clothes to swim when it’s freezing. to go 4.It’s nice _______ in the sea. wears 5.It’s great fun ________ visit on holiday 6.When it’s sunny, he _______ sunglasses.

and may. 1.It will_________ r

ain tomorrow. probably probably

Activity 5 ossible,

Complete the sentences with

2.It _________ be cold and wet in London may in January.

3.It’ s _______ freezing in Moscow in probably

possible winter.

4.Is it _______ to visit Alaska in winter may

Activity 6 Complete the sentences.
1.It’s sunny now, but let’s take an umbrella … (rain later)…because it may/might rain later. 2. It isn’t always warm in February, so…(cool) …it may/might be cool. 3. We’re going to the mountains, and we hope…(snow) …it won’t snow. 4. It’s usually hot and sunny so…(swim in the sea) …we will probably swim in the sea.

5. Buy a good map because…(visit the city) …we may/might visit the city. 6. Don’t go to Russia in winter…(dark all day, freezing cold) …because it might be dark all day and freezing cold. 7. In Mexico, in summer…(too hot and sunny) …it will be too hot and sunny.

Activity 9

It rains a lot in spring. It’s the rainy season.

Complete the sentences.

1.There is a lot of cloud _______. It’s cloudy. snow is snowy and there is a 2.The weather sunny lot of _______ in the park. 3.The sun is shinning. It’s very windy _______ hot today. storm 4.The wind is very strong. It’s so ______

Activity11 Complete the passage with the words in the box. cold compared lot depend might time weather winter
depend It’s very difficult to _____ on the weather in Britain because it changes a lot. _________ Compared with countries cold like Mexico, Egypt or India, it’s really very _____. You can’t plan to have a barbecue very easily, even might time in summer-it _____ rain! From _____ to time, you get weather Everybody loves it! But several days of good ______. lot usually, there’s a _____ of rain, especially in winter It doesn’t snow very often but people _______. always hope it’ll snow at Christmas.

Activity 12 Read the email and find answers to Ms Wang’s questions. 1. When might be the best time to come? In October. 2. What might the weather be like? Warm with some rain, but also cold. 3. What clothes should she bring? A sweater. 4. Where might Ms Wang like to stay? In a small hotel- a bed-and-breakfast. 5. What might she like to do? She might like to buy a railcard to travel around the rest of the country.

Around the world
The wettest place The wettest place in the world is the Brazilian rainforest. It has more than 270 cm of rain every year. The rainforest has more different animals and plants than any other place. Many rivers join the Amazon as it flows over 6,000 km from the Andes in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east.

Language points
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. go on holiday had better do sth. so…that depend on compared with plan to do sth have a barbecue any other best of all make sure have to pay for

(Activity 3) (Activity 3) (Activity 9) (Activity 10) (Activity 10) (Activity 10) (Activity 10) (Around the world) (Activity 12) (Activity 12) (Activity 12) (Activity 12)


ule task
Preparing some advice on the best time to visit China.

1.目标 M11 U3 2.Review this module

Thanks for listening!

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