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Book 6_U2_课外阅读

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Mr and Mrs Davies had left their Christmas shopping very late. There were only a few days more before Christmas, and of course the shops and streets were terribly crowded, but they had to get presents for their family and friends, so they started out early one morning for the big city, and spent several tiring hours buying the things they wanted in the big shops.

By lunch-time, Mr Davies was carrying parcels of all shaps and sizes. He could hardly see where he was going as he and his wife left the last shop on their way to the railway station and home. Outside the shop they had to cross a busy street, made even busier than usual by the thousands of people who had come by car to do their last-minute Christmas shopping.

Mr and Mrs Davies had to wait for the traffic lights to turn green, but as Mr Davies could not see very well in front of him, he gradually moved forward into the road without realizing it. Mrs Davies saw this and became worried. Several times she told her husband to come back off the road, but without success. He could not hear her because of the noise of the traffic.

Finally she shouted in a voice that could be heard clearly above all the noise, “Henry! If you want to stand in that dangerous position a moment longer, give me the parcels!”

1. Mr and Mrs Davies, __________, had to buy presents before Christmas.

A. like everyone else

B. unlike others

C. for once

D. being old

2. The old couple spent ______ getting their presents ready.

A. little time and little money

B. a lot of time and a lot of money

C. little time but a lot of money

D. a lot of time but little money

3. ______ were the last to do Christmas shopping.

A. Mr and Mrs Davies

B. lots of people in the street

C. Mr and Mrs Davies could not find any people who

D. No other people than the old couple

4. Mrs Davies was worried because Mr Davies _______.

A. was losing his parcels

B. lost his way

C. could not see where he was going


D. could not hear her

5. When the parcels were taken away, the old man would_______.

A. be angry

B. walk fast

C. see that he was in danger

D. hear his wife clearly


1. A

2. B

3. B

4. C

5. C


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