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1. The poor man is hungry. He __________(not eat)anything for two days.

2. Harry Potter__________(not have) a birthday party for about eleven years.

3. He __________(grow) into a fine young man.

4. They lost the game because Tom __________(fall) on the ground during the race.

5. Look, the old lady __________(carry) a bag of rice. Let’s go and help her.

6. Since 1986, the old man __________(give) 200000yuan to help poor students go to school.

7. A: Where is Dick?

B: He __________ (go) to the library.

8. A: What is Dick doing?

B: He ________ (go) over his lessons in the study.

9. Julia __________ (make) a lot of friends since she came to China.

10. My parents __________(be) to Europe many times.

11.Yesterday, Tom __________(have ) a broken leg, so he __________(not go) to school.

12. Take the doctor’s advice. I hope you __________(get) better soon.

13. Brazil __________(spend) 34 billion yuan before 2006 to help its young people keep their teeth heathy.

14. Since January, Ren __________(travel) 20000kilometers to visit 50 different towns.

15. It __________(take) 365 days plus 6hours for the Earth to circle the Sun.

16. We all know that the earth __________(move) around the sun.

17. Bob __________(go) to the school library. He will stay there for two hours

18. The apples __________(fall) from the trees last night.

19. This lesson is very strange. I __________never __________(hear) anything like it before.

20. Many kids in the countryside __________(not see) a film for five years because they have no place to watch them.

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