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13. I don't know _____ he will be back home.

A. who B. what C. when D. where

14. Could you tell me ___________?

A. where do you live B. who you are waiting for

C. who were you waiting for D. where you live in

15. Do you still remember _______?

A. that he said B. what he said C. did he say that D. what did he say

16. I can't understand ______the boy alone.

A. why she left B. why did she leave C. why she had left D. why had she left

17. She told me the sun ______ in the east.

A. rise B. rose C. rises D. had risen

18. They tried to find out ______ the new train ________.

A. how far/ had gone B. how long/ has gone C. how far/ went D. how far had/ run

19. The manager came up to see __________.

A. what was the matter B. what the matter was C. what the matter is D. what's the matter

20. Can you tell me ___________?

A. where are you doing B. where do you study

C. where you were doing D. where you study

21. I really don’t know _______ the window yesterday..

A. who broke B. who had broken C. why broke D. whether breaks

22. He asked his father _______.

A. where it happens B. where did it happen C. how it happened D. how did it happen

23. No one tells us______, so we need your help.

A. how we should do B. what should we do C. how to do it D. what to do it

24. _______ he'll come or not isn't important.

A. Why B. If C. Whether D. What

25. Would you like to know _______they will do it or not.

A. if B. that C. whether D. why

26. ---Where do you think _____ he ____ the TV set?----Sorry, I've no idea.

A./, bought B. has, bought C. did, buy D. did bought

27. Our hometown has changed a lot. Who can tell _____ it would be like in _____ five years.

A. how, another B. what, more C. how , other D. what, another

28. ----Could you tell me ______?---- Yes. He ____ to the USA.

A. where is he/ has been B. where he is/ has gone

C. where was he/ has been D. where he was/ has gone

29. ----Mike wants to know if ____ a picnic tomorrow.

----Yes. But if it _______, we'll visit the museum instead.

A. you have/ will rain B. you will have/ will rainC. you will have/ rains D. will you have/ rains

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