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enough...to too...to 练习

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enough….to too….to

1. The apple is sour. I can’t eat it. The apple is ____sour for me ____eat.

2. The questions were very easy, We could answer them.

The questions were easy_______for us ______answer.

3. The maths paper is difficult.I can’t pass.

The maths paper is _____difficult for me ____pass.

4. He is very clever. He can answer all the questions.

He is clever_____ ______ answer all the questions.

5. The stereo is loud. I can hear it.

The stereo is loud______for me ______hear.

6. The car is expensive. We can’t buy it.

The car is_____expensive for us ____buy it.

7. He is very old. He can’t walk. He is ______old _____walk.

8. I’m very tired. I can’t go to the park.

I’m______tired _____go to the park.

1. The bag is too heavy for me to carry.

2. The wall is too high for me to climb.

3. The exam isn’t easy enough for me to pass.

4. The apple isn’t sweet enough for me to eat.

5. The French paper is too difficult for him to pass.

6. The room isn’t big enough to live in.

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