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八年级冲刺班Topic 十: 非谓语动词

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课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想


Topic 十: 非谓语动词

Focus 动词不定式、动名词


afford(提供,供应得起),appear(看来,似乎),agree(同意),arrange(安排),ask,be,choose(选择),come,dare(敢),decide(决定),expect(期待),Elect(选举),hope ,fail(没能,失败,没通过),happen(碰巧),learn(学会),mean(打算),manage(设法),offer(提供),ought(应该),plan(打算),prepare(准备),pretend(假装),promise(许诺,答应),refuse(拒绝),seem(似乎),wait,wish ,would like等。



admit(承认),appreciate(感激,赞赏),avoid(避免),consider(考虑),delay(耽误),dislike(讨厌),enjoy(喜欢),escape(逃脱),keep(继续),finish(完成),imagine(想象),mind(介意),miss(思念),practise(训练),prevent(阻止),suggest(建议),stand(忍受),understand(理解),feel like doing, be busy doing, hate doing, have(trouble, difficulty, fun) doing,spend等。


三、常见的即可跟不定式(to do),又可跟动名词做宾语,

意思完全不相同的动词 : remember, stop , try, mean, go on等

四、下列动词后面长接动词原形:help(帮助),make, let, have, had better

五、下列动词后面即可跟动词原形(do),又可跟动名词的动词有:see, hear, find.


( )1. Granny often tells us ________water in our daily life.

A: save B: saving C: to save D: saves

( )2. Richard turned off the computer after he had finished ________the email.

A: write B: to write C: writing D: wrote

( )3.—We can use QQ to chat with each other on the Internet.

1 尽职 尽责 不负家长重托

课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想


—Really? Will you please show me ______it?

A: how to use B: what to use C: how can I use D: what can I use

( )4.—Where's your brother now,Bob?

—I saw him ________ in the street a moment ago and I told him _______.

A: playing;don't do so B: playing;not to do so C: play;to do so

( )5. As teenagers, we're old enough _______with housework. We can help set the table, wash the

dishes and clean our own rooms.

A: to help B: helping C: helped

( )6. Nancy is really a hard-working student. We often see her _______books in the classroom. A: read B: to read C: reads

( )7 Mrs. Smith made her students _______the compositions three times a week.

A: write B: to write C: written D: writing

( )8.Tom often makes his sister , but yesterday he was made by his sister.

A: cry; to cry B: to cry; cry C:cry; cry D: to cry; to cry

( )9. You'd better _______ too much time playing computer games.

A: don't spend B: not to spend C: to not spend D: not spend

( )10. More and more young people are trying to do something _______the old.

A: served B: to serve C: serve D: serves

( )11. Why not _______ an English club to practice _______ English?

A. to join; to speak B. join; speaking C. join; to speak D. to join; speaking

( )12. When we came to the gate, he stopped _________ me go in first.

A. to let B. to tell C. to allow D. to ask

( )13. She saw some boys _________ soccer on the playground when she was on the way to the classroom.

A. played B. to play C. playing

( )14. —How about going shopping this weekend, Peter?

—Sorry, I prefer _________ rather than _________.

A. to stay at home; go out B. to go out; stay at home

C. staying at home; go out D. Going out; stay at home

2 尽职 尽责 不负家长重托

课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想


( )15. It's a good habit _________ every day.

A. to keep doing exercise B. to stay up late C. to make much noise D. to too much

( )16. —It's hot. Would you mind my _________ the window.

—__________. Do it as you like, please!

A. to open; OK B. opening; Certainly not C. closing; Of course D. Open; Good idea

( )17. Who do you think you'd like _________ with you, a boy or a girl?

A. to let to go B. letting to go C. to let go D. let go

( )18. The house was so dirty. They decided _________.

A. clean it up B. to clean it up C. clean up it D. cleaning up

( )19. I heard someone _______ the door and .

A. open; come in B. to open; to come in C. open; come into D. to open; to come into

( )20. The girl was heard _________ the piano in the next room.

A. plays B. to play C. played D. play



( )1.Drivers shouldn't be allowed ________after drinking, or they will break the law.

A: drive B: driving C: to drive

( )2. Water Park is a good place________.

A: to have fun B: have fun C: having fun D: to have a fun

( )3. Nick, would you mind ________those old jeans? They look terrible.

A: not to wear B: not wear C: wearing not D: not wearing

( )4.—Don't forget ______your history and politics books tomorrow morning.

—Thanks. I won't.

A: bring B: to bring C: bringing

( )5. While we were running on the playground, Jack suddenly stopped ______and lay on the ground,

so we all stopped _______what was wrong with him.

A: to run; to see B: running; seeing C: running; to see

( ) 6. It took my daughter two weeks the novels by Liu Yong.

3 尽职 尽责 不负家长重托

课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想 4

A. read; written B. to read; written C. reading; to write D. to read; wrote

( )7. — Will you please show me how to do the role-play exercise?

— Sure. Now let me tell you first. A. which to do B. how to do C. when to do D. what to do

( )8. When class begins, we stop to the teacher carefully.

A. listening C. listens B. to listen D. Listen

( )9.__________ the students, the teacher came in.

A.Follow B. Following C.Followed D. To follow

( )10. They have no room ________.

A. To live B. Living C. Living in D. To live in


1. I’m very glad (hear) that great changes have taken place in the past 30 years in our home town.

2. He was made (finish) a lot of work during the holiday.

3. You’d better (not take) the trousers away. Try them on first.

4. Now all the students are very busy (get) ready for the coming exam.

5. Has the doctor allowed her (get) out of bed?

6. I feel like (give) up Maths because it’s hard to learn.

7. That’s the end of the programme. Thanks for (listen). 8. (do) morning exercises is good for our health.

9. We are looking forward to (meet) a new classmate from America.

10. It’s very kind of you (tell) me about it.

11. — Hi, Mr Wang, could you help me (work) out the problem? — OK, let me try.

4 尽职 尽责 不负家长重托

课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想 5

12. I don’t think it easy for her (finish) the work in two days.

13. The doctor advised me (not eat) too much candy.

14. Look! There is a pet dog (lie) on the ground. Let’s go and play with it.

15. If you want to be healthy, you are supposed to give up (smoke).

5 尽职 尽责 不负家长重托

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