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八年级冲刺班Topic 十:随堂训练

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课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想 1

Topic 十:随堂训练

1. I will visit my grandma instead of______ to the movie with my friends.

A. go B. goes C. going D. gone

2. The girl ____ Kitty is my cousin.

A. name B. call C. calls D. called

3. The little girl looks ______.

A. lovely B. carefully C. heavily D. sadly

4. Look! The children are playing _______, they are always ________.

A. happy, happy B. happily, happily

C. happily, happy D. happy, happily

5. Don‘t worry. Your granny will get _______.

A. well and well B. better and better

C. well and better D. best and best

6. The piece of music sounds________.

A. beauty B. beautiful C. beautifully D. more beautifully

7. It‘s very dangerous _______ soccer on the street.

A. play B. playing C. to play D. played

8. A new movie will ________ in this cinema soon.

A. be show B. be shown C. show D. be on show

9. ________ the teachers in our school ___ about two hundred.

A. A number of … is B. The number of… are

C. The number of … is D. The number of … are

10._____is bad for your eyes.

A. Watch TV too much B. Watching TV too much

C. Watch too much TV D. Watching too much TV

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课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想


11. Who thought ______ the idea of a cat trying to catch a mouse?

A. by B. of C. over D. out

12. Comics are _______ to read.

A. excited B. exciting C. happy D. happily

14. The book Journey To The West is ________ , and the _______ Monkey King is my favorite character.

A. fun, fun B. funny, fun C. fun, funny D. funny, funny

15. I think _______ necessary to look for more information about the book.

A. it B. it was C. that D. this

16. You will not remember the facts you understand them well.

A. if B. unless C. if not D. because

17. Shenzhen a dirty place if we the ground.

A. is; litter B. will be; will litter C. is; are littering D. will be; litter

18. If you harder, you will fail the exam.

A. not work B. work C. don‘t work D. won‘t work

19. A. If B. Since C. Because D. Unless

20. He can‘t see the words on the board unless he his glasses.

A. wear B. wears C. doesn‘t wear D. to wear

21. ---The water isn‘t clean and the air isn‘t fresh any more.

---I agree. The _____ has been awfully polluted.

A. atmosphere B. environment C. sunlight D. land

22.---Why should I wear thick clothes today, Mum?


A. Because you look nice B. Yes, you should

C.Because it‘s cold outside D.I don‘t think so

23.---The ____ nearly drowned that area.

--- Yes. It was caused by the typhoon and made the water level ____ suddenly.

A. flood; rise B. wind; rise C. flood; to rise D. wind; to rise.

24.---He is ______ using ―environmentally friendly‖ things.

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课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想


--- That‘s true. He does a lot of things to protect the environment.

A. in order of B. in trouble with C. in the form of D. in the habit of

25.Dora is _____ younger than her friends, but she often ____ the oldest one..

A. too; acts like B. much; works as C. too; works as D. much; acts like

26.---I will go on vacation in the UK.

---The UK is a beautiful country. _____, you will have a wonderful trip.

A. That is B. This is C. In total D. For example

27.--- How can we protect our city?

--- _____ protect our city, we ____ become green consumers..

A. In order of; should B. In order to; can‘t

C. In order to; should D. In order of; can‘t

28.---____ did this forest fire happen?

--- No one knows. Maybe it ____by the dry weather.

A. How; was caused B. When; is caused

C. How; is caused D. When; was caused

29.---Why don‘t you think the air now is _____ that of 20 years ago?

---_______ it‘s badly polluted by waste gases.

A. as good as; Though B. as well as; Because

C. as good as; Because D. as well as; Though

30.---Now most teenagers don‘t like to talk with their parents.

--- Yes, but I am _____them. I like to talk with them ____ parents can give me valuable suggestions..

A. different from; though B. the same as; though

C. the same as; because D. different from; becasue

31. ---I think bananas taste much better than other fruit. Do you think so?

--- Of course! _______.

A. I prefer bananas, too B. I don‘t know

C. I don‘t agree with you D. I never eat bananas

32. When we speak to people, we should be ______.

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课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想


A. as polite as possible B. as polite as possibly

C. as politely as possible D. as politely as possibly

33.Trees are important. They can _____ harmful gases and release oxygen.

A. get in B. take part in C. let in D. take in

34.We have ____ homework every day. It takes nearly four hours to do it.

A. mountains B. like mountains C. mountains of D. mountain of

35.---Don‘t you think making too much noise can ____ pollution?

--- Yes, I think so.

A. cause B. get C. reduce D. Save

36..It is raining_____ heavily _____we cannot go out for a walk.

A.such;that B.as;as C.such;as D.so;that

37..Mary is_____ a nice gril _____everyone likes her very much.

A.so;that B.such; that C.so;in order that D.such;though

38.—What do you think of Tom?-- Clever enough ____he is only a little boy.

A.but B.though C.because D.so

39.Tom is working hard______ he can get good marks in the final exam.

A.so as to B.in order to C.in order D.so that

40.—How do you like the film, Tony?--It is_____ film that I have seen it several times.

A.a so interesting B. a such interesting C.such a interesting D.so interesting a

41. -- What did you see over there just now?-- Some children _______ kites.

A. was flying B. were flying C. are fly D. are flying

42. -- What was he doing _______ you went to say goodbye to him?-- He _________ a picture.

A. while; were drawing B.when; was drawing C. when; drew D. while; draw

43. -- I called you at half past nine this morning, but there was no answer.

-- Oh, sorry. I ________ chess with my friends in the backyard.

A. were playing B. played C. was playing D. am playing

44. – What were you doing when the bell _______?-- I __________ with my mother.

A. rang; were watching TV B. going out; was chatting

C. went off; was dancing D. ringing; were arguing

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课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想


45. He was busy working in the office _______ someone broke in.

A. while B when C after D before

46. I _______ Fuji Mountain while I was staying in Japan.

A. visited B. was visiting C had visited D visit

47. I ___________ when someone knocked at the door,

A. asleep B was sleeping C slept D were sleeping

48 .My father _________while I __________ at 7 p.m. yesterday.

A. was watching TV, studied B. watched TV, was studying

C. was watching TV, was studying. D. watched TV, studied

49. _______ he __________basketball from 4 to 5 o‘clock yesterday afternoon?

A. Was, playing B. Were ,playingB. Did, play D. Does, play

50. ---What _____ you doing from 7 to 9 yesterday evening? ---I ________ doing my English homework.

A was, was B were, was C were, were D was, were

51 ─ What did you see while you were walking to school this morning? ─ I ________ a car accident.

A was seeing B see C saw D had seen

52. ______ you _______ this time yesterday?

A. Did, study B. Were, studying C. Were, D. Did, studying

53. It was a great _______.

A. successful B. succeed D. success D. successfully

54. He didn‘t go to school ________illness yesterday .

A. because of B. because C. why D. so

55.- Mum, the exam is coming . I‘m afraid ------________. I‘m sure you can pass it .

A. Don‘t worry B. Not to worry . C. Don‘t worried D. Not worry

56.---Ben looks so sad!

---He ____in the school____his haircut.

A was made fun of , because B was made fun of , because of

C made fun of , because D made fun of , because of .

57. ---I am going shopping . Would you like to ____me , Maria?

---Yes, I ?d love to .

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课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想 6

58.---Where are the other boys?

---They all ___to the playground ____me.

A have gone, except B have been, besides

C have gone, besides D have been, except

59.---Who is your uncle?

---The man ____is smiling is my uncle.

A who B which C whom D whose

60. ---Did Mr.Li leave Shenzhen _______Saturday morning?

---Yes. He will be back____two weeks.

A on , after B on, in C in , after D in, in

61. She makes me _____ up when I feel tired.

A.to get B.getting C.got D.get

62. ---Do you think Mark Twain‘s stories are ___?

---Yeah. Most of us are ____in his stories.

A interesting , interested B interested, interesting

C interesting , interesting D interested, interesting.

63 .Take care of the boy and the dog ____ are crossing the street.

A. which B. who C. that D. whom

64.I am the only one ______ can do it right.

A. which B. who C. that D. whom

65. He was reading a book _____he had bought from London.

A what B who C which D when

66. I ___him to work hard and to try for the exam. He looked confident again.

A encouraged B made C let D forced.

67. After he had finished ____the text, he went on _____the housework.

A reading, doing B to read, doing C to read, to do D reading , to do

68.Our classroom is five metres ____ and four metres ____.

A wide, length B width, long C height, length D long, wide

69. The students all came into the lab____some books ____their hands

A with, in B with, on C have, by D have, with.

70. The poor man begged _____money, but some children made fun ____him.

A to, on B of, for C for, of D for , at

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课堂学案专用 专业 专心 铸就学生梦想 7

71. ---Could you please tell me ________?

---Bus No.32 will take you right there.

A. where is Henan Museum B. what Henan Museum is like

C. how can I get to Henan Museum D. which bus I shall take to Henan Museum

72. Sorry _____ you, but I‘ve got something to tell you.

A. to disturb B. disturbing C. troubling D. trouble

73. The kids are busy ______ ready _________ the Christmas party.

A. getting, for have B. to get, to C. getting, to have D. to get, for

74. ---He seldom does housework, _______ he?

---_________.He‘s very lazy.

A. does, Yes B. does, No C. doesn‘t, Yes D. doesn‘t, No

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