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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语《阅读理解》练习题(10) 牛津版

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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语《阅读理解》练习题(10) 牛


Tom walked into a shop . It bad a sign outside : "Second-hand (旧的) clothes bought and sold . "He was carrying an old pair of trousers and asked the owner of the shop, "How much will you give me for these?" The man looked at them and then said: "Two dollars."

"What !" said Tom. "I had guessed they were worth at least five dollars." "No," said the man, "they aren't worth a cent more than two dollars."

"Well," said Tom, taking two dollars out of his pocket. "Here's your money. These trousers were hanging outside your shop. The list price (标价)of them was six dollars and a half. But I thought that was too much money, so I wanted to find out how much they were really worth."

Then he walked out of the shop with the pair of trousers and disappeared before the shop owner could think of anything to say .

1. At first the owner of the shop thought that Tom __________ .

A. wanted to steal the trousers B. wanted to sell the trousers C. wanted to fool him D. wanted to buy the trousers

2. The owner of the shop_______ for the old trousers .

A. would give Tom two dollars B. would pay three dollars C. would pay five dollars D. would give Tom six dollars and a half

3. The shop owner insisted that the trousers were worth only two dollars because ____ .


A. he wanted to sell them cheaply (廉价地) B. he wanted to buy them cheaply C. he didn't like the trousers D. they were old and dirty

4. In fact, the trousers _________.

A. were hanging inside the shop B. were stolen by Tom from the shop C. had been the shop owner's D. had been Tom's

5. From the story we know that _________ cheaper than the list price.


1.B.Tom拿着一条裤子并且问:“How much will you give me for these?”店主所以认为Tom是来卖裤子的,故答案是B。





A. the owner sold the trousers two dollars B. Tom sold the trousers one dollar and a half C. the owner bought the trousers three dollars D. Tom bought the trousers four dollars and a half


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