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1.cut down 砍倒 (代词放中间,名词放后面,中) 降低,减少 延伸:cut sth.in halves 把某物切成两半 cut sth. into pieces 把某物切碎 2.change into 变成 e.g. Water has change into stream. change…into…把……变成…… = turn…into… The cold weather changed water into ice. 3.阻止某人/某物做某事 stop sb./sth.from doing sth. prevent sb./sth.from doing sth. Nothing can stop/prevent him from working.

C 1.Eating too much is____to your health. A.useful B.helpful C.harmful D.wonderful C 2.Parents should prevent the children____taking medicine by themselves. A.about B.with C.from D.of A 3._____we were quite tired.____we still went on working. A.Althongh / B . Because / C. Because so D. Althongh but D 4.My hometown has changed_____a new one in the last three years. A.in B.to C.with D.into

1.There was nothing___her____dangerous c sports. A.prevent from doing B.to prevent to do C.to prevent from doing D.preventing from doing

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.It’s a pity that such a beautiful lake______(go). 2.The doctor asked me if I______(feel) better then. 3.Not all people work in _________(noise) conditions. 4.Noise pollution can cause people ____________(become) sick or deaf. 5.Look! There is a little boy _______(play) soccer on the playground.

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