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人教版八年级英语上册 Unit 10全单元

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December 25th December 24th

Christmas Day Christmas Eve



What How

Time: at 6:00 p.m. December the 24th Place: School Western food restaurant Participants: Teachers and students of Junior department Dress code: casual clothes are OK Activities: eat and drink; watch shows; play party games Tips: 1. Please be punctual. 2. You have to prepare a small gift to exchange with others. I think I will go to the party. If I go to the party, I will …

1a – 1b : Some students are also talking about parties. Let’s listen to the tape and finish the exercises. Statements 1. ______ c I think I’ll wear jeans to the party. 2. ______ d I think I’ll stay at home. 3. ______ b I think I’ll take the bus to the party. 4. ______ a I think I’ll go to the party with Karen and Anna. Responses If you do, the teachers won’t _________. let you in If you do, you’ll be sorry __________________. If you do, you’ll _________ be late __________________. If you do, you’ll ________ _________________. have a good time

2a-2b : Plan a party. Listen and answer the following questions. 1. What kind of party are they going to have? a class party 2. When do they plan to have the party? on Saturday afternoon 3. What will happen if they have the party today? half the class won’t come 4. What will happen if they have the party tomorrow? students will leave early 5. What will happen if they watch a video at the party? some students will be bored 6. What will Mark organize? the party games 7. What will Nelly do? make some food

next week Jeff: Hey, Ben. For the party _____________, should we to bring food ask people ________________? food from a restaurant If we ask people Ben: No, let’s order _______________________. to bring food they’ll just _____________, ______________ ________ bring potato chips andchocolate too lazy to cook because they’ll be _________________. Jeff: OK. For the games, do you think we should _________ give people some small gifts if they win ____________________________________? Ben: I think that’s a great idea! If we do that, ___________ more people will want to play the games __________________________________. will be more exciting Jeff: Yes, the games ______________________, too.

What will happen if we ask people to bring food? They will just bring potato chips and chocolate because they will too busy to cook. too… to… The book is too young to dress himself. The book is so young that he can not dress himself. The problem is too hard for me to answer. The problem is so hard that I can’t answer it.

Activity: Discuss about organizing a party Requirements: 1. You should talk about the details of the party. (when/ where/ who/ what/ how) 2. You have to use at least 3 ‘if’ - clause in your dialogue. e. g. If they watch a video at the party, some of them will feel very bored. If we ask students to bring some food to the party, we will have more food to share with each other. …

The party is held for the p

urpose of welcoming a newcomer, such as a new club member, a new employee, or a family's new baby. welcome party The party is held in honor of someone who is moving away or departing on a long trip farewell party The party is held when a family, couple, or person moves into a new house or apartment. housewarming party

It is a kind of party that is not made known beforehand to the person in whose honor it is being held. surprise party
It is a social gathering at which people eat dinner together, usually in the host’s home. dinner party

parties to celebrate graduation from school, college or university. graduation party

Parties on special days:

get up late tomorrow don’t finish the homework on time don’t get enough exercise

have more free time take a trip to Australia eat too much junk food

‘If’ – clause Main clause (simple present tense) (simple future tense) half of the class won’t If they have it today, come. they’ll just bring potato If we ask people to chips and chocolate. bring food, Work out the rule! comma (comma, full stop) after the We need a _________ ‘if’- clause when it is the first part of a sentence.

Dear Su Mei, know (know) what to ______ do I don’t ________ (do) about going to Mike’s birthday party tomorrow night. My think parents ________ (think) I should study for my go English exam next week. If I ______ (go) to the will be told party, they __________ (be) upset. Mike _______ (tell) us to wear nice clothes, but I don’t _______ have wear (wear) jeans, I __________ will look (have) any. If I _______ go (look) the worst. Also, I’m not sure how to ______ walk (walk), it __________ will take (go) to the party. If I _______ (take) me too long. If I _______ (take) a taxi, it take will be __________ (be) too expensive. Can you give me some advice please? Tina

sb spend time (in) doing sth It takes sb some time to do sth I spent a long time getting used to living here. It took me a long time to get used to living here. Can you give me some advice on how to improve my English?

Write a story with your group on a piece of paper. The first person begins the story with “I think … will…” The others add sentences with “if”. Story1: I think I will go to the movies tonight. If I go to the movies, … Story2: I think Dick will be a super star one day. If he becomes a super star, …

Story3: I think I will have a software company in the USA . If I have a software company, …

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