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八年级冲刺班Topic 十:家庭作业

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Topic 十:家庭作业

1. I think____ important to learn English well.

A. this B. that C. it D. you are

2. The fans were very excited______ David Beckham came to the show.

A. so B. because C. but D. and

3. The radio is________ a strange signal. What’s wrong with it?

A. giving up B. giving in C. giving out D. giving away

4. It’s your job________ the pop stars.

A. introduce B. introducing C. introduces D. to introduce

5. They’d like ____ thank the following people _____ their help and support.

A. to; to B. for; for C. to; for D. for; to

6.—Have you finished the work?

—Not yet, but no matter how hard it is, we'll keep ___ until we make it.

A. failed B. trying C. tried D. failing

7. Project Hope is an organization _____ raises money to build schools and buy books for poor children.

A. that B. who C. what D. where

8. —Are you hungry now?

—_______. I have just had two bowls of rice.

A. Not a bit B. It doesn’t matter C. Not a little D. I don’t mind.

9. My coat__________ there behind the door. Can’t you see it?

A. is hanged B. is hanging C. hangs D. has hung

10. I don’t know ______ a show. Can you tell me?

A. how organize B. what organize C. what to organize D. how to organize

11. It’s important_____ a foreign language.

A. of us to learn B. for us to learn C. of us learning D. for us learning

12. Tom, with his parents______ to America. They_____ back in two weeks. 1

A. have gone; will come B. has gone; will come

C. have been; have come D. have been; come

13. The little boy didn’t know_______.

A. Which hat is his B. which hat his is

C. which hat was his D. which hat his was

14. He arrived____ London ____ a cold winter night.

A. at; at B. in; on C. in; in D. \; on

15. How long have you____?

A. married B. be married C. got married D. been married

16. I don’t understand ____ believe him.

A. why don’t you B. why you not C. why you don’t D. why not you

17. We all found_____ to play the game.

A. that interested B. this interesting C. it interesting D. it’s interesting

18. I_______ that there_______ an evening party on Saturday evening.

A. was told; was going to have B. was told; was going to be

C. heard; was going to have D. was said; is going to be

19. —I came to your office yesterday morning, but nobody was in. —Oh, we__________ a meeting in the meeting room.

A. have had B. had C. were having D. had had

20. I’ve never been out of China___________. What about you?

A. already B. over C. before D. just

21. The old man lives in a village_______, but he never feels________.

A. alone; alone B. lonely; alone C. lonely; lonely D. alone; lonely

22. Mr. Green is used to_________ two apples after lunch every day.

A. eat B. eating C. eaten D. ate

23. Mrs. White has _____ that she is not able to get a job.

A. so little education B. such little education

C. so a little education D. such a little education

24. ______ hard work it is!

A. What a B. How a C. What D. How 2

25. It’s necessary ______ us to keep our pets clean everyday.

A. of B. for C. with D. between

26. How I _____ I could live on the moon.

A. think B. hope C. want D. wish

27. Last Friday I saw some boys ______ behind Daniel, _____ the computer games.

A. sit, watching B. sitting, watch C. sit, watch D. sitting, watched

28. The car is _____ expensive _____ he can’t buy it.

A. too, to B. so, that C. such, that D. enough, that

29. The foreigners _________there, but they _________the food there at first.

A. used to live, didn’t be used to B. are used to living, didn’t use to

C. used to live , weren’t used to D. used to living, usedn’t to

30. That’s ________exciting news that I’d like to tell everyone to share the joy.

A. so B. such C. such an D. so a piece of

31. There is ______ little information about him that we have ______ much difficulty finding him.

A. so, such B. such, so C. so, so D. such, such

32. All we want to do ______ to find enough water _______the horses.

A. are, to B. is , for C. be ,as D. is ,to give

33. It’s necessary _________ us all to ________

A. for, keeping learning B. to, keep learning

C. of, keep to learn D. for, keep learning

34. I hope you will spend as much time as you can ________ your English.

A. to practice B. practice C. practicing D. on practice

35. I don’t have as ______ money as before, but my life is more ______.

A. many , useful B. more ,nice C. most, good D. much, meaningful

36. By local doctors and nurses, we hope more people.

A. train, help B. training, helping C. training, to help D. train, helping

37. The children should go to school instead of to support their families.

A. to work B. work C. works D. working

38. The old man should be treated with .


A. kind B. kindness C. kindly D. kinder

39. The problem is easy for me work out.

A. very; to B. enough; to C. so; that D. too; to

40. Dr. Ma used to two or three persons in the hospital.

A. operate on B. operating on C. operate for D. operating for

41. ----- My spoken English is poor. What shall I do?

----- That’s easy. Practise __________ it as much as possible.

A. speak B. speaks C. speaking D. to speak

42. ----- Don’t forget to give my wishes to your mother.

----- _____________.

A. No, I won’t B. OK, I will C. Yes, I would D. Yes, I do

43. ----- Let’s go fishing if it ___________ this weekend.

----- But nobody knows if it ____________.

A. is fine, will rain B. will be fine, rains

C. is fine, rains D. will be fine, will rain

44. ----- Did you notice him come in? ----- No. I ________ a football game .

A. have watched B. had watched C. am watching D. was watching

45. ----- A heavy snow hit most of the parts of China in January,2008. ----- ____________ terrible news!

A.How a B.What a C.How D.What

46. ----- Tina had nothing for breakfast, ____________ she?

----- _____________. She had some bread and milk.

A. had, Yes B. had, No C. did, Yes D. did, No

47. Your donations can _____ poor children ____ food and a chance to study.

A. provide; to B. provide; for C. provide; with D. provide; against

48. ----- Dad,look at the building.It is on fire.

----- Call 119 ____________ mobile phone right now.

A. in B.by C.on D.with

49. Is there ______________ to tell us ? No, nothing.

A. anything new else B. other new anything


C. anything else new D. other new something

50. This book is so difficult that ____________of them will understand it.

A. any B. a few C. little D. few

51. Black broke his leg. He has just had_____ X-ray examination. ____ doctor said he needed ____ operation.

A. a; The; an B. a; A; an C. an; A; an D. an; The; an

52.The patients are quite_____ to the nurses for their special care.

A. enjoyable B. helpful C. confident D. grateful

53. -----What do cows eat? -----They eat__________ grass.

A. most B. mostly C. almost D. main

54.I’m sorry, I_________ the book in my home.

A. forget B. forgot C. left D. leave

55. ---What do you want to do when you grow up?

--- I want to train ______ an astronaut and became a person ___Yang Liwei.

A. as ,like B. like , as C. as, as D. like ,like

56. --- How do you usually study for a test?

--- I study__________.

A. with seeing English-language videos

B. with watching English-language videoes

C. by watching English-language vidoes

D. by watching English-language videos

57. John has passed the exam. He is ________ of his success.

A. pleased B. happy C. proud D. delighted

58. You __ to the meeting this afternoon if you have something important to do.

A. needn’t to come B. don’t need come C. don’t need coming D. needn’t come

59. 70% of the earth _____ covered with water.

A. are B. is C. were D. being

60. You should try do such a thing again.

A. don’t B. not C. not to D. to not

61. --- Do you spend a lot of time____ computer?


--- No, but I spend much time_____ doing my homework.

A. on; in B. in; on C. on; on D. in; in

62. --- Would you like________ the environment?

--- I don’t know. What can I do?

A. help save B. helping save C. to help saving D. to help save

63.It is bad for your eyes_____ computer games too much.

A. plays B. to play C. play D. to playing

64. —______ go to the theatre together with me? —Good idea.

A. How about B. Why do you C. Why not D. What about

65. Miss Yang does a helpful job in the school library, many student are grateful ___ her.

A. with B. to C. for D. of

66. Although he was a child, he tried to find ways ____ people _______ life more.

A. to help ; enjoy B. help ; enjoy C. to help ; enjoying D. help ; enjoying

67. --- Can I use your mobile phone ? --- Sorry , my mobile phone _____ .

A. need to repair B. needs repaired C. need repairing D. needs repairing

68. It’s not easy ____ me ____ finish walking a 100-kilometer trail within 48 hours

A. to , to B. for , to C. to , for D. for , for

69. —How many members are there on the team?

—Eight this term. But there will be _____ ten next term. I’m not quite sure.

A. at all B. at last C. at least C. at once

70. The room facing to south is warm to ______.

A. live in B. live at C. live D. live with

71. ______ necessary that you hand in your homework on time every day.

A. That’s B. It’s C. You’re D. This is

72. It’s ______ for us ______ get to school on time. Which of the following choices is wrong?

A. interesting, to B. important, to C. good, to D. necessary, to

73. --Would you like to come to our party tonight?

--I'd love to, __ I'll have to do my homework at home.


A. so B. but C. because D. and

74. We have never seen __ _ film before. It's very interesting.

A. so good B. such good C. such a good D. a so good

75. --Did your teacher tell you ___ this afternoon?

--Yes. We'll go to visit the Science Museum.

A. how to do B. what to do C. to go where D. where go to

76. He’s never visited France, ________ he ?

A. is B. isn’t C. has D. hasn’t

77. Many teenagers find ________ interesting to play ball games.

A. that B. it C. them D. this

78. It was too noisy, ______ we couldn’t hear _____ he said at the meeting.

A. so, that B. so, what C. that, what D. to, that


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