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2013年七年级英语下册 Unit 9 What does he look like复习资料 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit9 What does he look like? 复习资料


1. short hair 短发 2. long hair 长发

3. curly hair 卷发 4. straight hair 直发

5. medium height 中等个子 6. medium build 中等身材

7. go to the movie 去看电影 8. a little 有点儿

9. look like 看起来像 10. a big nose 大鼻子

11. a small mouth 小嘴巴 12. a round face 圆脸

13. black hair 黑发 14. big eyes 大眼睛

15. a long face 长脸 16. the same way 同样的方式

17. in the end 最后 18. blonde hair 金色的头发


1. What does / do + 主语 + look like? ??看上去什么样?

2. sb. + be + of + medium build / height 某人中等身材 / 个子

3. sb. + has +? hair 某人留着??发


1. —What does he look like? 他长什么样

—He’s really tall. 他真的很高。

2. —Do they have straight or curly hair? 他们留直发还是卷发?

—They have curly hair. 他们留卷发。

3. —Is he tall or short? 他高还是矮?

—He isn’t tall or short. He’s of medium height. 他不高不矮,他中等个子。

4.What does your friend look like? 你的朋友长什么样?

She is of medium build, and she has long hair.她是属于中等身材,并留着长头发。

5. Do you remember ?? 你记得??吗?

6. I don’t think he’s so great. 我不认为他是那么的棒。

7. Nobody knows me. 没人认识我。

8. Here come the movie actors. 电影明星过来了。



1. –他看起来长得怎么样?



--他很高,而且他有短的卷头发。① 同义句:

只有like,用is) (用is,like翻译问“像”)


② 区别比较:/身材:是of,


(2) /身材:是a,



2. 是形容词,前用be动词) ①一点点+形容词:a little bit+形容词 = a little+形容词 = a bit+形容词; ②一点点+名词:a little+名词名词;


3. curly hair. (with翻译为“有着”)

(句中已经有了动词talking about,表达“有着”不能再用动词has)

②比较:The tall curly hair. (无They are talking about,


练:(1) Jim lives in a small house _________ (有着) an interesting garden.

(2) Do you remember John, a pop singer __________ (戴着) funny glasses?

(3) Do you know the tall man _________ (有着) a big nose?

4. 她从不停止讲话:stop to do sth

练:(1) Class is over. Let’s stop ___________ (have) a rest.

(2) The teacher is coming. Let’s stop __________ (talk).

(3) – I feel tired and sleepy. – Why not stop __________ (relax)?

(4) If you’re tired, you can stop _________ (work).

(5) Stop _________ (talk). Listen to me, please.

如:(1) Everyone in my class __________ (know) this smart teacher.

(2) Do you think everyone __________ (enjoy) their weekends?

(3) Everyone in our class _______ the weekend.

A. enjoys B. enjoy C. enjoyed D. enjoying

7. 8. 篮球队的队长:有of,需要倒翻


如:如: 2

13. 去买东西:go shopping

在购物商场购物:14. (1) look v. (2) look prep. 外表; 如:15. (1) like v. 喜欢; 如:(2) like prep. 像; 如:【经典范文】

My best friend is Li Xiaomeng. She’s beautiful. She always wears a white T- shirt and jeans. She usually wears a pair of sports shoes. She is tall and thin. She has short curly hair. She has big eyes and a small mouth. I like her because she is cute and funny.


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