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甘肃省兰州市第三十一中学七年级英语下册 Unit 9 What does he look like课件 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit 9
What does he look like?
Period 1 (section A 1a-2c)

Learning aims 学习目标
? Master key words and sentences. 掌握重点单词和句子。 ? Describe people’s looks. 描述人的相貌。

Lead in
Listen and Learn

Funny Faces 有趣的脸

Step 1. Preview, query and discussion. Preview 1a-2c. Discuss the words and sentences you can’t read or understand in groups.
预习1a-2c,小组内互帮互助,讨论解决你遇 到的一切问题,如不认识或不会读的单词和 句子。

curly straight tall medium height of medium height thin heavy build of medium build 卷曲的 直的 高的 中等的 身高,高度 中等身高 瘦的 重的 身材 中等身材

long curly hair short straight hair

short curly hair

long straight hair

Step 2. Query and discussion in class. Discuss the unsolved problems in the class.


Step 3. Teacher’s questions. Boys and girls, it’s time to show yourself! 同学们,该是展示你们自己的时候了!

Question 1

1a Can you match the words with the people?
1. short hair b e f g h 2. curly hair b h 3. long hair a 4. straight hair a e f 5. tall h 6. short f 7. medium height g 8. thin h 9. heavy a 10.medium build g

Question 2


Listen and fill in the blanks in the pictures in 1a. Can you find Amy’s friend?

tall curly hair

Well, I think h is Amy’s friend.

Question 3


Describe someone in the picture. Your partner will find him or her.

What does your friend look like? Is it a?

She’s of medium height, and she has long straight hair.

Yes. You’re right.

Question 4
2a Can you listen and answer the questions?
1. Is David tall or short? __________________ He is tall. 2. Does Sally have long or short hair? _________________ She has long hair. 3. Is peter tall or short? He is short. _________________

Question 5 2b Listen again. Can you fill in the chart?

is heavy, tall

of medium height, thin long straight hair

short, of medium build short hair

curly has hair

Question 6 Can you make your own conversations 2c and draw a picture (画像) ? What does he look like? He’s of medium build.

Question 7

Grammar Focus

Can you complete the sentences? 1. 他长什么样? What _______ ________? does he ________ look like 他真的很高。 He is really _______. tall


What _______ does she_______ look _______? like
她有长直发。 long ________ straight hair. She has _______ 3. 他们长什么样? do look _______? like What _______ they_______ 他们中等身材。 of ________ medium _____. build They’re _____

4.他们是直发还是卷发? Do they havestraight _____ or curly _____hair? 他们是卷发。 curly hair. They have ________ 5 . 他个子高还是矮? _____ Is he ____ tall or _____ short ? 他中等身高。 medium height He is of ________ _____.

Step 4. Check each other.

You can check each other with you partner.

的同桌,如单词、 句子、对话等。

Who can tell me what you have learned in this class?

Teacher’s words: Don’t judge the others by their appearance. 不要以貌取人.

Describe yourself.

Thank you!

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