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2013年七年级英语下册 Unit 10 I’d like some noodles.复习资料 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit10 I’d like some noodles. 复习资料


1. would like 想要 2. take one’s order 点菜

3. beef soup 牛肉汤 4. one bowl of? 一碗??

5. what size 什么尺寸 6. ma po tofu with rice 带有米饭的麻婆豆腐

7. what kind 什么种类 8. small / medium / large bowl 小/ 中 / 大碗

9. green tea 绿茶 10. orange juice 橘汁

11. around the world 世界各地 12. birthday cake 生日蛋糕

13. the number of? 的数量 14. make a wish 许个愿望

15. blow out 吹灭 16. in one go 一口气

17. come true 实现 18. cut up 切碎


1. would like + sth. 想要某物

2. would like + to do sth. 想要做某事

3. Why don’t you + do sth.? 何不做某事?

4. the number of + 名词复数??的数量


1. What kind of noodles would you like? 你想要哪种面条?

2. I’d like beef noodles, please. 我想要牛肉面。

3. What size would you like? 你想要多大的?

4. I’d like a medium bowl, please. 我想要一个中碗的。

5. Would you like a large bowl? 你想要一个大碗的吗?

6. Yes, please. 好吧。

7. If he or she blows out all the candles in one to, the wish will come true. 假如他或她一口气吹灭所有的蜡烛,愿望将实现。


1. --你想要什么?


would like sth = want sth (后跟名词,不加


后跟动词,加to) 练:(1) Do you want ________?

A. speak English B. to the new pants C. ho home D. to go to school

(2) Would you like ________ (drink) some green tea?

2. 餐厅英语:

--我能帮您吗?-- Can I help you? = What can I do for you? = What would you like? --我想要一些面条。


--我想要牛肉番茄面。注意用“单数”) –你想要多大碗的面?--我想要一中碗面。-- 一中碗?) 1

3. --你想吃些东西吗?--(接受)好的:-- Yes, please. 或Yes, I’d like/love

(拒绝)不,谢谢。-- No, thanks.

练:-- Would you like some tea? -- ________.

A. Yes, I would B. Yes, please C. No, I don’t D. No, please



7. some+不可数名词(无复数,不能加s),作句子主语时,动词用“三单”。

some+可数名词变复数(有复数,加s),作句子主语时,动词用“复数”或“原形”。 练:(1) Some chicken _______ (be) in the bowl. Some eggs _______ (be) on the table.

(2) I’d like some _______ and _______.

A. porridge, vegetables B. beef, tomato C. French fries, orange juices

8. “肯定句”的两者或两者以上用“and”连接:I’d like


9. 肯定句中表达“一些”用some;


如:(1) I would noodles. (2) I



(3) I didn’t have _______ money for a taxi.

10. 关于“人称代词”的用法:

(1) 如:Can



What about sb/sth?

13. 中国食物:Chinese food 中国餐馆:Chinese restaurants


14. 一碗:a bowl 一大/中/小碗:a big bowl, a medium bowl, a small bowl


16. 一些很棒的特色菜:特色菜1:Special 1

17. (1) drink v. 喝; 如:(2) drink n. 饮料;(复数+s) 如:18. (1) kind of 有点;(无形式变化) 如:(2) a kind of 一种;(单数) 如: 2


of 多种;(复数) 如:There are

languages in the world.


My Favorite Food

I’m a middle school student. I like to eat healthy food. I have milk, eggs and bread for breakfast. For lunch I would like rice, fish and vegetables. I like chicken, juice, rice and hamburgers for supper. Of all the food, my favorite food is chicken and apple juice.


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