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2013年七年级英语下册 Unit 6 I’m watching TV.复习资料 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit6 I’m watching TV. 复习资料


1. watch TV 看电视 2. read a newspaper 看报纸

3. talk on the phone 通过电话交谈 4. listen to 听

5. use the computer 使用电脑 6. make soup做汤

7. wash the dishes 洗餐具 8. kind of 有点儿


1. —What + be+ 主语+ doing? ??正在做什么?

—主语+ be + doing sth. ??正在做某事。

2. I’d love / like to do sth. 我愿意做某事。

3. any other + 可数名词单数 其他任何一个??

4. wish to do sth. 希望做某事


1. —Why are you doing? 你在做什么?

—I’m watching TV. 我在看电视。

2. —What’s she doing? 她在做什么?

—She’s washing her clothes. 她在洗她的衣服。

3. —What are they doing? 他们在做什么?

—They’re listening to a CD. 他们在听一张CD 唱片。

4. —Are you doing your homework? 你在做你的家庭作业吗?

—Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. I’m cleaning my room.

是的,我在做。/ 不,我没有。我在打扫我的房间。

5. Zhu Hui misses his family and wishes to have his mom’s delicious zongzi. 朱辉思念他的家人并希望吃上他妈妈的可口粽子。


1. 现在进行时的结构:主语

考题形式:(1) 已知be动词,考后面的动词形式(要加ing);

(2) 已知后面的动词+ing, 则前面用be动词。

如:(1) The boy is _________ (run) with his father.

(2) Some children are __________ (lie) on the grass.

(3) My brother and I are __________ (play) soccer.

(4) His sister is __________ (read) a book.

2. --你正在做什么?

我正在看电视。-- I’m watching TV.

3. 那听起来很棒:

4. 谢谢你的信和照片:

5. some of my photos. (“一些照片”是“复数”,be用are)

a photo of my family. (“一张照片”是“单数”,be用is)


如:His brother is busy _________ (write) stories in his room.

① 做家庭作业:do one’s homework ② 打扫房间:clean the room

⑤ 看书/看报/看杂志:⑥ (学生


⑦ 举行晚会:


9. 在下一张照片中:10. 等汽车:11. 我的兄弟和我:my brother and I (要把“我”放在后面)

12. (身体)好,健康:well = fine 如:-- How is your mother? -- She is _______.

13. 活动:activity 复数:以辅音字母+y结尾的,去y加ies)

玩具:toy 复数:以元音字母+y结尾的,直接加s)

14. (1) 也:also 用于“肯定句的句中”;

(2) 也:too 用于“肯定句的句末,前加逗号”;

(3) 也:either 用于“否定句的句末,前加逗号”。

15. (1) show n. 节目;如:TV show, sports show, game show, talk show

(2) show v. 给?看;如:Can me your family you the way.

(3) show v. 表演;如:【经典范文】

It’s seven o’clock in the evening. Kate’s family are all at home. Kate is doing her homework. Her father is reading a book. Her mother is watching TV. Her grandfather is listening to the radio and her grandmother is cleaning the room. Her sister, Betty, is playing computer games. They are all enjoying themselves.


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