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1. popular 2. quiet 3. wears 4. captain 5. of medium height 6. straight 7. telling 8. wears 9. look 10. with 2. 1. Gloria Green doesn’t have long curly hair. 2. Some people don’t think Johnny Dean is great. 3. Who is your favorite musician? 4. What does Old Henry look like? 5. She always wears a red dress. 三. CCBABBC 四.CDABE 五.Luisa: DB Antonio: A. E Mario: CF 六.1. glasses 2. beard 3. medium 4. cool 5. long 6. look 7. curly 8. heavy 9. knows 10. shopping

What does he look like?

Unit 9

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1. 篮球队队长 2. 短而直的头发 3. 短而卷的金发 4. 漂亮的长长的黑发 5. 流行的/受欢迎的 6. 漂亮的/相貌好看的 7. 有点儿安静 / 重 8. 停止讲话 9. 喜欢讲笑话

the captain of the basketball team
short straight hair short curly blonde hair beautiful long black hair be popular

be good-looking
a little bit quiet / heavy stop talking love to tell jokes like reading and playing chess

10. 喜欢读书和下棋
11. 中等个子/体形 12. 记得我 13. 戴着眼镜的流行歌手 14. 一种新形象 15. 戴眼镜

of medium height / build


Chen Hong is the captain of our school basketball team.
2.他个子很高, 一头金发又长又卷.

He is tall and he has long curly blonde hair.
3.Uncle Wang 是个大胡子.

Uncle Wang has a beard.
4. 周杰伦是流行歌手,他是很受欢迎的.

Zhou Jielun is a popular singer. He is very popular.
5. 我的弟弟长的很好看.

My little / young brother is good-looking.


She is a little bit quiet.

Mike loves to tell jokes.
8. 我爸爸喜欢看书和下棋.

My father likes reading and playing chess.
9.请停止谈话. 老师来了.

Please stop talking. The teacher is coming.

What does he look like?

He looks like his mother.

Tina Brown

Johnny Dean

P44 2a.2b

Johnny Dean Tina Brown
a pop singer
thin,tall an actor a great actor

Looks like

long curly hair
funny glasses

long blonde hair
medium height

A: What does Johnny Dean look like? B: He is… He has…

Johnny Dean
Do you remember him ? Yes, he is a pop singer . What does he look like ? He is tall and thin. He has long curly hair and wears funny glasses. Now he has a new look . 一个新形象 What does he look like? He has short straight hair and doesn’t wear glasses.

Johnny Dean his old look
Hair long short straight

his new look

curly Glasses
Wears /has funny glasses doesn’t wear glasses


1.the pop singer with funny glasses and long curly hair
戴着滑稽的眼镜,披着长卷发的流行歌手 背着书包的女孩

the girl with a backpack 拿着一个篮球的男孩 the boy with a basketball the old man with glasses 2.a new look 一个新形象 3.wear glasses 戴眼镜

4.I don’t think he is so great, but my mother does.

我认为他是不对的. I don’t think he is right. 我认为这不是她的书. I don’t think this is her book.

5.Ruth from New York


Gloria Green, a pop singer, has a new look. She doesn’t have__________. long hair She has___________. short hair And she doesn’t pants/jeans any more . She wears wear__________ shorts glasses too. “ it’s _________now and wears ______, great, ” she says, “I can go shopping , and nobody knows me.”
Gloria Green
not…any more 不再

描述一位你喜欢的公众人物。可以是以下几种: 家喻户晓的歌星,影星,主持人。 班里的同学,任课教师。
be from sex (性别) job height build hairstyle other features(其他特征)

He is from Hunan. He works in Hunan TV station. He is of medium height. He is very thin. He has a bit long hair. He loves to tell jokes.

do the twins _________ look like (长…样)? 1. What ____
of medium build 2. She is _________________ (中等身材), and curly hair (卷曲的头发). she has __________

in Class Three 3. I know you have a new friend __________
( 在三班 ). a red skirt (红裙子) and 4. She always wears ___________ black shoes (黑鞋子). ____________

( A)1.-- What does your friend look like? -- ___________. A. He is thin B. She is a kind girl C. She likes music D. He is a student. ( D)2. Mr Simmons ________ medium build, and he has yellow hair. A. is B. has C. looks like D. is of
( B)3. -- Is he heavy? -- No, he is a little bit __________. A. tall B. thin C. short D. quiet

( D)4. -- Lucy doesn’t have curly hair. -- Yes, we can say she has ____hair. A. black B. blonde C. short D. straight

( D)5. -- __________________? -- He has big eyes and small nose. A. How old is he B. What does he do C. How is he D. What does he look like
( A)6. -- Is Miss Gao tall? -- No, but she isn’t short, either. She is _________ . A. of medium height B. of medium build C. a little heavy D. thin

1. 篮球队队长 2. 短而卷的金发 3. 流行歌手 4. 漂亮的/相貌好看的 5. 有点儿安静 / 重 6. 停止讲话 7. 喜欢讲笑话 8. 喜欢读书和下棋 9. 中等个子/体形 10.在五班 11.戴眼镜 12.长胡子 13.有一个新形象 14.不再 15.来自纽约的鲁思 16.购物

the captain of the basketball team short curly blonde hair a pop / popular singer be good-looking a little bit quiet / heavy stop talking love to tell jokes like reading and playing chess of medium height / build in Class Five wear glasses have a beard have a new look not…any more Ruth from New York go shopping


9. 在五班 10.戴眼镜 11.篮球队队长

3. 购物 4.流行歌手


6.喜欢读书和下棋 7.停止讲话 8.中等个子/体形

14.漂亮的/相貌好看 的 15.有点儿安静 / 重



36-45 CDBCA BABDC 46-50 On, park, between, Across

from, in front of 51-55 restaurants, lion, library, bridge, market 56-60 herself, seeing, books, weekends, Fifth 61.don’t think, is 62.There are 63.Which is the way 64.Where does your 65.Are, any 66.playing with 67.Welcome to 68.in front of 69.takes, the neighbor 70.Go straight , turn right 72.What kind of animals do you like best? 73.Did you have fun in the park? 74.Tom often plays sports with his friends on Sunday. 76-85 CDEBA CEAGD

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