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浙江省富阳市大源中学七年级英语下册《Unit 9 Lesson 1》课件 (新版)人教新目标版

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1.policemen 2.policeman 3.Put on 4.wear
5.has 6.is 7.some times 8.sometimes 9. makes 10.is 11.as 12.in 13.on 14.changes 15. is 16.is lying 17.shopping, shopping 18.interesting 19.relaxed 20.surprised 21.rainy 22.rains 23.reading 24.see/watch 25.Look 26.watching


1. bank clerk 2.TV station 3.police station
4.shop assistant 擂台三 1.your brother do 6.for 擂台四 2.your brother ’s job 8.Where are 7.has a good time 8.talking about 9.writing

3.your brother 4.wants to 5.What does, to do
7.What is, doing

9.What’s like
1.is singing 2.aren’t cleaning 3. is helping, he is

Unit 9
What does he look like?

What does he look like? 他长的怎么样?
tall. He is short. of medium height.

What does she look like? heavy / fat. She is thin. of medium build.

What does she look like? long straight hair. She has short curly hair. long straight black hair.

short curly blonde hair.

What does she look like ?
She is tall. She is of medium She has long straight hair.


She is short . She is heavy. She has short straight hair.

What does Miss Bai look like?

She’s good-looking.


What does Miss Chen look like?

She’s good-looking.


Ask and answer in three.
A: What do you look like?

B: I’m tall and of medium build.
I have long hair. C: What does … look like?

A: He/ She is…

1a & 1b
c 1.short hair___ f 2.curly hair___
3.long hair___ a
4.straight hair___ a 5.tall___ d
tall curly hair

h 6.short___ e 7.medium height ___

b 8.thin___
g 9.heavy____

e 10.medium build____


circle “is” or “has” below

1.is / has tall 2. is / has heavy 3. is / has curly hair 4. is / has of medium height 5.is / has thin 6.is / has long hair 7.is / has short 8.is / has of medium build 9.is / has short hair


Listen again. Fill in the chart.
is has
curly hair


tall heavy

Sally Pete

of medium height thin short of medium build

long hair
short hair

What does David look like?
He is tall and heavy. He has curly hair.

Describe Lily’s new friend.
A: Do you know I have a new friend in Class Five?

B: What does she look like?
long hair big eyes A: She has ________and ______

B: Is she tall?
A: No, she’s _____. short

B: I think I know her. She always white dress and _____ wears a red _____ shoes. A: Yes, that’s her. Her name is Nancy.

1、be+形容词: ? be + tall / short / of medium height ? be + heavy / thin / of medium build

2、have/has+名词词组 ? have/has + short hair / long hair + straight / curly hair/big eyes 3.long straight black hair

Do you know who my friend is!
Hint 1: She’s a girl and she’s from Class B. Hint 2: She is of medium height and of medium built. Hint 3: She has long straight hair. Hint 4: She is in Group 2.

do the twins _________ look like (长…样)? 1. What ____
2. She is _________________ of medium build (中等身材), and she has __________ curly ha


Class Three 3. I know you have a new friend in __________
( 在三班 ). 4. She always wears ___________ a red skirt (红裙子) and

black shoes (黑鞋子). ____________

( A)1.-- What does your friend look like? -- ___________. A. He is thin B. She is a kind girl C. She likes music D. He is a student. ( D)2. Mr Simmons ________ medium build, and he has yellow hair. A. is B. has C. looks like D. is of
( B)3. -- Is he heavy? -- No, he is a little bit __________. A. tall B. thin C. short D. quiet

( D)4. -- Lucy doesn’t have curly hair. -- Yes, we can say she has ____hair. A. black B. blonde C. short D. straight

( D)5. -- __________________? -- He has big eyes and small nose. A. How old is he B. What does he do C. How is he D. What does he look like
( A)6. -- Is Miss Gao tall? -- No, but she isn’t short, either. She is _________ . A. of medium height B. of medium build C. a little heavy D. thin

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