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二、 1. medium, 2.wears, 3.heavy, 4.straight 5.tall, 6.blonde, 7. black, 8.medium height, thin, 9. medium build, hair, cool

三、DABC 四、 1. is, has 2. is, has 3. is, is 4. is, with, is

五、 1.What does he look like?
2.How is the weather? 3.What color is her hair? 4.What does your cousin look like? 5.Where does your aunt work? 6.What does your friend do? /What is your friend? /What is your friend’s job? 7.Where does your pen pal come from? /Where is your pen pal from? 8.Why do you like dogs?


七、 1.have 2. Is 3. or 4. look 5. like 6. is 7. has 8. tall 9. know 10. wears 11. Her 八、 1.tall/long 2. short 3. straight 4. heavy/fat 5. small 6. beautiful /good-looking 7. cool 8. black 9.new/young 10.hot

Unit 7 What does she look like?

Describe Lily’s new friend.
A: Do you know I have a new friend in Class Five?

B: What does she look like?
long hair big eyes A: She has ________and ______

B: Is she tall?
A: No, she’s _____. short

B: I think I know her. She always white dress and _____ wears a red _____ shoes. A: Yes, that’s her. Her name is Nancy.

What does Bush look like?





1. He has short gray hair. 2. He has no hair. = He is bald. 3. He has a beard. 4. He has a mustache. 5. He wears glasses.


1a. Match the words with the pictures.

1b. Make sentences and fill in the blanks.
1. Jackie Chan has black hair. 2. __________wears glasses. 3.___________has a beard. 4.___________has blonde hair.

Who is he?

Hint 1: He is bald(秃头). Hint 2: He loves to tell jokes. Hint 3: He is of medium height and a little bit heavy. Hint 4: He is a famous mini-play actor.

Who is she?

Hint 1: She is good-looking.
Hint 2: She is tall and of medium build. Hint 3: She has short black hair. Hint 4: She can play volleyball very well. Hint 5: She is the captain of Chinese women’s volleyball team.

She is good-looking.

She is beautiful.

long straight black hair She has beautiful long straight black hair.

Read the description of the four classmates. 3a Match them with the pictures.


( 4) (3 ) (2 ) ( 1)

captain Wang Lin is the ______ of the basketball team. tall and he is of He’s ____ medium build He has _____________. short straight hair. _____________ Wang Lin is very popular ________.
Wang Lin

thin and of Mary is _____
medium height She has _____________. short curly blonde hair. _________________ good-looking but She’s____________, a little bit quiet. she’s __________

Xu Qian loves to tell jokes . She’s __________ _______ short and a little bit heavy She has _______. _________________ beautiful long black hair. She never stops _______. talking
Xu Qian

student Mike is a good________. tall He has He’s very _____. _____________ curly brown hair and is of_____________. medium build He likes chess _______ and playing reading ____________.


Translate :

1. 篮球队队长

the captain of the basketball team 2. 短而直的头发 short straight hai

r 3. 短而卷的金发 short curly blonde hair beautiful long black hair 4. 漂亮的长长的黑发 be popular 5. 流行的/受欢迎的 be good-looking 6. 漂亮的/相貌好看的 a little bit quiet / heavy 7. 有点儿安静 / 重 stop talking love to tell jokes 8. 停止讲话 like reading and playing chess 9. 喜欢讲笑话 medium height / build


Do you know who my friend is!
Hint 1: She’s a girl and she’s from Class A/B. Hint 2: She is of medium height and of medium build. Hint 3: She has long straight hair. Hint 4: She wears glasses. Hint 5: She is in Group 1 / 2 ...

1 .默写U1-3单词,一天一单元默写两 遍,批改、订正,家长签字。 2.跟读U5,U6,U7单词及课文两遍 家长签字。 3. U1-3报纸一张。

4. 完成反思本。

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