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B5M9 Cloze Name ____________ Student ID# ___________ Score _____________ Daming: Oh dear! Where’s the camera? What’s Tony’s dad going to say?

Betty: This is like a cartoon story.

Lingling: Betty: I can imagine every drawing in the cartoon, and I know what the ending will be.

Daming: The cartoons I like have lots of jokes.

Lingling: But it’s no matter. This is serious.

Betty: This isn’t one of those cartoons which make you laugh.

Daming: And the characters I like are like Superman or Batman.

Lingling: We need someone like Superman who can save Tony…

Mr Jackson:Hello, I’m looking for Tony.

Daming: He’s over here!

Mr Jackson:Could you tell him I’d like to have a with him? I’ve got a

camera which has got his name on it. It was Daming: That’s good news. Shall I give it to him?

Mr Jackson:OK. Here you are.

Betty: Oh, Tony’s dad is going over to speak to him.

Daming: If Tony tells his dad that he’s lost the camera he borrowed, he’ll be in


Lingling: How can we let Tony know that we’ve got his dad’s camera?

Daming: I know! Let’s take a photo. He’ll see the .

Betty: That’s a smart idea! Give it to me!

Lingling: Well, it may not be very funny, but it’ll be a cartoon which has a

happy ending.

Betty: And I’ll be Superman!

Cartoon heroes

Nemo, a cute orange-and-white fish, and Shrek, a huge green monster, have won the of young people in China and all over the world. The heroes of popular cartoons are everywhere, on office desks, handbags, and computer screens.

But there are some cartoon favourites which are older. The cartoon of the Monkey King has just had its “40th birthday”. Called in Heaven, it tells the story of a monkey who leads a group of monkeys against the rule of the Emperor in heaven. He flies into a peach garden and eats as many peaches as he likes. He makes a in each room in heaven. But it is above all the jokes played by the monkey that people remember. “Havoc in heaven” has become a common used by a parent or a boss when they return to the house or office and see a mess.

Another favourite who has an important birthday in China is a reporter with red hair and a small white dog. Tintin has travelled to the jungles, the backstreets of Shanghai and even the surface of the moon. Tintin has been popular for 75 years, ever since Belgian Hergé invented the character in 1929. His books have

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B5M9 Cloze Name ____________ Student ID# ___________ Score _____________ been translated into more than 50 languages, and about 200 million copies have been sold. In December 1984 the whole of Tintin began to be published in China. Many Chinese still keep collections of these Tintin books. There are several fan clubs in China which have held birthday parties for Tintin in Beijing. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Wuhan.

Finally, Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s dog who lives in his own private dream world, also had his “50th birthday” celebrated by China’s Snoopy fans in 2000. “I didn’t draw the cartoons only for children. Adults who have experienced life understand them better,” said the Charles Schultz, creator of Snoopy and the Peanuts cartoons.

Classic American cartoons: Batman & Spiderman

Batman and Spiderman are two of the most famous American cartoons. Batman is older than Spiderman. The first Batman cartoon appeared in 1939. Batman is one of the cartoon heroes who have appeared in books since 1940.

Spiderman was created a little more recently. Spiderman first appeared in books in 1962. In 1977, he appeared in daily newspapers. The Spiderman cartoon has been seen in over 500 different newspapers around the world.

Like Batman, Spiderman was also made into a television programme and was very successful. Both of them have been made into films, which helped to popularise them more widely, especially among children. Many try to imitate them. When they can’t fly, like Batman, they might try to walk on walls or even try to climb up them. But the main thing they should try to learn from Batman or Spiderman is to do good things for people, and to help those who are unhappy or in trouble.

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