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Unit7 How was your weekend? Period 5

Let’s chant!
Do, did! What did you do last weekend? Go, went! I went to the beach.

Stay, stayed! He stayed at home.

Practice, practiced! We practiced English.

What did you do last weekend? I played soccer./We went to the beach. What did she do last weekend? She did her homework. What did he do last weekend? He went to the movies. What did they do last weekend? They played tennis. How was your weekend? It was great./It was OK./It wasn’t very good.

1、I v isited my grandmother with my mother last week. 2、— How was your weekend? — It was g reat . 3、I think math is a l ittle difficult. 4、The musician w rote a new song last week. 5、I did my homework last night,what a bout you?

6、He wants to do n othing. 7、Please c lean your bedroom. It’s too dirty. 8、How do you s pend the weekend? 9、Do you think everyone e njoys their weekends? racticed 10、I p__________ my English last Sunday.

(B ) 1、When did you your homework? A、does B、do C、did D、doing ( A ) 2、Did you see an interesting__ last night? A、talk show B、show talk C、talk shows D、show talks ( D ) 3、 I a busy weekend yesterday. A、have B、has C、having D、had

( A ) 4、It was time for Jim . A、to go to school B、to go school C、went school D、went to school ( A ) 5、Did you go your parents? A、shopping with B、shopping to C、shop with D、shop to ( A ) 6、— Is that__ interesting book? — Yes, but it is difficult. A、an, a little B、an, little C、a, a little D、a, little


1、They had lunch at school yesterday.(改为否定句) They didn’t havelunch at school yesterday. 2、I did my homework on weekend. (对画线部分提问) What did you do on weekend? _______________________________________ 3、My sister had a party two days ago. (对画线部分 提问)


4、She usually goes to school on foot. ( 用yesterday 改写句子) She went to school on foot yesterday. _______________________________________ 5、Jim’s weekend was not bad. (对画线部分提问) ________________________________________ How was Jim’s weekend?

What did your sister do two days ago? _______________________________________

3a. Read the article. Underline all the past tense verbs. How Did Kids Spend the Weekend?
Yesterday, we asked ten students at No.3 middle School what they did last weekend. For most kids, the weekend was fun. On Saturday Evening, Ten Kids did homework or studied.

On Saturday afternoon, five kids went

shopping, and three went to the library.
Two kids also played computer games. On

Saturday evening, seven kids watched a movie
or stayed at home and watched TV. On Sunday, two kids visited friends, nine kids cleaned their rooms, and five played sports.

Answer the following questions.
1. Where are the students studying? They are studying at No. 3 Middle S

chool. 2. How many students did homework or studied? Ten kids did homework or studied. 3. When did the five kids go shopping? They went shopping on Saturday afternoon.

4. Did any kids visit friends? Yes, two kids visited friends on Sunday. 5. How many kids cleaned their rooms? When? Nine kids cleaned their rooms on Sunday.

Read 3a quickly and fill in the form
Who Ten _____________ students at _______Middle School No.3

do last Question _____ What _____ did they _____ weekend
How Most kids thought the Was fun weekend_______

Read 3a carefully and finish it
kids did
Saturday morning 10 Saturday afternoon 5 3 2 Saturday evening 7 Sunday 2 9 5 _________________ did their homework or studied

_________________ Went shopping Went to the library _________________ Played computer games _________________ Watched a movie/stayed at home Visited friends _________________ _______________________ Cleaned the room Played sports ___________

? spend—spent ? 1. How did you spend your weekend? Tom spent ten yuan on the book. I spent two hours cleaning my room. =It took me two hours to clean my room.

? 1. in the morning/afternoon/evening 泛指某一天的上下午晚上 ? 2.on Saturday morning/afternoon/evening on a cold morning 特指某一天的上下午晚上 3. for most kids 对于大多数的孩子们来说

? Who______________________ Ten students at NO.3 Middle School ? Question________________________ Asked them what they did last weekend kids did
Saturday morning 10 Saturday afternoon 5 3 2 Saturday evening 7 Sunday 2 9 5 _________________ did their homework or studied

Retell 3a

_________________ Went shopping Went to the library _________________ Played computer games _________________ Watched a movie/stayed at home Visited friends _________________ _______________________ Cleaned the room Played sports ___________


a. Visited sb

b. Played soccer
C Went to the library

d. Watched TV
e. Cleaned the room f. Did my homework

3b. Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks.

I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, cleaned my room In the afternoon, I I _________________. ________________. did my homework It was a little difficult. On visited my aunt My aunt Saturday night, I _______________. cooked dinner for me. Saturday

On Sunday morning, I __________________. went to the library
I read a book about history. Then in the played soccer afternoon, I ______________with my watched TV friends. On Sunday night, I ____________.

I saw an interesting talking show. Sunday

4. Guessing Game: Who am I?
I wrote a new song. I practiced my guitar yesterday.

A musician
I meet my movie fans and some reporters at the hotel last weekend.

An actor/actress

I was busy, a patient visited me last Saturday.

A doctor
I was very busy last weekend, there are many people at the supermarket. I counted money all the time.

A shop assistant

I had a lot of homework to do and I studied for the math test last Sunday. I w

as tired.

A student
Last Saturday, I caught a thief.

A policeman/policewoman

More Points
1. go shopping 去购物 go+v-ing 通常用来表示去进行某项活动。

e.g. go fishing 钓鱼
go boating 去划船

go swimming 去游泳
go skating 去滑冰

2. visit my sister 拜访我的姐姐 visit 参观(某地), 拜访(某人) e.g. I visited the factory over the weekend.


3. have a party 举行一次聚会/晚会 have的用法有许多, 此处的have意为“举行,

e.g. have a meeting 开会 have a swim 游泳 have与不同的词搭配意义就不同: e.g. have breakfast 吃早餐

have some water 喝点水
have a look 看一看 have a match 举行比赛

4. do some reading 阅读 类似的词组还有:do some shopping 买点东西 do some cleaning 干些打扫卫生的活 do some washing 洗一些东西 5. It was a little difficult. 那有一点难。 a little “一点儿”, 常用来修饰形容词。 e.g. I was a little late this morning 我今天早上迟了一点。 That was a little dangerous. 那有一点危险。 a little也可用来修饰不可数名词。 e.g. a little cheese 一点奶酪 a little juice 一点儿果汁

little, a little, few, a few

little和few表示否定, 意思为 “很少”或“几乎

a little和a few则表示肯定, 意思为 “有一点,
有一些”. 不过需要注意区别的是:

little和 a little修饰不可数名词, few和a few修饰 可数名词。例如:

There is little ink in my bottle, can you give me a little ink? 我的瓶子里没有墨水了, 你能给我点儿 墨水吗? (不可数名词) He has few friends here, he feels lonely. 他这里没朋友,他感觉寂寞。(可数名词) There are a few eggs in the basket. 篮子里有几个鸡蛋。(可数名词)

6. talk show: 访谈节目

Jay Zhou in TALK SHOW

Ⅰ. 用所给动词的正确形式填空
is (be) in Beijing. But last week 1. Now he _____ he _____ was (be) in the USA. were (be) happy last weekend. 2. Tina and Judy _____ Now they _____ are (be) at school. likes (like) dogs very much. And she 3. She _____ gives it things to eat. did (do) my homework last Friday. 4. I _____ 5. He often ________ watches (watch) TV at home. Of course he ________ watched (watch) TV last night.

Ⅱ. 单项选择
1. --What did they do over the weekend?

--They _________ to a movie. A
A. went A. do, did B. go B. did, did C. gone C. did, do

C he _____ over the weekend? 2. What ______
3. --How ____ A your weekend? --Not too bad. I stayed home and watched TV. A. was B. were C. is

4. I don’t have _____ C bread, but I’d like ____. A. any, few B. any, few C. any, a little 5. --Can’t you hear ______? A --No, I can hear _______. A. anything, nothing B. anything, something C. something, something A your weekend? 6. -- How _____ -- It ______ great. But I ______ tired (累)now. A. was, was, am B. is, was, was C. is, is, am D. is, is, was

7. --What did you

do? B -- I __________. A. play tennis B. played tennis C. study science D. studyed science B their weekends. 8. I think everyone _____ A. enjoy B. enjoys C. like D. liking 9. It is time ______ A to school. A. to go B. go C. goes D. went

D 10. Please don’t ______ your pencil in class. A. play B. played C. played with D. play with 11. --What is your father? C your father? -- He’s a teacher. ______ A. How is B. Where is C. What about D. What D 12. Old Henry watched Wang Wang _______ near his house. A. walked B. walks C. walking D. walk

13. Last month I _____ C a new song. A. write B. writes C. wrote D. to write 14. -- Where _____ B you _____ last Monday? -- I went to the library. A. do; go B. did; go C. does; go D. did; went 15. -- Did you eat _____ B in the morning? -- No, I didn’t eat _____. A. something; anything B. anything; anything C. something; something D. anything; something

16. —I'm going to play basketball after school. What about you? B —________. A.Yes, basketball is very popular. B.Are you? It's so hot! C.I like basketball very much. D.So am I.

17.—Ben, would you like to play football with us? — ________, but I have to wash the dishes D first. (2008重庆市) A. No, I can’t B. I don’t want to C. Yes, please D. I’d like to B 18.There’s _____ with my bike, I hurt myself. (2006河南) A.wrong something B.something wrong C.anything wrong D.wrong anything

C 19. Do you have ______ to tell us? ( 2004哈尔滨) A.something new B.new something C.anything new D.new anything? B 20. I used to earn _________ than a pound a week when I first started work. (2006年陕西) A.Less B.fewer C.a few D.a little

B Jessie____ to New York? 21.—When ___ —Yesterday. A. does; get B. did; get C. has; got D .had; got (2009年湖北省武汉市) 22. —How was your trip to the ancient village? —Fantastic! We____ B to a natural museum of strange stones. A. go B. went C. are going D. will go (2009年湖北省宜昌市)

23. —Have you read a book called Jane Eyre? D it? —Who________ A. writes B. has written C.was writing D.wrote (2009年江苏省苏州市)

1. Tom listened to CDs yesterday.(变否定句) Tom ______ didn’t ______ listen to CDs yesterday. 2. Father slept all day last Monday. (改一般疑问句) Did father ______ sleep all day last Monday? ______ 3. I was very busy last week. (改否定句和一般疑问句) I _______ wasn’t very busy last week. _______ Were you very busy last week?

4. She took the wallet away from the table. (对划线部分提问) Where did take the wallet away from? _______ ___ she _____ 5. Last weekend, she got up very early. (对划线部分提问) When ______ did she _____ get up very early? ______ 6. Jimmy read a book about history yesterday. (对划线部分提问) ______ What ______ did Jimmy ______ do yesterday?

It’s important to arrange weekend reasonably and meaningfully. Everyone should learn how to make full use of time.


1. Write down the healthy and great

weekend you had.

2. Make a plan for your coming weekend.
Let it be healthy!

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