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七年级英语上册 Starter Module 3 My school Unit 3 Language in use课件 (新版)外研版

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There are thirty students in my class. Are there computers on everyone’s desk? No, there aren’t. Is there a map of the world? No, there isn’t. How many students are there in your class? The library is on the left of the playground.

1.掌握there be 用法 2.运用此语法,写一篇小短文, 介绍自己的教室。

there be 句型用法:
表达“……地方有……”一般采用there be句型。there be 句型的结构一般为 “there is/are +某物/人+地点”。即可 表示某地方有某物,也可以表示某地方 有某人。 如果要表达某地没有某物或某人,或者 询问什么地方是否有某物或某人,就要 用到there be句型的否定和疑问形式。

在there be句型中,从句法结构上讲 there为主语,所以其疑问形式是将be提 至there之间,构成is there/are there 的 句式,而否定形式仍是在be后面加not。 注意:系动词be的形式变化一般视其后 面名词的单复数而定。

1. How many classroom are there in your school?

2. Is there a library in your school?

3. Are there any science labs?

4. How many students are there in your class?

5. How many are boys and how many are girls?

6. Are there any computers in your classroom?

7. Is there a blackboard in your classroom?

8. Where is the teacher’s desk?

1. Where is the office building? It’s on the right of the gate. 2. Where is the dining hall? It’s behind the science building.
3. Where is the playground? It’s in the middle of my school. 4. Where is the sports hall? It’s on the left of the gate. 5. Where is the science building? It’s between the dining hall and the sports hall.

This is a map of our school. _______________the gate is On the right of the office building and behind classroom building this is the_________________. ______the Behind classroom building is the library. The science building is between _______the dining hall and the ____________. sports hall And behind the dining hall, the playground and the library there are_________. some trees

blackboard, classroom, office, science building, sports hall book computer library desk

office science hall

classroom school blackboard

sports hall

School age
In most countries around the world, children must go to school when they are 5 or 6 years old. Children in the UK go to primary school at 5, and go to secondary school at 11. They can’t leave school before they are 16 years old.

book, classroom, computer, desk, library, office, playground

This is our school. On the left of …
this our library. It’s in front of …

There are…

1. On her desk _____ C some books and pens. A. there is B. has C. there are C there a bookshelf in your home? 2. _____ A. Are B. Be C. Is 3. There is a picture ___ A Lucy’s family __ the wall. A. of, on B. at, in C. of, in 4. --- Is the gym next to the office? ---_________. C A. Yes, the gym is. B. It’s behind the office. C. No, it isn’t.

5. How many _____

__ are there in your school? C A. librarys B. library C. libraries 6. There ___ B a bed and two chairs in my bedroom. A. are B. is C. has 7. Are there ______ apples on the desk? B A. some B. any C. many B office, there is a television. 8. In the _____ A. teacher B. teachers’ C. Teacher’s 9. There are some trees ______ C the house. A. in B. on C. in front of

1.There are two l ibraries in our city. 2.Our classroom is next to the science l ab 3.The dining 4.—Where are Lucy and Lily? . hall is behind our teaching building.

—They are in the bedroom. 5.Is there a computer room in your science building?

3. There are some flowers on our teacher’s desk. (就画线部分提问) What’s on your teacher’s desk? 4. Daming’s friend is in front of the tree. (就画线部分提问) Daming’s friend? Where is

1. There are some photos on the wall. (改为否定句) There aren’t any photos on the wall. 2. There is a dictionary on Li Lei’s desk. (改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答) — Is there a dictionary on Li Lei’s desk? —Yes, there is .

( D )1.Is there a piano in her room? ( C )2.Where is the dining hall? ( A )3.Are there any blackboards in the science lab? ( E )4.Are the classrooms next to the library? ( B )5.Is Helen on the left of you? A. No, they aren’t. B. Yes, she is. C. It’s in a building in front of the offices. D. Yes, there is. E. Yes, there are.

in front of in on near between on the left of This is Sally’s bedroom. A bed, a table, a chair, a in desk and some other things are ______ the room.

The desk is ______ near the window. ______ On the desk
there is a book, two pencils and some keys. The

in front of the door. A ball isbetween chair is ___________ ______ the
bed and the table. The video cassette(盒式录音带)

is ____________ on the left of the computer.

请写一篇短文,介绍你的班级和学校。 In my classroom there are…In my school …

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