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7B Unit1 welcome to unit

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(2) 动 词

(1) 名 词

D My r dream e home a m

做梦 have a dream dream about/of sb./sth 梦见某人(物) 梦见做某事 dream of / about doing sth. 梦见某人做某事 dream (that)+宾语从句 多奇怪的一个梦啊! What a strange dream ! 你昨晚做了个可怕的梦吗? Did you have a terrible dream last night? 我梦见住在这样的宫殿里。 I dream about living in a palace like this. to live My dream is __________(live) in such a castle.

What is your dream? travelto ... My dream is to ______ (travel)

Mount Fuji

Which country is this photo from? Japan

The capital of Japan is Tokyo _______.
What's the capital of Japan?

The Statue of Liberty visit...

The capital of the USA is Washington _______. DC
the White House

The capital of France is _______. Paris

The Eiffel Tower


Phra Pathom Chedi


The capital of Thailand is ________. Bangkok

Big Ben
The capital of the UK is London ______.

Red Square


The capital of Russia Moscow is________.

The CN Tower


The capital of Canada Ottawa is _______________.

1.The capital of the USA is _______________. Washington DC London 2.The capital of the UK is ________________. Paris 3.The capital of France is ________________. 4.The capital of Japan is _________________. Tokyo Bangkok 5.The capital of Thailand is _______________. Moscow 6.The capital of Russia is _______________. Rome 7.The capital of Italy is ___________________. 8.The capital of Australia is ______________. Canberra 9.The capital of Canada is ________________. Ottawa 10.The capital of Germany is Berlin ______________.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Holland India Brazil Italy Spain Greece Egypt Australia Canada

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Brasilia Rome Athens Madrid Ottawa Amsterdam Canberra Cairo New Delhi

Everyday Proverbs
1. Let’s go Dutch.

2. It’s all Greek to me.

3. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 入乡随俗
4. All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。

Which country would you like to live in?


China is a l____ arge country in the e______ ast of the world. It’s an o___ ld country with a 1.3 long history. It has about_____ billion(十 亿) people now. Beijing is the c_____ apital of China.

There’re many places of interest in China, like ______________, _______________ the Summer Palace the Great Wall and so on. Many people from different isit China every year. countries come to v____

Chinese traditional food is elicious and Chinese very d_______ people are very f______. riendly
Now, our country i

s becoming more and more b________, eautiful stronger and stronger. I love it.

Where would Eddie like to live?

Would you like to live in a palace, Eddie?

No. I’d like to live next to a restaurant.

There are twenty restaurants in town. Which is your favourite?

The biggest one in Fifth street.

1.Would Eddie like to live in a palace?

2.Where does he want to live?

He wants to live next to a restaurant.
3.Which restaurant does Eddie want to live in? The biggest one.

4. Why would Eddie like to live there?

Because he likes eating.

are Here _______(be) the blogs of three students from different countries.

live Hi! I___(be)Neil.I_____(live) am in a town 15 miles is from London.The house______(be)big.My _______(最喜爱) room_____(be)the kitchen. favourite is family My________( 家人)and I often ______(sit)there sit and ________(enjoy) a cup of tea.We ______ enjoy have (have)a beautiful garden.I always __________ have fun (玩得很开心) with my dog there.

flat 公寓) Hello!My name is Anna.I live in a _____( __________________( 在...中心) Moscow. in the center of the seventh Our flat is on__________________( 七)floor. room It's not big, but we have a nice living ___________ (客厅). After dinner, we like to watch TV share and chat there. I _________( 合用)a bedroom with my sister. We often listen to music in bed.

Hi! I'm Stephen. I live in a large house in Los Angeles. It has_______(8) rooms. eight I have my _______( 自己的)bedroom own and bathroom, balcony 阳台) best. and I like the _________( I love to sit there look out at and __________________( 看外面的) beach the ________( 海滩)and the sea. It's cool.

Language points:

1.----Would you like to do sth? -----Yes, I'd like to./ I'd love to . ------Sure, that sounds great. ------I'd love to, but ... -----Thank you, but I'm afraid I... 2. ----Would you like sth? ------Yes, please. ------No, thanks.

3.next to ...紧靠着...,在...隔壁 4.the girl in red the red bike the woman with glasses the man drawing a picture live in a town 15 miles from London the book you like best 划线的蓝色字体叫做定语,对定语划线部分提问, which 用_______________ !

5. one & it one :(1)基数词 (2)代词(代替上文提到的单数的人或物, 同类不同一;其复数形式为ones. it(代词,指代的是同一个事物,同类且同一)

look out at the trees 看窗子外面的树 look out of the window看窗子外面 6. look out at ...& look out of ... 7. share sth. with sb. =share with sb.sth. 8. in bed & on the bed on the bed in bed

9. own ----owner----of one's own

own (1)形容词“自己的” (2)动词“拥有,所有” of one's own 属于某人自己的 我有我自己的电脑。(你能用几种方法呢?) I have my own computer. I have a computerr of my own. I am the owner of the computer. The computer belongs to me.

microwave oven fridge refrigerator dining table






sitting room living room

coffee table


air conditioner


bunk beds

bedside table

TV wardrobe


bookshelf bookcase









washing machine


1.Two beds, one above the other, are _________. bunk beds dining room 2.You usually eat meals in a ___________. 3.You often sleep in a ________. bedroom 4.A ______ garden is the best place to grow flowers. kitchen 5.In most homes, people cook meals in the ______. 6.We usually put the sofa in the _______________. sitting/living room 7.In the _____, study we can do our homework and read books quietly. 8.We brush teeth and wash our faces in a bathroom ______. 9.After washing the clothes, we usually put them on balcony a ______. laddercan help people to climb and get things 10.A _____ in the high place.

Can you say out these words?

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