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Module 7 Feelings and impressions
Unit 1 That smells delicious !



[s?k’sid ] 成功

I want to succeed ! I can succeed ! I must succeed !
Raise your head . 抬头。 Lift your chest . 挺胸。 Take a deep breath. 深呼吸。

Have a competition
1、闻起来 smell 2、咸的 salty

3、过紧的 tight
5、酸的 sour 7、奶酪 cheese

4、摸起来 feel
6、安静的quiet 8、小甜饼 cookie

9、可爱的 lovely
11、漂亮的,时髦的 smart 13、介绍 introduce

10、厚运动衫 sweater
12、新鲜的 fresh 14、漂亮的 pretty

look We can use our eyes to _______ sound ears to _______ taste mouth to ________ smell nose to _________ feel hands to __________ sense verb (感官系动词)

Work in pairs. A:

How does it look/taste----? B: It looks/tastes ---------.

red It looks _____ sweet It tastes _____

sour It tastes _____ strong It smells _____

soft It feels ______

salty It tastes _______

quiet It sounds ______

sweet They smell _______

look /smell/taste/feel/sound+adj.

Learn to use.学以致用。共四小题。
A 1、He looked ______ because he missed his parents very much . A. sad B. sadly C . happy 2、What do you think of her voice ? C I should say it _______ very sweet . A. hears B. sings C. sounds 3、 Apple pies (苹果派) are ready . C They ______ delicious . A.smells B. looks C. taste B 4. The coffee tastes ______ , Would you like some ? A. well B. good C. badly

Chocolate cookies


sweet They taste ______.
Who made them? ( Lingling )

It smells delicious
Who made it ?
( Betty )


Tony likes both chocolate cookies and pizza.But Daming doesn’t like the pizza. Why ? strong and it doesn’t smell fresh Because there’s some cheese in it , it tastes too Why did Betty and Lingling made something to eat ? London Sally from _______. They made something to eat to welcome ________ What’s Sally like ? She sounds really nice and looks very pretty in her photo.


必须用上今天所学的语法即感官动词后接形容词 来描述你在超市所买的东西,至少给出一条合理 的理由。

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