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江苏省宜兴市屺亭中学九年级英语上册 9A《Unit 3 Teenage problems》Integrated Skills课件 牛津版

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9A Unit 3

Integrated skills

?完成综合技能的训练。 ?同时感受和习得听力和口语策略。 ?充分利用文本材料,兼顾听力、口语对读写能力的促进。 ?整体设计思路为: 训练技巧、锻炼能力、听说并进、兼顾读写

I really feel tired now.

Well, try listening.

Good, is it music?

No, English.

Helping Sigmund


Please read Sue Wang’s Profile and find as much information as you can to fill in some blanks.

Helping Sigmund


We will listen to Sun and complete the notes for Sigmund. When you are listening and taking notes. Please make sure that: 1. Always pay attention to key words. 2. You don’t need to understand everything. 3. Use useful symbols like “&,+,>,<%......”

4. Don’t write down the whole of a long word.
5. Past is past.

Helping Sigmund


We have done a good job. Now, Sigmund need us to help him complete the report. You can use notes on Page 54 to help you.

After helping Sigmund, Can you answer some questions about his report?
1. What’s Sun’s problem?

2. What’s Sigmund’s suggestion?
3. Does it work?

Sharing problems and giving advice

1. What’s Millie’s problem? 2. What suggestions does Amy offer?

Sharing problems I am sorry to hear that. What’s the problem.

I’m sure that’s not sure. Maybe…….
Giving suggestions Why don’t’ you…?

Sharing problems and giving advice

Please make a dialogue to share problems and give advice with your partners.

Home work
1. Recite the dialogue 2. Finish the exercises on Exercise Book

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