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江苏省宜兴市屺亭中学九年级英语上册 9A《Unit 3 Teenage problems》Reading(1)教案 牛津版

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9A《Unit 3 Teenage problems》Reading(1)


1. 多角度训练阅读技能。

2. 使学生体会如何表达自己的烦恼以获得帮助



词汇:choice complete refuse accept hardly


ping-pong doubt whether worth offer

suggestion value plenty allow

strict achieve task either

词组:deal with stay up late hand in

on time be of great value hear from

plenty of be crazy about

stay out late

allow… to do …

from time to time achieve a balance


1. 投影仪;PPT

2. 录音机



老师说:I know from last class that you have a lot of problems. (老师用自己创设的情景单词导入 choice stay up late complete spare doubt strict 并进行板书)Then ,what can we do to feel better if we have any problems. 这里学生只要能说出写信给别人就可以了,老师可以借机导入 offer suggestions。 对于书后练习B中有的单词进行弥散式导入,也就是在遇到该单词的时候就让学生去猜,翻到46页去选一下。 Step2 呈现

1. 老师说:I think writing letters is a good way. So, today I will show you two letters.

First, please read Millie’s letter to Sigmund. And answer the following questions.


1) What Millie’s problem is? 2) What she wants Sigmund to do?


3. 老师说:I have some sentences here about Millie. But, some of them are wrong.

Can you read Millie’s letter again and do True or False? 学生跳读给出答案,可以个学生读一遍,另外一个学生报答案。对于正确的答案老师可适当引导出更多信息点,也可以引导同学们猜一些单词。来完成书后B 部分。Millie 文章中生词多,如果采用问题方式来完成细节回答,在单词没有完全处理的情况下,学生困难很大; 在对错选择中,如果是生词造成的错选,就放着一会再解决

4. 老师说:We have known the problem of Millie. Let’s meet another poor boy. Please

read Simon’s letter and complete the following questions. 1. What Simon’s problem is?

2. What he wants Sigmund to do?

5. 老师说:I want to know more details about Simon. Please read his letter again and help me give the answer.

1. What does he want to be?

2. How long does he often play football?

3. Why does he get into trouble?

4. What does he think about his hobby?

5. He doesn’t know what _____ ______ and how ____ ________a balance between study and hobbies.

6. He wishes Sigmund ____ ____ him some suggestions.


6. 老师说:Boys and girls, we can see that they all expressed their ideas clearly。 How many parts do they have in their letters?What’s their use?


7. 学生跟老师读黑板上的单词并跟录音朗读课文。

Step 3 活动



1. One student read a sentence about Simon or Millie’s problem, the other

guesses whose problem it is and give some advice to him or her.

2. One must read to the other’s back.

3. We’ll call some students to the front.

这一步只要有两个目的:1. 会读书中的一些句子。2. 对提建议有一个初步概念。


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