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江苏省宜兴市屺亭中学九年级英语上册 9A《Unit 3 Teenage problems》Reading(1)课件 牛津版

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What can we do to feel better if we have any problems?


Can you read Millie’s letter quickly and tell us 1. What Millie’s problem is?

2. What she wants Sigmund to do?

True or False

According to the text, tell if the following sentences are true or false. (T/F) 1. There’re some problems with his football skills. 2. He has no close friends. 3. From time to time, he feels bad. 4. He hasn’t got enough time for hobbies. 5. He doesn’t have enough time for homework. 6. His parents are very strict with him. 7. He has some problems with his English study.

Can you read simon’s quickly and tell us

1. What Simon’s problem is?
2. What he wants Sigmund to do?

Can you tell us more about Simon?
1. What does he want to be? He wants to be a great football player. 2. How long does he often play football? Three hours or more. 3. Why does he get into trouble?
4. What does he think about his hobby?
He believes it is important for us to spend sometime on our hobbies. They can help us relax and make our lives more interesting.

Because his parents do not allow him to pay outside after 6.

5. He doesn’t know what _____ ______ and to do how ____ ________a balance between study to achieve and hobbies.

to ____ 6. He wishes Sigmund ____ offer him some suggestions.

Introduction (the purpose of writing the letter.)

Part 2
Main body. (What the problem is. )

Para 3
Conclusion (Asking for suggestions)

Read after the tape

Now boys and girls let’s read the words they use in their letters? Then I will play the tape you read after it.

Read to your back Rules:

1. One student read a sentence about Simon or Millie’s problem, the other guesses whose problem it is and give some advice to him or her.
2. One must read to the other’s back.

3. We’ll call some students to the front.
Sounds interesting!

1. Read the text

2. Remember the new words
3. Finish two reading passages

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