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江苏省宜兴市屺亭中学九年级英语上册 9A《Unit 3 Teenage problems》Main Task教案 牛津版

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9A《Unit 3 Teenage problems》Main Task




词汇: cause

词组:shout at keep quiet






step1 呈现

1. 老师在黑板上呈现57页几个表现压力的图片

然后老师说:Can you find out why people feel stressed from these pictures. Then, we can call them the cause of stress. (这里引入单词cause)

What other causes do you know ? What can you do if you have them? 把学生的答案写在黑板上。然后引导学生完成57页上的选择。


Step2 练习

老师领做57页上的选择题,并教授短语keep worries to themselves

step2 呈现

老师说:We have learned many causes of tress till now. Millie’s teacher wants her to write to her pen-friend about the causes of their stress and how to deal with the problems. You know in our writing we usually have three parts . Do you know what they are S: introduction main body conclusion

good . Now please have a look at Millie’s writing plan.

Is it completed . Now please finish it with the information on the blackboard and page 57.

1. Introduction

2. Main body Cause of stress and how to deal with it (a lot of homework plan my time carefully)

Cause of stress and how to deal with it

( )

Cause of stress and how to deal with it

( )

3. conclusion


step 3 练习

1. 老师指导完成Millie的作文开头:Here is the beginning of Millie’s letter, please finish it as quickly as you can. Please use Millie’s writing plan to help you.

2. 老师知道学生完成自己的作文:Now , please write your own letter with the help of Millie’s letter and the writing plan you finished. We will present some students’ letter.

The Grading Standard is as following.


Please rewrite your letter after learning the standard (标准).


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