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Pair work
Talk about the chart

A: What’s the population of China?
B: It’s about 1.3 billion.

100 one hundred 1,000,000,000 one billion

one thousand 1.34 one point three four

one million


five hundred and forty-three
3 ,980 three thousand , nine hundred and eighty 98, 721 ninety-eight thousand , seven hundred and twenty-one 768, 540 seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand , five hundred and forty

543.7 five hundred and forty-three point seven

6, 004 ,001
six million, four thousand and one 7 ,198, 764 ,502 seven billion, one hundred and ninetyeight million, seven hundred and sixty-four thousand, five hundred and two

规则 :分子基数词,分母序数词,分子大于1, 分母在序数词的基础上加-s。 1/4 one-fourth a (one) quarter 3/4 three-fourths three quarters

2/3 two-thirds
1/2 a (one) half

半年 half a year

半小时 half an hour

一年半 one and a half years

one year and a half

规则:小数点前的数字正常读,小数点读 point,后面的数字按顺序一一读出 ? 13.91 ? thirteen point nine one ? 0.23 ? naught/zero point two three ? 768, 540.7 seven hundred and sixtyeight thousand , five hundred and forty

规则: 数字加percent,并且percent后不能加s

1% ? one percent 0.68% ? zero point six eight percent

36% ? thirty six percent

? 1. (2004年上海市徐汇区中考试题) About ___A_____ students in our class can describe that place in English. A. three-fifths B. three-fifth C. third-five D. third-fifths

2, There are ___ days in a year. A. three hundreds sixty-five B. three hundreds and sixty-five C. three hundred and sixty-five D. three hundred and sixty five 3, There are____ students in this school. A. eight hundreds and forty-six B. eight hundred and forty six C. eight hundred and forty-six D. eight hundred forty-six

4, ______people visit this museum every day. A. Hundred B. Hundreds C. Hundred of D.Hundreds of 5, There are two___ people in the meeting room. A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundreds of D.hundred of 6,Every year ___ watch NBA on TV A. million people B. millions of people C. millions people D. million of people

7,About_____________ of the earth's surface is covered with water. A. three-fours B. three-fourth C. three-fourths D.third-fourths 8,How many students are there in your school, Mike? There are over ___students in our school. A. two thousands B. two thousands of C. two thousand D. two thousand of

9,We can read 78% as . A.seven- eight percents B. seven- eight percent C. seventy- eight percents D. seventy- eight percent

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