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(最新)仁爱版八年级下Unit5 Topic2单元测试题

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Unit5 Topic2


1. Jimmy is a l______ boy. We all like him very much.

2. T______ he is only 7 years old, he knows a lot.

3. ---What did you do to d______ with the sadness? ---I’m sorry. I don’t know how to do it.

4. ---Li Ming didn’t pass the exam, e______. ---I am sorry to hear that.

5. ---Watching English movies is h______ in improving listening. ---You’re right.

6. I got the ______ (感觉) that he didn’t like me very much.

7. I am sorry Jeff ______ (拒绝)the job yesterday.

8. We want to help her, but she doesn’t ______ (接受). We are disappointed in her.

9. Our teacher are very ______ (严格)with us.

10. Mr. Lee often tells us ______ (笑话)after class. We like him very much. Ⅱ.单项选择。

1. --- Why do you like watching Lucky 52 Program? --- ______ it’s very interesting.

A. How B. Because C. What D. Which

2. She looks so happy because she did ______ in her English exam.

A. good B. bad C. well D. fine

3. I ______ live there when I was a child.

A. am used to B. was used to C. get used to D. used to

4. --- I don’t know ______ to play the violin. --- My cousin can teach you.

A. how B. what C. who D. when

5. Lily is very careful. Now she is writing as ______ as Lucy.

A. care B. careful C. carefully D. careless

6. The old man has no sons or daughters. He lives ______ and he often feels ______.

A. alone, alone B. lonely, lonely C. alone, lonely D. lonely, alone

7. I’m shy. I’m afraid of ______ in public.

A. speaking B. speak C. to speak D. spoken

8. Tom is used to ______ early in the morning. He often does morning exercises.

A. get up B. gets up C. getting up D. got up

9. The old man is so old and he often worries ______ his health.

A. in B. on C. about D. with

10. The teachers made us ______ English exercises all the time.

A. did B. do C. doing D. to do


1. 尽管雨下得很大,农民们仍然在田里劳动。

The farmers are still working, ______ ______ it is raining hard.

2. 他拒绝接受我们的邀请。

She ______ ______ ______ our invitation.

3. 不要对自己太严厉了。

Don’t be so ______ ______ yourself.

4. 杰夫不再恨那个司机了。

Jeff ______ hate the driver ______ ______.

5. 你能告诉我怎样化解悲伤吗?

Could you tell me how to ______ ______ sadness?


Do you often feel unhappy? What will you do if you are in a bad mood? Maybe the following a__1__ can help you feel good about yourself.

1. Look into the mirror and say to yourself “ I am a special person and there is no one in the world like me. I can do a__2__. It may not sound so good, but it really w__3__!

2. Do something nice for someone. H__4__ others always makes you feel good.

3. Smile! Be f__5__ to people you meet. Look for good things in your friends and family.

4. Go shopping. It’s reported that shopping can make people h__6__ again. It’s also good for your h__7__.

5. Start to write a diary. T __8__ off the TV and let your immagination fly! Write down your thoughts, dreams or anything you want! Writing always helps to express your f__9__.

6. Stay with your f__10__. We all need our family. Talk with your parents or even your cousin.

1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____ 5._____ 6._____ 7._____ 8._____ 9._____ 10._____ Ⅴ.书面表达。


要求:1. 语句流畅,无语法错误。

2. 词数80左右。

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