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(最新)仁爱版八年级下Unit5 Topic1单元测试题

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Unit5 Topic1


1.---Let's i______ our teacher to the party. ---Great!

2.---Mr. Wang s______ a little angry with us. ---Yes, I think so.

3.Dinner’s a______ ready. We are happy.

4.The food s______ very delicious.

5.Sally is new here, so she often feels l______.

6.Beijing roast duck ______ (尝起来)delicious.

7.Beijing is a beautiful city full of ______ (文化)and history.

8.Chinese people love ______ (和平).

9.She is a ______ (活泼的)girl and we all like her.

10.Jackie Chen is one of the greatest ______ (角色)in the film.


1. Li Feng often helps you with your English. You should say ______ to him.

A. good-bye B. thanks C. sorry D. hello

2. ---Liu Peng is ill. He can’t take part in our football game. --- ______

A. I’m glad to hear that. B. That’s all right. C. Yes, of course. D. What a pity.

3. ---Steve looks sad today. What can we do to ______? ---Let’s give him a surprise.

A. cheer up him B. cheer him up C. give up him D. give him up

4. ---Let’s ______ the weekend int the park. ---Good idea.

A. take B. cost C. spend D. invite

5. I was late for school yesterday ______ the heavy rain.

A. because B. because of C. so D. and

6. Mrs. Green didn’t talk to her husband for a long time, but now they ______ each other.

A. agree with B. come up with C. get angry with D. make peace with

7. ---Now computers ______ people, especially the young.

---Yes, I agree ______ you.

A. is popular with, with B. are popular with, with

C. are popular to, on D. is popular for, excitingto

8. ---Did you watch the basketball match yesterday?

---Yes, we are all ______ about the ______ match.

A. exciting, excited B. exciting, exciting C. excited, excited D. excited, exciting

9. Coffee is ready. How nice it ______! Would you like some?

A. feels B. smells C. sounds D. looks

10. After his wife died, he lives ______, but he doesn’t feel ______.

A. lonely, lonely B. alone, alone C. lonely, alone D. alone, lonely



A: Hi,Ji Shuo. 1.__________

B: A lot of people were badly hurt in the Wenchuan Earthquake.

A: 2.__________ Let’s do something to help them.

B: What shall we do?

A: What about raising(筹集)some money for them?

B: Good idea! 3.__________

A: What else can we do?

B: 4.__________

A: Right! I’ll buy some with my lucky money.

B: 5.__________


A: Why do you look so upset?

B: I didn’t buy a ticket to the movie.

A: What’s the name of it?

B: The f__1__ Love Me Once More, Mom.

A: Why not go to the ticket office earlier?

B: There was something wrong with my bike. When I got there, none was left. I felt very d__2__. A: What a pity! Can you tell me something about the film? Is it very moving and e__3__?

B: Yes. In the movie, the son is very l__4__ and the mom loves him very much. When the mom found her son lost, she went m__5__.

A: What a pity! But don’t be upset. I hope you can see it later.

1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____ 5._____

Ⅳ. 用括号中适当的词填空。

1. Do you know the same song to Dabieshan?It’s so ______ and moving.

I’m very ________ to see a football match this evening.(excited;exciting)

2. She was ________ in reading books when she was eight years old.

This story sounds ________.(interested;interesting)

3. I was ________ at why he was used to swimming in winter.

It’s ________ that we all failed the exam.(surprised;surprising)

4. Why are you so ________?

It must be _______ for your partents that you stay in net bar the whole night.(worried,worrying)

5. Would you like to go to see a _______ film with me tonight?

He was too _______ to walk any more.(frightened; frightening)

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