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Lesson 3 A Visit to Xi’an

New words:

?Wild Goose Pagoda 大雁塔 ?hit v. (hit /hit ) 击,击中 ?ancient adj. 古代的,古老的 ?drum n. 鼓 ?ring v. (rang /rung)敲
(钟);打电话; ?bell n. 钟,铃 ?enjoy v. 喜欢;享受……乐趣

dish n. 菜肴;盘,碟 tour n.& v. 旅游;旅行 guide n. 导游;向导 pit n. 坑,深坑;陷阱 move v. 移动;搬动 sign n. 招牌;记号

Places of interest in Xi’an

Xi’an-----the Walled City
Do you know:

How long is the wall in the Walled City?

It’s about 12 kilometres long.
How old is the wall?

It’s over 600

years old.

the Big Wild Goose Pagoda

It is over 1 300 years old.

the Drum Tower hit the ancient drum

the Bell Tower
ring the ancient bell

The Terra Cotta Warriors You can visit….
They are over 2 000 years old

? They are standing beside their horses. ? You cannot take photos here!

Language points : 1.visit 的词性及用法 翻译:那是一次去北京的参观。 That’s a visit to Beijing 我想要去参观兵马俑。 I want to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors.

2. over 多于;超过 = more than
我们班有50多个学生。 There are over 50 students in our class.

3.ring 的意思及用法 你可以在钟楼敲钟。 You can ring the bell in the Bell Tower. 你可以给李明打电话。 You can ring LiMing.

4. enjoy 喜欢 ;享受..的乐趣 enjoy doing sth

I enjoy visiting the Bell Tower.

He often enjoys music.

5.have a lot of fun 过的非常愉快 他们在李明的生日聚会上过的 非常愉快。 They have a lot of fun at Li Ming’s birthday party.

Qishan minced noodles

Hand-Pulled Noodles with Beef
Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup

Chinese hamburger

What are they ?
They are the special dishes of Xi’an.

Xi’an has a long history. You will have a lot of fun in this ancient city.

Fill in the blanks with the words .

? 1. Who will go and

hit enjoy ring move ancient

first? ? 2.Please move your desk beside the window, Tom. ? 3.Jeff ran too fast and hit his head on the tree. ? 4.It’s a nice day today. Let’s go to the beach and enjoy the sun there. ? 5.Some ancient cities have walls around them.

the bell

take a photo(of)

No photos!= Don’t take photos!

A short writing
? Your new foreign friend Lily will
come to Xi’an for a trip . Write a letter to introduce Xi’an to her .

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