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9A Unit5 练习

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9A Unit5 练习


1. Lian Zhan is a _______________ statesman. (众所周知的)

2. Truth is more powerful than______________.(幻想)

3.He______________ on his ideas. And at last, he succeed.(坚持认为)

4.Stories about______________ in America are very popular.(牛仔)

5.Each of the famous actors usually has an_____________ quality.(有吸引力的)

6.The film was a big success and Audrey became famous____________.(立即)

7.He is wearing in black because he is going to ___________ over the death of his friend.(哀悼)

8.Bad home____________________ may cause blood cancer.(环境)

9.Mr Bush was the _______________of the United States.(总统)

10.He is a______________ person. He comes from France.(浪漫的.


1. You must keep _______________ (practice) the piano everyday.

2. People all over the country mourned the ___________ (lose) of

a great chairperson.

3. I was attracted by her ______________ (beautiful) when I first met her.

4. Do you like the cartoon _______________ (call) Hua Mulan?

5. Yao Ming put all his effort into basketball __________________ (train)

before he entered the National team.

6. Xu Jiayue loved dancing and her dream was to become a _________ (success) ballet dancer.

7. ______________ (luck), Mary got the last film ticket.

8. She devoted herself to ______________ (take) care of poor sick people.

9. I don’t like acting. I’d rather _

___________ (am) a director.

10. Do you mind my _____________ (open) the window?


1 .Audrey’s death was a great ______ to film fans.

A lost B lose C loss D losing

2 The girl devoted all her time she had ______ others.

A to help B helping C helped D to helping

3. Why don’t you ______? The maths teacher is coming.

A. stop to talk B. stop talking

C. to stop to talk D. to stop talking

4.Audrey won an Oscar ______ Best Actress _______ her role in this film.

A. as, in B. as, for C. for, for D. for, in

5. Action films are ________. I’m ________ to see them.

A. excited; exciting B. exciting; excited

C. excited; excited D. exciting; exciting

6.He wanted to know how long _______ in hospital.

A. she is staying B. she had stayed

C. did she stay D. she stay

7.Millie likes horror films. She doesn’t mind _________scared.

A. feeling B. feels C. felt D. to feel

8.It was her _______performance. Her successful career _____about forty years.

A. last, last B. last, lasted for C. lasted , lasted D. lasted, last

9.In 1951,while________Monte Carlo Baby, Hepburn met a famous writer.

A. acting in B. act in C. acted in D. acting on

10. Each of them ______ writing an article ______ their favourite TV star.

A. is, to B. is, about C. are, on D. are, for



________ ________, she became one of ________ ________ __________.


She __________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ____________ of her life ___________ charity.

3. 你为什么不和我们去游泳呢?

____________ _____________ _____________ go swimming with us?


I _______ _________ _________ a wirter.

5. 不仅是学生而且这位老师也想看这部电影。

________ __________ the students _________ __________ the teacher wants to see the film.


My dream ____________ ____________ ____________ an excellent host.



When Audrey died, the world _____________ ___________ __________ _______ a

great __________, a great __________ and a great ______________.


Her beauty and charm ___________ _________ ___________ ____________.


Andrey Helburn was one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses. She had been a m__________

before she became an a____________. Her successful c_________ lasted for about

forty years.In1951,While a____________ in Monte Carlo Baby, she met Colette, a famous writer. The

writer was a_____________ by Hepburn’s beauty and c___________. She i___________ that

Hepburn was the right person to play the lead role in Gigi, a play b________ on her novel.

Shortly after, Hepburn was chosen to play the lead role in Roman Holiday, and it e__________

her an Oscar for Best Actress. She also won a Tony Award for the play Ondine. During her l____________, Hepburn earned four Oscar nominations. She made her final a_____________

in her last film Always in 1989 and played the role of an a___________.

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