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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.

1. more outgoing 更外向

2. as...as... 和…一样…

3. the singing competition唱歌比赛

4. the most important 最重要的

5. be talented in music 对音乐有天赋

6. the same as 和…一样

7. care about 在意…

8. be different from 不同于…

9. be like a mirror 像一面镜子

10. as long as 只要

11. bring out the best in sb 使显现最好的一面

12. get better grades 取得更好的成绩

13. reach for 达到

14. touch one’s heart 触及心灵

15. in fact 实际上

16. make friends 交朋友

17. be good at 擅长

18. the other 另一个

19. be similar to 与…相似

20. be good with 与…相处融洽

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