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Unit2 I feel nervous When I speak Chinese

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I feel nervous When I speak Chinese导学案

主备人: 王丽芳 审核人: 研讨人员

重点单词:glasses,nervous, pretty, proud, be proud of, message,sb can’twait, hobby,

at school, in,love,mark

重点短语: with short fair hair

I feel nervous when I speak Chinese.

How do you feel about….?






5.为……感到骄傲二、Read Paragraphs 1 and 2 and describe Sally.

This is Sally. She’s _____ ____ with _____ ___ hair, and she wears _______.

She’ll wear _____ and a ______ for the journey, but she’ll also carry her _____


Read Paragraph 3 and answer these questions

1. What does Sally spend a lot of time with?

2. Is Sally proud of her brother?

3. How does Sally feel when she gets bad marks?

Read Paragraph 4 and complete these sentences.

I ___________ (感到紧张) when I speak Chinese, but I’ll be fine after a few days.

I’m always sorry when I don’t know _______________(如何做事) in the right way,

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so please _________(帮我)when I’m with you in China! Oh, I ______ (害怕)

flying too. But I can’t tell you _________________(我是多么激动) about going to China!

三、Language points:

1. Thanks for your last message. 感谢你上次的来信。

thanks for ?= thank you for? 因······而感谢 for 是介词,其后接名词、代词或动名词,表示感谢的原因或内容。Thank you/ Thanks for helping me work out this problem. 谢谢你帮我解答出这个问题。

thanks to 意为“幸亏;由于,归功于”

Thanks to my mother, I finished it on time.


2. It was great to hear from you,and I can’t wait to meet you. 很高兴收到你的来信, 我迫不及待地想见到你。

hear from sb.= get/receive a letter from sb. 收到某人的来信

I heard from my uncle last week.= I got/received a letter from my uncle last week. 上周我收到了叔叔的来信。

3. can’t wait to do sth 等不及或迫不及待做某事

如:He can’t wait to go home. 他迫不及待地要回家。

wait for …意为“等候······”We are waiting for better weather.

wait to do sth. 意为“等待做某事”They are waiting to buy the new books.

4. I hope you will know me… 我希望你能认出我……

hope 希望 hope to do 希望做某事

I hope to be your friend. 我希望成为你的朋友。

hope that 从句 I hope we can be friends. 我希望我们能成为朋友。

注意:hope 不能接 sb. to do sth.

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5. I spend a lot of time playing classical music with my friends at school…我和我的朋友们花很多时间在学校里弹奏古典音乐······

人+spend +时间/金钱+(in)doing sth.

“某人花费时间/金钱做某事”,介词in 可省略;

人+spend +时间/金钱+ on sth.某人花时间/金钱在某事上,介词 on 不能省略。 如:I spent two hours (in) finishing my homework.

The young girl spent lots of money on new clothes.

6. …I’m very proud of him!


be proud of 以……为荣,为……感到骄傲

pride n. 此句可改写为:He is the pride of me.

7. I’m always sorry when I don’t know how to do things in the right way, … 当我不知道如何用对的方式做事的时候总感到很抱歉。

always 作频度副词,意为“总是,一直”,放在实义动词前,be动词、助动词或情态动词之后。

表频度的副词:always >usually >often >

sometimes >seldom > never

how to do things 为“疑问词+不定式”结构,

在句中作know 的宾语。如:Jack is learning how to swim

8. a bit 和a little 在肯定句中修饰形容词或副词时,两者可以通用,表示“一点,有些”

She was a bit\ a little tired.

a bit of \a little 修饰不可数名词时,两者可以通用,表示“一点,少量的” Could you lend me a bit of \a little money?

9. help sb. (to) do sth. help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事

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(一). 选择适当的短语并用其适当形式填空。

1 I haven’t __________ my parents for a month.

2 The little girl _________ going out at night.

3 All of us ___________ Liu Xiang.

4 I feel nervous when I _______ my teachers.

5 My good friend loves music and she enjoys sports ______.

(二). 翻译句子。

1. 我妹妹花费大量的时间练习弹钢琴。

My younger sister spends ____ ___ ____ practising playing the piano.

2. 起初他感到很伤心。 ___ _____ he felt sad.

3. 几天后他的身体康复了。

She was quite well _____ __ ____ _____.

4. 恐怕我明天来不了这儿。 ___ ______ I can’t come here omorrow.


1. He can’sad when I am alone.

3. I’from your best friend?

of our great country?

when I speak Chinese.

7.I’ve got your photo—.

at school,and I feel sad.

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