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(最新)仁爱版八年级下Unit5 Topic3单元测试题

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Unit5 Topic3


1. Don’t be n______ when you give the speech. You’ll do it better.

2. If you want to go abroad(出国), you will have to get a passport.

3. They all work day and night in high s______.

4. ---Let’s try our best to improve the e______ around us. --- I agree with you.

5. The noisy environment often makes people upset, so we don’t make much n______.

6. The workers are afraid of their b______ in the factories..

7. Several important people made d______ at the meeting.

8. I felt e______ tired that evening.

9. He has a very good s______ of direction.

10. You’d better make a s______ by yourself.


1. Which of the following underlined parts has different pronunciation?

A. great B. seat C. seek D. feel

2. The little girl is very quiet and shy. She always gets ______ when she answers questions in class.

A. nervous B. surprised C. mad D. tired

3. --- I have trouble ______ English. Could you help me with it? --- Sure.

A. learn B. learns C. learning D. To learn

4. 选出与画线部分意思相同的选项。

A. are interested in B. are fond of C. take care of D. take pride in

5. ---What are you going to do on Monday afternoon?

---We will ______ an English play at the English corner.

A. put off B. put on C. put up D. put away

6. ---There is ______ with my computer. Can you help me mend it. --- No problem.

A. nothing wrong B. wrong nothing C. something wrong D. wrong something

7. I saw a snake ______ on the road on my way home.

A. lie B. lies C. lying D. to lie

8. ______ this question. I am sure you can answer it soon.

A. Think over B. Look for C. Think of D. Look up

9. Could you please give me some ______ about giving speeches?

A. informations B. suggestions C. decisions D. advices

10. The full moon makes me ______ my parents on Mid-autumn Festival.

A. to miss B. missed C. miss D. missing


1. 我们计划给你一个惊喜。

We plan ______ ______ a ______ to you.

2. 你应该对自己有信心。

You should ______ ______ ______ yourself.

3. 玛利亚于她的同学们相处的很好。

Maria ______ ______ ______ ______ her classmates.

4. 我们应该仔细考虑,以确保他的安全。

We should ______ it ______ to make sure he is safe.

5. 我们要以饱满的热情为我们伟大的祖国努力工作。

We should work hard for our great country ______ ______ ______?


Do you often feel unhappy? What will you do if you are in a bad mood? Maybe the following a__1__ can help you feel good about yourself.

1. Look into the mirror and say to yourself “ I am a special person and there is no one in the world like me. I can do a__2__. It may not sound so good, but it really w__3__!

2. Do something nice for someone. H__4__ others always makes you feel good.

3. Smile! Be f__5__ to people you meet. Look for good things in your friends and family.

4. Go shopping. It’s reported that shopping can make people h__6__ again. It’s also good for your h__7__.

5. Start to write a diary. T __8__ off the TV and let your immagination fly! Write down your thoughts, dreams or anything you want! Writing always helps to express your f__9__.

6. Stay with your f__10__. We all need our family. Talk with your parents or even your cousin.

1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____ 5._____ 6._____ 7._____ 8._____ 9._____ 10._____ Ⅴ.书面表达。


要求:1. 语句流畅,无语法错误。

2. 词数80左右。

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