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2013年新目标九年级英语第三单元Section B 2课件

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新目标 九年级

Unit 3

Are the uniforms beautiful?
Do you like to wear uniforms?

Students should wear uniforms. Do you agree?

I disagree. I think the uniforms are too ugly. Students should look smart. So they would like to wear their own clothes and design their own clothes.

I agree. If we don’t wear uniforms, our teacher will believe that we concentrate more on our clothes than our studies.

Enjoy the uniforms in other countries.








3a Read the article and answer the question. What rules did they talk about in the article?

the other day talk about 前些天 (用于一般过去时) 谈论

the problem is that
look smart


our own clothes
concentrate … on


that is good for studying 那对学习有好处 a good way to keep both teachers and

students happy

(keep + sb. + adj. 使某人……)

probably 大概 = maybe = perhaps learn … from … 向 …… 学习 ……

give us time to do 给我们时间去做
had an opportunity to

有机会做 ……

Read the article again and answer the questions.

1. What do the students in this article think about the school uniforms? The students think the uniforms are ugly. 2. What kind of clothes do they want to wear? They would like to wear their own clothes.

3. How do they like to study?
The students would like to study in groups. 4. What is their idea about vacations? They think vacations should be longer. 5. Why is it good to volunteer? Volunteering is good experience for

future jobs.

Fill in the blank according to the article.
Students’ idea like (why) Dislike (why)

Wear uniforms Study in learn a lot from groups during each other the evening
Have long vacations
would give us time to do things like volunteering

ugly, not comfortable

Should students be allowed to wear uniforms? Pros (正方) Cons (反方)

A: I think we should be allowed to … because …

B: I disagree. I think we shouldn’t be allowed to … because …

3b. Pairwork
Role play. Use the information in 3a to have a conversation.

A: What school rules do you think should be changed? B: Well, I think we should be allowed to wear our own clothes. A: What’s the reason? B: We would feel more comfortable and that is good for studying.

4 Make a list of rules about your

English club. Then make
conversations with these rules.

1. Members are allowed to work with a

2. Members are allowed to use English

3. Members are allowed to play games with their classmates.

4. Members are allowed to sing English songs. 5. Members are allowed to write letters and emails. 6. Members are allowed to act out simple dialogues. 7. Members are allowed to write simple sentences.

For example: A: Members should be allowed to use dictionaries. B: Yes, but they should only use English-English dictionaries. English-English

dictionary 英英词典 English-Chinese dictionary 英汉词典 Chinese-English dictionary 汉英词典

1. ____ middle school students allowed to
use mobile phone at school?

A. Do
C. Are

B. Did
D. Can

2. — Jack, a ____ like you should
stay at home at this time.

— OK, Dad.
A. fourteen years old B. fourteen-years-old C. fourteen-year-old

3. I don’t think teenagers should be

allowed to drive, because they are ___.
A. not enough serious

B. not serious enough
C. too serious

D. to serious

4. I have to stay at home ______ school nights. A. in B. at C. on D. for 5. Many students will be ______ if the class is boring. A. sleep B. sleepy

C. sleeping

D. slept

Section B 短语总结
1. fail a test 考试不及格(失败)

take a test 参加考试 pass the test 通过考试 2. be strict with sb. 对某人严格要求 3. the other day 前几天 4. would like to do sth. 想做某事 = want to do sth. = feel like doing sth. 5. concentrate more on 更专注于……

6. be good for 对……有好处
7. keep sb./sth. + 形容词 保持某人/某物 出于某种状态 keep (sb.) doing sth. 保 持(某人一直)做某事 8. both … and … ……和……都, 两个 都…… 9. in groups 以小组的形式

10. learn from each other 相互学习

11. at present 在目前 12. have an opportunity to do sth. 有一个机会做某事 13. an English-English dictionary 一本英英词典 14. How do you like … = What do you think of … 你认为……怎么样? 15. an old people’s home 一所养老院 16. have + 一段时间 + off 放……的假

I. 根据句意用括号内所给单词的适当形

式填空。 members 1. All the ________ (member) on the team are strict in their work. driver 2. Ben’s cousin is a taxi _______ (drive). 3. There were a few _____________ disagreements
(disagree) between the two parties.

4. Recent ________ (study) show that studies
women still get paid a lot less than men. 5. He is sorry to have lost two opportunities ____________ (opportunity) to study in England.

Ⅱ. 根据所给汉语提示完成下列英语句 子,每空一词。 1. 目前,他正在度假。 At present __________, he is on holiday. 2. 他对教学工作一直专心致志。 concentrates on He always ______________ his teaching. 3. 老师应该严格要求学生。 Teachers should ____________ their be strict with students.

4. 我们应该向优秀的学生学习。
We should __________ the excellent learn from

5. 公路的两旁必须多种些树。

More trees ______________ on both must be planted
sides of the road.

III. 改错 1. I think teenagers should allow to go out be allowed with their friends. 2. He doesn’t seem have many friends. to have 3. He should stop wear that silly earring. wearing 4. Jack have to clean up his room every morning. has

5. Parents allow teenagers to study on in groups during evening.

Write out your family rules, then check yours to the others

’. Are the rules the same or not?

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