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unit3 i am more outgoing than my sister 第二课时

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badly worse
fat fatter

heavy heavier
smart red late thin smarter redder

big nice




outgoing more outgoing happy happier quickly more quickly seriousmore serious loudly

more loudly

quietly more quietly

badly fat fattest smart red late thin

worst smartest reddest

heavy heaviest tall
big nice




outgoing most outgoing happy happiest quickly most quickly seriousmost serious loudly

most loudly

quietly most quietly


What are the comparatives and superlatives of the word?(说出下列单词的比较级和最高级)

funny friendly outgoing hard-working smart lazy

(run) fast (jump) high (work) hard (get up) early

-er / -ier(est/iest)


Conversation 1
A: Is that Sam playing the guitar? longer hair than B: No, that’s Tom. Sam has ________________ Tom. C: Both Tom and Sam can play the drums but Sam better than plays them ____________ Tom. Conversation 2

A: That’s Tara, ____________? isn’t it B: No, it isn’t. It’s Tina. Tinataller than is ____________Tara.more she also than And loudly sings _________________ Tara. Conversation 3
A: Is that Paul? B: No, that’s Peter. Peter’s _____________ Paul. heavier than And Paul’s shorter than ______________Peter.

Find the differences between them.
Tara Tina

Tina is taller than Tara. Tina sings more loudly than Tara

In some ways, they are the same.
Tina is as old as Tara. Tina's eyes are as big as Tara's.


works as hard as Tina. gets up earlier than Tina

Tara. is friendlier and funnier than Tara.

is more outgoing than

can run faster and jump higher. is smarter is lazier

Tina: Well, I’m more outgoing than Tara.I’m friendlier and funnier, too. And I love sports. Tara: yes, she can run faster and jump higher than me. Interviewer: Who’s more hard-working at school?

Tara: Tina thinks she works harder than me, but I work as hard as Tina. But she’s smarter than me.
Tina: Not really. I think I’m lazier thanTara. She always gets up earlier than me.

Are you different from two years ago?
Yes, I am. I'm taller Are you taller? __________________ than I was two yesrs ago. ___________________ Are you funnier? _________________ ___________________ Are you more outgoing? ____________ ___________________

Do you study English harder? _______________________________ Do you sing better? _______________________________

3a Use the words to write questions and answers.

1. Julie/ tall/ you Is Julie as tall as you? Q:________________________________ A: No, she isn't . She's _______ than me. taller 2. Jack/ run /fast / Tom Does Jack run as fast as Tom? Q:_________________________________ A: No, he doesn't. He runs ________than Sam faster 3. Your cousin/ outgoing/ you Q:________________________________ Is your cousin as outgoing as you? A:No, she isn't. She's _____________ than me. more outgoing 4. Paul/ funny / Carol Q:________________________________ Is Paul as funny as Carol? A

: No, he isn't. He's _______ than Carol. funnier

Compare you with your best friend, find out the differences between you two. Write a short report.

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