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Section B Period 2 (3a—Self Check)
By Mr.Zhen, Sep. 5th, 2013


shorter angrier smarter later thinner earlier more serious

写出这些词的 比较级形式。 smart





Lily Lucy

They are twins. Lily is taller than Lucy. Lucy is shorter than Lily.



more outgoing

What kinds of friends are real friends?
For me, a good friend …
a. is friendly. b. makes me laugh when I am sad / unhappy. c. is a good listener. d. can keep a secret. (保守秘密) e. helps me when I am in trouble. f. is good at schoolwork / study. g. is popular in school. h. is good at sports. i. has cool clothes. j. likes to do the same things as me.

3a Wang Lingling and Liu Lili are best friends. Look at the chart below and compare them. Wang Lingling Liu Lili


Wang Lingling and Liu Lili are best friends. Look at the chart below and compare them.

Wang Lingling tall

Liu Lili

tall long straight hair short straight hair like reading like sports popular popular outgoing outgoing serious funny smart hard-working

Try to retell according to the chart :(根据表格信息复述 )

Liu Li and Liu Ying are twins ,in some ways they look the same ,and in some ways ,they look different .They both have black …

The same points

Lingling Longer straight hair likes reading more serious LiuLi shorter straight hair likes sports funnier

1.black eyes black hair 2.tall 3.popular


more hard working smarter

Wang Lingling’ best friend is Liu Lili.

They are both tall, but
_________________________________ Wang Lingling’s straight hair is longer than Liu Lili’s. Wang Lingling likes _________________________________ reading and LiuLili likes sports. Both of _________________________________ them are popular and outgoing. Wang _________________________________ Lingling is more serious, and Liu Lili is _________________________________ funnier. Wang Lingling is more hard_________________________________ working, and Liu Lili is smarter than _________________________________ Wang Lingling. _________________________________


Make notes about two of your friends. One friend should be similar to you; the other friend should be different.

A friend who is similar to me Name:

A friend who is different from me Name:

You may talk like this: Well, in some ways we are the same and in some ways we are different. Both of us are … We have the same … I am as … as … However, … is (a little/much) … than me …

Compare yourself now and two years ago.

Compare yourself now and two years ago. Then write down.
Are you taller Are you smarter?

Two years ago. I was a primary school student. I’m taller now.
I work harder and I’m smarter than before . I was not popular in primary school. But now, I’m more popular in the middle school. Although I was not good at my schoolwork, I am a better student now.

Are you more

Are you more
outgoing? Are you a better student?



te two paragraphs describing your friends.

根据表格,写出“我”和“Dick”在学习,爱好, 等方面的相同和不同之处。
相同点 不同点
a)身材比我高,更健 壮。 b)喜欢听音乐会。 c)每天锻炼。



a)喜欢运动。 b)各门功课学得 好。 c)喜欢阅读,通 常在周末去图书 馆。

a)喜欢看电视 b)每周锻炼三次。


Student Helper Wanted The English study Center needs a weekend student helper for primary school students.

You must: -be a middle school student -have good grades in English -be good with children -be outgoing
Call the English Study Center at 443-5667 for more information.

Who do you think should get the job? A: So who do you think should get the job, Jenny or Jill? B: Well, Jenny is smarter. I think she should get the job. A: Jenny is smarter, but I think Jill is more outgoing. He can get on well with anybody.
B: Mary is better at English than others in our class. She should get the chance ··· ···

Who do you think should get the job, Jenny or Jill? 本句是由“特殊疑问句+选项”构成的选择疑问句, “do you think”作插入语。 Who do you think cleaned the classroom yesterday Which bike do you think is Tom’s, the new one or the old one?你认为哪辆自行车是汤姆的,那辆新的还是旧的呢? or 意为“或者;还是”,常用于选择疑问句中。例如: Do you like math or English? 你喜欢数学还是英语? 1.Lucy do you think who ____ the shortest in your class? A. do B. does C. is D. are 2. Which do you think _______ the longest river in China? A. is B. are C. am D. be 3. Who do you think _______ him clean the classroom yesterday? A. help B. helped C. helps D. helping

1 Put the words in the correct column in the chart.
hard-working run fast quiet


jump high


What people are like What people can do

2 Fill in the blanks using the correct forms

of the words in brackets.
1.My brother is __________ (funny) than me. He makes people laugh a lot. 2. I’m outgoing, but my best friend is a lot ______________ (outgoing) than me. 3. My brother is _________ (serious) as my sister. They both like to study. 4. My cousin can run ______ (fast) than me. She is taller than me, too. 5. Jim is ______ (friendly) than Tom, so Tom has more friends than Jim.

3 Think of your best friend. Write down two 3 ways in which you are similar, and two ways in which you are different. Use comparatives.
The same We’re both girls. Different I’m taller than she is.

模拟训练 1.Tom is short. Allen is shorter.(合并成一句话) is ________ than Allen _____shorter ________Tom. 2.He can swim. I can also swim.(合并) Both and ______ he _______ I _______ _________ can swim 3.English isn’t as difficult as math.(同义句) Math is ______ ______ _______ English. more difficult than 4. We can both swim. (同义句) Both of us can _______ _____ _____ ______swim 5.He is 14 years old. I am 15 years

old. younger than He is________ ______me. I am ______ _____ him. older than 6. He read 5 books,I read 3 books yesterday. (同义句 He read______ books ______me yesterday. more than

Fill in the blanks with the words given.
1. It’s aninteresting (interest) story and it laugh makes us all (laugh). 2. This box is heavier (heavy) than that one. 3. I think Lily is more popular (popular) than Molly in our class. 4. His hair is a little longer than mine (I). 5. My elder brother is as old (old) as your younger brother.

6. He is ________ (young) than I am. younger

older 7. Mr. Smith is much _____ (old) than his wife.
bigger 8. Chicago is ______ (big) than Paris.

better 9. This book is ______ (good) than that one. worse 10. The weather this winter is _______ (bad) than that of last winter.

综合训练: 1.我们两个都喜欢英语。 ____ ______ _____like English. Both of us _____ 2.我的朋友不止一个。 I have _____ ______ ______ friend. more than one 3.我比他胖一点。 a little fatter than I am ___ ________ ______ ________him. 4.我们有必要学好英语。 ._____ ___________ for us ____ _____ English well It’s necessary to learn 5.他不如我擅长运动。 as good at He is not _____ _______ _____sports ____ me. as

Good luck!
Bye bye !

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