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Unit 1—2 单元测试题


1.My friend Bob hasA. a; a B. an ; an C. the; the D./;a

2.—May I take your order?

—Yes. Ilike the beef noodles, please .

A. will B. would C. should D. could

3.—Would you like some more soup?

—.It is delicious, but I’ve had enough.

A. Yes, please B. No, thank you

C. Nothing more D. I’d like some

4.—What does your English teacher?

—He is tall and thin. He’s really handsome.

A. look B. like C. look like D. be like

5.Sun Yang is a tall manA. of B. has C. like D. with

6.“Don’t play soccer in the street,”A. speaks B. tells

7.—Who’s that girl?

—You meanone with long blonde hair? That’s Jack’s daughter.

A. a B. an C. the D.不填 C. talks D. says

8.—Whatbowl of porridge would you like, small or large?

—Large, please.

A. kind of B. size C. color D. time

9.Art is my favorite subject and I am goodA. for B. to C. at D. of

10.There isn’t anyin the fridge. We need to go shopping.

A. oranges B. meat C. eggs D. apples

11.It’s hot and sunny outside. You’d betterA. take B. wear C. put D. bring

12.—What does your pet(宠物)cat look like?

—A. It likes fish. B. It’s small and white.

C. It likes playing with me. D. It likes climbing trees.

13.—Would you like green teajuice?

—I don’t like green teajuice. I’d like some coffee.

A. and; and B. or; or C. and; or D. or; and

14.—Would you likesoccer with us?

—Sure. I likeA. to play; playing

C. to play; play B. playing; play D. playing; playing

15. —Would you like to go to the hospital to help the sick kids this


A. Sorry, I can’t

C. Thank you B. Not at all D. Sure, I’d love to


How manyof Chinese food do you know? I’d likeyou some specials.is noodles. There are many kinds of noodles in China, like rolled noodles, pulled noodles, knife-cut noodles and fried noodles. All of themgreat.

Special 2 is. Dumplings, yes, I think you must know. Do you know the famous Kung Fu Pandacartoon movie? There are kinds of Chinese specials in the movie: noodles and fried dumplings. we also have another kind of dumplings—boiled(水煮的)dumplings. We often eat boiled dumplingsour Spring Festival.

I like Chinese food very much. I hope youlike it.

1. A . kind B. kinds C. size D. sizes

2. A. tell

3. A. Food

4. A. is B. tells C. to tell D. telling B. Drink B. am C. Fruit D. Special D. are C. be

5. A. eggs

6. A. them

7. A. some

8. A. As B. dumplings C. hamburgers D. cakes B. they C. it D. me D. second D. But

D. of B. many B. Or C. two C. So 9. A. during B. in C. on

10. A. too B. also C. either D. very


Now many boys wear the same(同样的)clothes as girls, and some of them have long hair. So sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether(是否)they are boys or girls.

One Sunday morning, I go for a walk with my grandfather in the park near my house. After a while, my grandfather is tired, so he sits down on a bench(长椅)near the pool.

“Oh,” my grandfather says to the person with long curly hair next to him on the bench. “Can you see the person with long hair on the other side of the pool? Is it a boy or a girl?”

“Which one?” asks the person with long curly hair.

“The one who is eating a hamburger near the pool,” says my grandfather.

“He’s a boy,” says the person, “he’s my son, Li Yu.”

“Oh,” my grandfather says, “I’m sorry. I don’t know you are his mother.”

“No, I’m not his mother. I’m his father.”

1.The writer’s house is near a.

A. clothes store B. bank C. post office D. park

2.One Sunday morning, the writer’s grandfather.

A. goes shopping B. goes swimming

C. goes for a walk D. goes to the bank

3.Li Yu’s fatherA. has long curly hair

B. is swimming D. has short straight hair C. is looking for his son

4.A. The writer

B. Li Yu D. Li Yu’s father C. The writer’s grandfather

5.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Li Yu is a beautiful girl with long hair.

B. Li Yu’s grandfather likes walking in the park.

C. Li Yu’s father and the writer’s grandfather sit on the same bench.

D. The writer’s grandfather is sure that Li Yu is a boy at first.



1.Linda’s mother is of mbuild.

2.The man eats too much and he is very h.

3.The old woman always w4.What s5.We are in the same school, but in d6.You can also ofood from our restaurant on the phone.

7.The doll has a round face and two big e8.E

9.The cakes are delicious. Could I have aone?

10.Different people may describe the same person d五、完成句子(20分)


does she ?


Do you like the pop 3.我想要一大碗粥。



Would youtomato and egg soup5.这种面条里面有胡萝卜吗?

any carrots in this kind of noodles?


She is7.我们的数学老师戴着眼镜。

Our math teacher.


My friend is the guitar.

六、句型转换(15分) 对划线部分提问)

_________ does she _________ _________?

2. He’划线提问)

_______ _______ bowl of porridge would he like?

3. My father would like beef dumplings.(同义句)

My father ________ dumplings ________ beef.

4. I’d like to have some porridge and onions. (否定)

I _____ like to have _____ porridge _____ onions.

5. I like rice and fish. (否定句)

I _____ ______ rice ______ fish.


请根据下面的汉语提示,写一篇英语小短文,词数不少于60个。 今天是星期天,格林夫妇带着儿子吉姆到House of Noodles去吃午饭。格林先生要了一大碗牛肉面,格林夫人要了一中碗鸡肉胡萝卜面,吉姆要了一小碗西红柿鸡蛋面,他们还喝了三杯绿茶,一共花了20美元,他们过得很愉快。


一、1-5 DBBCD 6-10 DCBCB 11-15 BBBAD

二、1-5 BCDDB 6-10 ACDAB

三、1-5 DCABC

四、1. medium 2. heavy 3. wears 4. size 5. different

6. order 7. eyes 8. Each 9. another 10. differently

五、1.what , look like 2.singer 3.like ,bowl 4.like , or

5.Are there 6. lucky candy 7. with glasses 8. good at playing 六、1. what , look like 2. what size 3. wants with

4. wouldn’t , any ,or 5.don’t like , or


Today is Sunday. Mr and Mrs Green don’t go to work. Now it’s 12 o’clock. They take their son, Jim, to the House of Noodles for lunch. There Mr Green has a large bowl of beef noodles. Mrs Green has a medium bowl of chicken and carrot noodles. And Jim has a small bowl of tomato and egg noodles. They also have three glasses of green tea. The noodles and tea are 20 dollars in all. They have a good time.

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