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Unit 1


look after \ take care of 照顾 on the first day 在第一天 Class 1,Grade 7 7年级1班 play football 踢足球 after school 放学后 be\come from 来自 be good at \do well in 擅长 fly kites 放风筝

go home 回家 listen to music 听音乐 play a game 玩游戏 wear glasses 戴眼镜

at school 在学校 all the lessons 所有的课程 talk about 谈论 over there 那里 a lot of hobbies 许多爱好


love\like doing sth 喜欢做某事 let’s +动词原形 让我们 I am\My name is 我叫 welcome to +地点 欢迎来到

This is 这是 be good at \do well in doing 擅长做 in Class…Grade… 在几年级几班 live with…in…和谁住在哪里 I’m …year old. 我几岁了。 I have…hair.我留着……头发 典句背诵

What’s your name?你叫什么名字?

Nice to meet you! 很高兴见到你。

I love reading. 我喜欢阅读

Now let’s meet our new classmates. 现在让我们认识下我们的新同学。 I often play football after school.放学后我经常踢足球。

She is tall and slim. 她个头很高,身材苗条。

He is from Nanjing. 他来自南京。

He is good at Maths. 他擅长于数学。

Millie is 11 years old.米莉11岁。

They are all very nice.他们都很好。

I am good at dancing. 我擅长于跳舞。

语法:连系动词be 的一般现在时

动词be 的三变化 am is are. 我(I) 用am ,你(you)用are ,is 用他(he) 她(she)它(it),单数名词用is,复数名词都用are


1、肯定句:主语+am\is\are … It is a football.

2、否定句:主语+am\is\are+not… It is not a football.


Is it a football? 回答 Yes, it is. No, it isn’t

4、特殊疑问句:疑问句+am/is/are +主语+其他?

What’s your name?

Unit 2


play sports 做运动 many times a day 一天许多次

play football/tennis 踢足球/打网球 talk about 谈论

after school 放学后 go swimming 去游泳

a member of …中的一员 come from 来自

listen to music 听音乐 in the next World Cup 在下届世界杯 come true 实现 in one’s free time 在某人的空闲时间 live in 住/生活在 read books 看书

at/ on weekends=at/on the weekend在周末

stay at home 待在家里 a lot of 许多

ask sb about sth 问某人某事 on TV 在电视上

Watch basketball matches 看篮球比赛 feel great 感觉特棒


What about doing sth ?做…怎么样?

Enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事

make sb/sth +adj 使某人/某物 make sb to do sth 使某人做某事

want to do sth 想要做某事 hope to do sth 希望做某事

have fun doing sth 做某事开心


I like walking. 我喜欢散步。

I enjoy swimming.What’s your favourite sport? 我喜欢游泳,他最喜欢的运动是什么? I hope his dream comes true. 我希望他梦想成真。

What does Li Hua do in his free time? 李华在业余时间做什么?

What else do you want to do? 你还想做什么其他的事情?

Reading is fun. 读书是有趣的事情。




当主语为第三人称单数(he, she, it) 时,谓语动词也要用单数形式。


主语人称是三单,动词要把-s/-es 添;



1. 否定句:主语+ don’t/doesn’t + 动词原形+其他

I don’t like bread. He doesn’t often play football.

2. 一般疑问句:Do/Does + 主语+动词原形+其他

Do you often play football? Yes, I am /No, I am not

Does he often play football? Yes, he does/ No, he doesn’t


When do you go to school? I go to school at seven o’clock.




词尾若是字母o ,加上-es 不用愁。

词尾是“辅音字母+y” ,先变y为i, 后边再加-es

Unit 3


on foot 步行 far away from 远离 a few 一些,少量 learn about 学得,获知 would like sth/to do sth 想要/想要做某事 after class 下课后 on this day 在今天 all kinds of 各种各样 on the phone 在电话中 look at 看

ground floor 底层,一楼 on the wall 在墙上 by bus 乘公共汽车 in front of 在……前面 let me see 让我看看 go to school 去上学

reading room 阅览室 borrow from 从……借…… get to school 到达学校 on the Open Day 在开放日 用法集萃:

Thank you for doing sth 为做某事而感谢你

be ready to do sth 准备做某事

It takes sb some time to do sth 花费某人多少时间做某事

show sb around 领某人参观

need to do sth 需要做某事


Welcome to our school.欢迎来到我们学校。

What’s the date taday?今天几月几号

Let’s meet at the school gate at 1:30.让我们1:30 在学校门口会面吧

Who’s that man in the white shirt?穿白衬衫的那个男的是谁?

There are all kinds of books in our library.在我们图书馆有各种各样的书 I’d like to say hello to her.我想向她问好。

Do you borrow books from the library?你从图书馆借书吗?

We only have a few classrooms.我们只有几间教室

It takes me about an hour to get to school.大约花了我一个小时的时间到达学校。 语法:



I am a teacher. You are student. He is a student, too.

We/You/They are students.


Give it to me. Let’s go (let’s =let us)

二、物主代词 表示所有关系的代词叫做物主代词,也可叫做代词所有格。物主代词分形容词性物主代词和名词性物主代词二种,其人称和数的变化见下表。



Is this your book? No,,it isn’t, it’s hers(her book)

This pen is mine.

Unit 4


Wake sb up 叫醒某人 go out 出去,熄灭

have breakfast/lunch/dinner 吃早中晚饭 have fun 玩的开心

get up 起床 have lessons 上课

go to bed 去睡觉 be late for 迟到

chat with 聊天 each other 相互

have a good time 玩的开心 all the best 一切顺利,万事如意 get ready for为……准备好 need a good rest 需要好好休息 do morning exercises


It is time for sth/ to do sth 到该做什么的时间到了。

have fun doing sth 高兴地做某事

how to have fun 如何玩得高兴

wish our team good luck.祝愿我们队好运。

have too much homework.有太多的家庭作业


Some dogs just don’t know how to have fun.

I’m never late for school.

After class, we often chat with each other or play in the playground.下课后,我们经常在一起聊天或者在操场上玩

We practice after school on Wednesday afternoon.周三下午放学后我们一起训练 Best wishes 美好的祝愿



On 指特定的某一天,日期,星期和季节

At 用在时刻前,还有正午,午夜连


从频率最大到频率最小依次为:always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never. 对频率副词提问要用how often

Unit 5


dress up 装扮成 a list of sth 一张……清单

the Chinese New Year 中国新年 the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 thanksgiving Day 感恩节 the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 at Christmas 在圣诞节 have a party 举行聚会

have a big lunch 吃一顿丰盛的晚餐 in the USA 在美国

like …best 喜欢 on October 31 在10月31号 pumpkin lantern 南瓜灯 knock on 敲

play a trick on sb 捉弄某人 out of 用……(材料)

on Halloween 在万圣节前夕 give sb sth as a treat 用某物招待某人 have…for lunch 中饭吃…… lion dance 狮子舞

find out 找出,查明,发现,了解 around the world 世界各地,全世界 let off fireworks 燃烧烟花 ask for 请求询问

on holiday 度假 seem very happy 好像很开心 用法集萃

Let sb do sth 让某人做某事 how about doing sth ?做什么怎么样?paint +宾语+颜色 把什么涂成什么颜色 give sb sth =give sth to sb 给某人某物 典句背诵

What a nice cake?

Have a nice day!

I would like the red one.我想要这个红色的。

What’s your favorite festival? 你最喜欢的节日是什么?


定义:特殊疑问句是用来对句子的某一部分提问的疑问句,以疑问词开头 结构:特殊疑问句的基本结构



疑问代词有:what(什么), which(哪一个), who(谁), whose(谁的)

疑问副词有:where(哪里), when(什么时候), why(为什么), how(怎么样) 疑问词还可以与某些单词搭配,构成疑问词短语,

如:what time(什么时间), what colour(什么颜色), how many(多少), how much(多少,多少钱) how long(多长), how often(多久一次), how old(几岁), how tall(多高)

Unit 6


Have a hamburger 吃汉堡包 half past ten 十点半 be good for 对……有益 twice a week 每周两次 keep fit 保持健康 keep healthy 保持健康 every day 每天 too much 太多

be bad for 对……有害 play computer games 玩电脑游戏 a swimming pool 游泳池 healthy food 健康的食物 do sports 做运动 between meals 在2餐之间 both ……and…… 和 how often 多久一次 how long 多长时间 a packet of salt 一袋盐 two bags of rice 2袋大米 three cups of tea 三杯茶

four kilos of meat 四千克肉 five bottles of juice 五瓶果汁 less than 不到,少于 more than 多于

three times a week 一周三次 take a walk 散步

not bad 不错 all right 行了,好吧 a can of cola 一听可乐 apple juice 苹果汁 no problem 没问题 by the seashore 在海边

in the tree 在树上(不是树上长的) the whole afternoon 整个下午 用法集萃:

Feel +形容词 感觉

Taste +形容词 尝起来

Let’s +动词原形 让我们

Go +动词ing 去做某事

Plan to do 计划做某事

Help sb do sth/with sth 帮助某人做某事


Let’s have a hamburger 咱们吃汉堡包吧。

---How often do you exercise? 你多长时间锻炼一次?

---Less than 3 times a week. 一周不到三次。

How long do you watch TV every day?你每天看多长时间的电视?

More than 2 hours 两个多小时

What would you like to order? 你想点什么菜?

Would you like some vegetables? 你想要些蔬菜吗?


定冠词 a, an 的用法

元音因素前用“an” an hour 一个小时 a useful book 一本有用的书 可数名词的复数:

单复数同形的名词:sheep fish deer Chinese Japanese

不规则变化的名词:foot-feet tooth-teeth mouse-mice child-children

Unit 7


need you to carry all the bags 需要你来拎所有的包

shoe shop 鞋店 clothes shop服装店 sports shop 体育用品商店 flower shop 花店 gift shop 礼品店 toy shop 玩具店 talk about presents谈论礼物 ask sb for help 向某人求助 I am not sure. 我不确定 be interested in 对……感兴趣 like collecting stamp喜欢集邮 want some football cards想要一些足球卡片 Just a minute./ wait for a short time请稍等 Take/Have a look. 看一下

different kinds of hair clips不同种类的发夹 match her pink coat配他的粉红外套 some other nice things一些其他好东西 not far away from my school离我学校不远 enough snacks足够多的零食 the children in poor areas贫困地区的孩子们 learn a lot from books从书中学到很多 it is a long way很长一段路

most of the children大多数孩子 walk a long way to school走很长一段路到校 use our pocket money to buy them these things用我们的零花钱买这些东西 try them on试穿他们 fit very well 很合适

foods from different areas 来自不同地区的食物


buy sth for sb =buy sb sth 给某人买某物 plan to do sth 计划做某事


The mall is a good place to meet friends and have fun.


How do you use your pocket money? 你怎样使用你的零花钱?

Here’s your change. 这是你的找零。

How much are they? / How much do they cost? 他们多少钱?

Can I see another pair?我可以看一下另一双吗?

She is not interested in music. 她对音乐不感兴趣。

That’s a good idea. 好主意。


Some 用于肯定句 any 用于一般疑问句和否定句

There is +可数名词单数 /不可数名词

There are +可数名词复数形式

Unit 8


know what to wear知道穿什么 have/give a fashion show 举行时装表演 think about 思考 ten more /another ten minutes 另外10 分钟 light and comfortable 轻便舒适 be popular among 在……中受欢迎 look cool 看上去很酷 both…and….两者都

write (a letter) to 给……写信 look modern and beautiful 看上去时髦又漂亮 wait for 等待 go for sth 去参加(某项活动或运动) That’s all for today’s show 今天的表演到此结束 be fit for 适合于……

a yellow cotton bluse 一件黄色棉的衬衫 look for寻找


spend …on sth/(in) doing sth 花费……做某事

lend sb sth /lend sth to sb 借给某人某物

show sb sth/show sth to sb 给某人看某物

be made of 由……制成(看的出材料)

What do you think of…?=How do you like…?你认为……怎么样?


I ‘m thinking about what to wear today. 我在考虑今天穿什么。 I can spend ten more minutes in bed then.那么我可以在床上再待10分钟吗 Welcome to our fashion show. 欢迎来到我们的时装秀。

Tainers are light and comfortable and are popular among young people.


That’s all for today’s fashion show. 今天的时装秀到此结束。 Wht size is your blouse,Mum? 妈妈,你的衬衫是几码的啊?

What do you think of my gloves?=How do you like my gloves? 你觉得我的手套如何? Young people all like to wear jeans. 年轻人都喜欢穿牛仔裤。 You look lovely in your new hat. 你戴上你的新帽子看上去很可爱。 They are fit for a long walk. 它们适合走远路

They look good on me. 它们穿在我身上很不错。



1.定 义:现在进行时表示正在发生或进行的动作。

2.标志词:(1) 时间状语 now 、at the moment

(2) 句前有提示词look 、listen 、look at …

3.谓语动词的构成:be +动词-ing


现在分词很好记,动词后缀-ing。直接加、去e加、双写加。 还有一点要注意ie要用y来替。



变一般很简单,把be 提到句子前,否定句也不难,be后要把not添。 还有一点要注意,动作提问doing替。

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