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2013年九年级英语新目标第三单元Section B 1课件

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新目标 九年级 Unit 3

Read the questions. How often do you do these things?
get to class late? study with friends? finish a test early? sleep in class? worry that you’ll fail a test?

Do you ever






Make conversations with “Do you ever …” with your partner. For example: A: Do you ever get to class late? B: Yes, sometimes.

2a Listen and circle the things in
1a that you hear.

Do you ever … 1. get to class late?
2. study with friends?

3. finish a test early?
4. worry that you’ll fail a test?

2b Listen again. Fill in the blanks. 1. Peter is going to ______________ fail a math test.

2. He isn’t allowed to ______________ get to class late.
3. Peter wasn’t allowed to ____________ take the test.

4. He could pass the test. ___________
5. He should be allowed totake the test later. ______________

2c. Discuss with your group.
1. Peter should be allowed to take the test later. 2. Students need strict rules. 3. Parents should not be too strict with teenagers.

A: I think Peter should … B: I don’t agree. C: I think … D: I don’t think …

Parents should not be too strict with teenagers. [考例] Timmy really doesn’t understand why his parents are so ______ (严格的). strict [答案和解析] strict为形容词,在句中作 表语、定语。be strict with / in 意为 “对……严格”。

1. They often clean their classroom after school. (改为被动语态) Their classroom __ often _______ by is cleaned them after school. 2. Li Lei gave Tom a new pen last week. (改为被动语态) A new pen was _____ to Tom last week. ___ given __

3. A lot of people in China can speak E

nglish now. (改为被动语态)
English ____________ by a lot of can be spoken people in China now. 4. I have learned English for about two years. (改为被动语态) English _______________ for about has been learned two years.

5. They will publish these story-books next month. (改为被动语态) These-storybooks _______________ will be published next month.

Homework Pre-read the article of page 22.

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