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Lesson 10 Looking for Lisa

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Lesson 10 Looking for Lisa

Jenny and Bill meet at 3 o’clock to work on their project. They are in the library. Jenny is on the computer.

Jenny: Look, Bill. I have downloaded some more pictures of Beijing.

Bill: Good work, Jenny! We have a lot of photos for our talk now. Have you found any Chinese music?

Jenny: Yes, I have. The librarian helped me find some.

Bill: That’s great!

(Suddenly the door opens. Danny rushes into the library with a basketball in his hand. He is wearing shorts and a T-shirt.)

Danny:(He shouts loudly.) Is Lisa here? Lisa! Lisa! Are you here?

Jenny: Danny, be quiet! Lisa is not here.

Librarian: No noise, please!

Danny: (He whispers) Oops! Sorry. Lisa and I are going to work on our basketball project together. I told her to meet me at a quarter to three . What’s the time, Jenny? Jenny:(She looks her watch) It’s a quarter after three.

Danny:She’s half an hour late! I have looked for her everywhere---in the classroom, in the office, and now in the library. Where is she?

Bill: Relax, Danny! Have you looked in the gym?

Danny: No, I haven’t. Maybe she’s there!

Bill and Jenny:(They laugh.) Yes. Maybe she is. See you tomorrow, Danny.

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