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Module 1

Lost and found
Unit 1

Whose bag is this?

Words and expressions
mine yours tape purple hers careful be careful with on from now on here is/are… pron. 我的(东西) pron. 你(们)的(东西) n. 录音带; 录像带 adj. &n. 紫(红)色(的) pron. 他的(东西) adj. 仔细的; 认真的 小心(对待) adv. 从某时刻起 从现在开始 在这儿

Words and expressions crayon n. 蜡笔 eraser n. 橡皮擦 glove n. 手套 wallet n. 钱包 watch n. 表; 手表 whose pron. 谁的 first of all 首先, 第一 lose v. (lost) 失去 find v. (found) 发现; 找到 lost and found box 失物招领箱

What’s this? It’s a bag. Whose bag is this?
It’s my bag.

It’s mine.

What’s this? It’s an eraser. Whose eraser is this? It’s her eraser. It’s hers.
Lin Miaoke

What’s this? It’s a wallet. Whose wallet is this?

It’s her wallet. It’s hers.


What’s this? It’s a watch. Whose watch is this? It’s his watch. It’s his.

Zhang Genshuo

What’s this? It’s a football. Whose football is this?

It’s his football.

It’s his.

David Beckham

What’re these? They’re gloves. Whose gloves are these?

They’re our gloves. They’re ours.

What’re these? They are crayons. Whose crayons are these? They’re their crayons.
They’re theirs.

1 Match the words from the box with the pictures.
1 4






football 7 gloves 6 wallet 5 watch ②

2 Listen and answer the questions. 1 Is the football Tony’s? Yes, it is. It is Tony’s. 2 Are the crayons Betty’s? No, they aren’t. They aren’t Betty’s. 3 Whose gloves are these?

They are Betty’s.

3 Listen and read.

3 Match the people with their things. Lingling crayons

Tony Betty Ms Li

tapes wallet watch

5 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box. careful hers mine purple tape yours Ms Li: Lingling’s bag is in the lost and found box. The crayons are (1) hers ___ too. purple Daming’s (2) tapes ____ and Tony’s (3) _____ wallet are here. Is the watch (4) _____, yours Daming? Please be (5) ______ careful with your things! And whose gloves are these? Oh sorry. They’re (6) _____. mine

1. First of all, come and look in the lost and found box! 首先,来看一看失物招领箱。 First of all 是在介绍准备讲的几件事情的 第一件事情。用于强调次序。 First of all, let me introduce myself to you. 首先,让我作个自我介绍。 First of all, clean the surface that you are going to paint. 首先,把要刷涂料的表面弄干净。

2. —Whose bag is this? 这是你的书包吗? —It’s mine. 这是我的。 whose是“谁的”意思,做疑问代词可单独 使用,也可以修饰名词。如: Whose bike is this? Whose skateboard is this? mine意为“我的”, 是名词性物主代词, 名词 性物主代词有:mine, hers, his, ours, theirs, its等,在句中做主语、宾语、和表语,后面 不

需要接任何名词。如: This football is theirs. 这个足球是他们的。

Is this your cap?


Is this cap yours?

—Is this your cap? —Is this cap yours? —No, it’s not mine. —Oh, yes. It’s mine. =No, it’s not my cap =Oh, yes. It’s my cap.

yours=your cap

mine=my cap

我的· · · · · · mine = my + n. 你的· · · · · · yours = your + n. 他的· · · · · · his = his + n. 她的· · · · · · hers = her + n. 它的· · · · · · its = its + n. 我们的· · · · · · ours = our + n. 你们的· · · · · · yours = your + n. 他们的· · · · · · theirs = their + n.

类 别 人 称

第一 第二 第三 第一 第二 第三 人称 人称 人称 人称 人称 人称

形容 词性 名 词 性 汉语



his your her our your their its his your their yours hers ours s s its 你的 他/她/ 我们 你们 他/她/ 它的 的 的 们的

3. Everyone, please be careful with your things from now on. 各位同学,从现在开始请大家小心保管 好你们的物品。 be careful 后接介词with。with后接名词 或动名词, 表示做某事时很小心或仔细。 如: He’s careful with his work. 他工作很仔细。 Be careful with the vase, it is valuable. 这花瓶很贵, 小心点。

(back) to +地点名词” 表示“欢迎回到某地来”。 ? welcome也可作名词,意为“欢 迎” ? give sb. a warm welcome 热烈欢 迎某人
? “ welcome

be careful with 小心?? ? be careful to do sth. 小心做某事 ? from now on 从现在起

出现在本课里的类似句子还有: —Whose gloves are they? —They’re mine! —Are these crayons yours? —Yes, they are and this eraser too. —Is it yours too, Daming? —No, it isn’t. I think it’s Betty’s. —Yes, it’s hers.

Pronunciation and speaking
6 Listen and repeat.
/?/ back bag thank

/eI/ eraser
/? / wallet


Work in pairs. Ask and answer.
—Are the crayons Betty’s? —No, they’re not hers. They’re Lingling’s.

— Is this your pen? — Yes, it’s mine. — Whose ruler is it? — It’s …

本课时主要句型和词组 1. — Whose bag is this? — It’s mine. 2. — Is it yours too, Daming? — No, it isn’t. I think it’s Betty’s. 3. — Whose tapes are these? — They’re mine. 4. Everyone, please be careful with your things from now on.

本课时主要句型和词组 mine 我的 hers 她的 his 他的 yours 你的, 你们的 theirs 他们的 ours 我们的 Whose ... is this? Is this your ... ?

一、根据首字母完成单词。 1. He coloured the picture with a p____ urple c_____. rayon 2. Tony likes black w____. allet 3. These g____ ine they’re y____. ours loves are not m___, 4. W____ hose pencil is this? 5. I can’t find my English book, it would be in the l__ ost and found box!


的正确形式填空。 his mine Betty whose my

My name’s Rebecca. This is my __ bag. There are many things in it. These crayons are _____. mine Here’s a brown wallet. Here’s my friend name “Mike”. The wallet is ___. his Lily gives me a watch. Whose ______ gloves are these? They are not _____. Betty’s mine Oh, it’s ______.

三、根据汉语提示完成句子。 1. 失物招领箱里有很多支蜡笔。 There are _ ______ in the ___ a __ lot __ of crayons lost and _____ box. found 2. 从现在开始, 他要尽量画得好些。 _____ __, he will try to draw better. From now on 3. 那只手表不是我的,是Lily的。 The watch isn’t mine ____, it’s _____. Lily’s

4. 请保管好你的东西。 Please be ______ ____ your things. careful with 5. 这盒磁带很棒。你听了吗? tape Have you heard it? This is a great ____. 6. 这个足球是我们的。 The football ______ is ours ____.

1. Remember all the new words and expressions we’ve learned today; 2. Write something about your family by using words we’ve learned today.

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